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Feb 6, 2021
I'm now convinced that those 3 movies were a metaphor:
In the movie, something great like scientific progress and civilization leads to the kaiju; and similarly, someone behind some of the best anime ever (Fate zero, Madoka, psycho pass,...) gave birth to that monster of a trilogy.
What a powerful metaphor, and a beautiful way to get the message across.

Well, jokes aside, what a waste of time.
First, it's ugly, every movie in that trilogy was and this one isn't particularly better or worst. To be fair it's not even that bad and if the story was better or just mediocre (like the first movie), it would ...
Nov 3, 2020
It's terrible, and I'm not part of the "everything after s1 is bad" team I actually really liked s2, but that movie is horrendous.

Story: Probably the worst part, I won't go into much detail to avoid spoiler, but to put it simply. The premise is interesting, so far the story was almost solely focused on the sibyl system so it's an interesting idea to show other government agencies and how they interact with the inspector. Well, at least it would have been if the other agency wasn't so dumb. And the premise is really the only part with potential the rest is cliché, with forced ...
Oct 13, 2020
Deca-Dence (Anime) add
An overall good anime with an interesting plot and setting, unfortunately, it fails to make full use of that setting and the last quarter is rather disappointing. However, it is disappointing in a way that doesn't ruin the rest of the show, so I think you should watch it as it the kind of weird anime which can easily become some people's favorite.

Unfortunately due to the show structure, it's hard to say much more without ruining some of the plot twists, so it will be a rather succinct review.

Plot and setting:
Deca Deca-Dence has a really cool setting, and no it's really not an Attack on ...
Aug 16, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (7/? chp)
(After vol1 of the LN) It's not so bad but disappointingly cliché.

The first thing to speak of about this series is that the title and blurb are misleading, it's a really generic power fantasy harem isekai with some comedy, the mastermind and organization stuff are ultimately just a gimmick and mostly irrelevant.

First the story:
A guy wants to be a mastermind in the shadow -> trains a lot -> realized it's not possible on earth -> is reborn in another world with magic -> create an organization to fight off the cult of Diablo (a completely made up enemy).

The start is actually quite good, the MC ...
Feb 10, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (81/? chp)
There isn't a lot to say about that series, and whether or not you should give it a try is summed up by that question: "Do you want to follow a cute op girl doing cute op thing in an MMO with other op and sometimes also cute friends ?".

-If the answer is yes then go on, it's not a great LN with interesting plot and characters but it's clearly not trying to be that anyway, it's just a relaxing fluffy story about a cute girl.
As far as I've gone it doesn't seem like there's any bigger plot either, it's just an MMO and it ...
Jul 15, 2019
Preliminary (3/12 eps)
It's not really good, humor is really subjectif so you may find it funny but, for me, just being inaproprietly sexual isn’t enought to qualifie as funny, Ueno's inventions were kinda fun tho.

Concerning the rest:
- the sound and animation are okay, what you would expect for that kind of comedy, the art style is cool
- The characters are kind of an issue, their personality is generic but nothing terrible, the problem is that they are middle schooler. And while I'm not naive enough to think that middle schooler don't like sex jokes, here it's a bit too much and their age make everything feel a ...
Jun 3, 2019
Black Clover (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (207/? chp)
Like so many have said before, Black Clover (from now on BC) is cliché if you've read any shounen before you will have a lot of déjà vu moment.
That said it's not as terrible as some can say or as the anime can make it seems.

Surprisingly, BC's story isn't that bad or even that cliché, it does start like your usual shounen with Asta (the MC) and Yuno (the rival) getting their power and deciding to compete to become the wizard king. Obviously, MC is an underdog and goes into the misfit team, women fall for him, he discovers that he has some super ...
May 26, 2019
It's only an introduction so don't expect too much from that one episode by itself, the art and sound are good, the way they handle the characters and the link to Fate zero is well done, so personally, I'm definitely watching the series when it air.

That said the story of that episode is nothing great, it shows us that while Waver situation may have improved he still looks down upon by other mages and has made enemies some of it who even try to kill him, but nothing more.
Aside from Waver and Grey (his disciple), most characters are only introduced by their link to know ...
May 11, 2019
Preliminary (20/? chp)
A good novel if you're not against exposition and slow pace.
It's a pure fantasy novel, with some very slight video game elements (like dungeons and something which vaguely resemble exp).
Despite what the covers may let you think, it's not a harem, there's a main girl Lorraine who is the only one to really interact with the MC, the other girls on covers are clients, enemies, allies, friends, student, or unknown, but their interaction with the MC is fairly limited.

To start with what doesn’t work:
- Too much monologue, if you have ever heard of that series, it's likely you've also heard of how much the ...
Apr 30, 2019
Mixed Feelings
The 5 is for Shinoa, at least during the first 2/3 of the anime, her smugness was the best part of the anime, without her I would have rated the show 4.

Best girl apart (not that there's any competition all the other women are forgettable), it's a cliché shonen.

Let's start with the qualities:
- Shinoa, and by that I mean the comedy which is surprisingly quite good, especially the first half which was pretty fun, mostly thank to best girl, and she is cute which is always a plus.
- the chara design and art in general, are quite good however, the background and characters don’t always ...

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