Apr 1, 2017
PeripheralVision (All reviews)
This anime is a catastrophic attempt at humor, and a callous one with rose tinted glasses towards what is veritably a whole slew of sex crimes. Yes, he is apparently a male who does initially to consent to crossdressing to pay off a debt, though it seems the student council gets off to putting him into embarrassing situations, knowing full well the consequences that will entail, which is usually at least a panty shot, if not worst, without his knowledge beforehand or his consent.

For all the episodes I watched, I kept thinking "Where is the punchline?" Then I realize that the situations are the punchline, and I shook my head and realize that is a bottom of a barrel title that indulges in the same tier of cruelty as Watamote without the deep introspection and characterization of someone like Tomoko. It is just a gag anime who thinks the idea of a man, or a cross dressing man, being harassed and shamed, is a novel idea in itself, and one likely to garner laughs.

Well woop-de-doo, look at how many people think this is a decent anime, or even a progressive one. Ha, seriously? This anime does nothing other than show the student council doing things to Hime that go far beyond reasonable work contracts, even for someone is paid to crossdress (Especially so), and his consent or lack thereof, made obvious by his expressions and pleads episode after episode. The student council are responsible for creating situations that would allow such public displays of embarrassment in the first place, with morally unreasonable and insidious actions that were intended to do so. There is no punchline. I am suppose to find all this funny in nature, like the slapstick of The Three Stooges. No, it is cruel and a backwards trivialization of men or cross dressers in general concerning sexual consent.

I am not opposed to the idea of humor surrounding a serious topic of sexual assaults, but all this anime amounts to is a mix of cringe comedy and sadism. No meta commentary, nothing but the situation itself. It slaps on happy music while Hime is in fact, sexually harassed, assaulted, and at least one point, nearly raped.

Point being that because he is a cross dresser, because he is a man, that I am suppose to take this humorously. Seriously? Can we stop laughing about poop jokes and realize that this problem concerning these demographics, male or crossdresser, are very real, and should be taken with some serious caution?

I mean, if the genders were reversed, would anyone praise it?

If there is anything to praise about the anime, it is the last few episodes, beginning with Hime nearly getting raped, something that the show acknowledges for what it is, for once, while the student council sits by and does nothing, whereas Hime gives them a satisfying "reason you suck speech".

This is the only reasonable part, because it actually paints the student council as vicious voyeurs and Hime as someone who demands respect. Though it is not 2 episodes later that Hime forgives them, and all is happy.

Wait, what? You acknowledges that 18-san and friends were willing to let Hime get raped just so they can film it, yet he forgives them? Freaking forgives them? What the hell?

I am sorry, I need a break. Honestly, if you like this anime, I am not sure I can respect that opinion, but to paint it as a mark of progression for such people is not only to stymie progress, but to contribute to the issue's regression.