Feb 10, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (81/? chp)
There isn't a lot to say about that series, and whether or not you should give it a try is summed up by that question: "Do you want to follow a cute op girl doing cute op thing in an MMO with other op and sometimes also cute friends ?".

-If the answer is yes then go on, it's not a great LN with interesting plot and characters but it's clearly not trying to be that anyway, it's just a relaxing fluffy story about a cute girl.
As far as I've gone it doesn't seem like there's any bigger plot either, it's just an MMO and it doesn't seem like the management has some hidden agenda or that there's some hidden truth behind the game.

-If the answer is no then, don't bother there's nothing here for you, if you want a MMO LN try "Infinite Dendrogram" which for all its flaws does have deeper stories and characters.
Reviewer’s Rating: 5
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