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Mind Game
Mind Game
Jun 6, 2:09 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 5
Jun 5, 11:21 PM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 7
Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san☆
Cosmic Baton Girl Comet-san☆
May 26, 5:42 AM
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Days: 3.6
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Shaman King
Shaman King
Jun 1, 2:02 PM
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Yakusoku no Neverland
Yakusoku no Neverland
May 16, 2:58 AM
Reading 134/? · Scored 7
Hunter x Hunter
Hunter x Hunter
Feb 11, 12:15 AM
Reading 8/? · Scored -


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literaturenerd Jun 22, 9:08 AM
Woody was always more concerned with dialogue than visuals. I personally like him though, at least as a film maker. I think Love and Death is one of his most underrated films. It combines the brilliant comedy of his early work with the philosophy of his middle and late periods.
literaturenerd Jun 21, 6:28 PM
There are still quite a few Kurosawa films I haven't seen yet, but first I need to correct the fact I've seen nothing by Ozu or Mizoguchi! Are there any sites you like to use to watch essential classics besides YouTube? Those kinds of movies tend to be criminally expensive here in America and aren't usually on Netflix or other streaming services. I guess I could rent them from the library but I don't live close to my nearest library.
literaturenerd Jun 21, 6:21 PM
Haha. Sorry about that! Yeah that makes sense.
literaturenerd Jun 21, 8:22 AM
Can you possibly have an optimistic adaptation of King Leer though? I think Ran is fine being bleak.

BTW, Twitter is outraged that Netflix isn't using the ADV dub of Evangelion. That's the ADV dub that changed plot points, omitted vital information, made Americans hate Shinji, and was the reason I hated Eva for about a decade.
literaturenerd Jun 20, 6:44 AM
Since my background is more being a bookworm, I tend to value writing over visuals for the most part. I'm fairly illiterate in the world of visual language and cinematography.

My favorite director is actually Kurosawa, which is an incredibly original choice I know. Lol. I've loved almost everything I've seen from him: Ikiru, Seven Samurai, Yojimbo, The Idiot, Rashomon, Ran, Throne of Blood, and even Hidden Fortress.
literaturenerd Jun 20, 6:33 AM
Hitchcock did have a more simplistic approach to film making than some of the greats like Tarkovsky or Bergman. His films didn't inspire thousands of philosophy essays by college students who had their minds blown by the sheer depth of "The Birds". Yet sometimes in film, people appreciate the journey and how the film was made. Nobody ever accused Sunrise a Song of 2 Humans of being a philosophical masterpiece with a plot worthy of Joyce.

You're the first person I've heard bring up Nostalgia actually! What makes those 2 the best for you? Writing? Visuals? Acting?
literaturenerd Jun 19, 8:47 PM
The only Tarkovsky films I've seen are Solaris and Stalker. I actually own both of those and have seen them a few times. I REALLY need to check out Mirror, Ivan's Childhood, and Andrei Rublev!
literaturenerd Jun 19, 8:45 PM
I've actually only seen Seventh Seal by Bergman. With Hitchcock I find myself either really liking his films or getting bored. I liked Rope, Strangers on a Train, Rear Window, and Psycho. I was kind of impartial towards The Birds and I'm not personally a huge fan of North by Northwest. Vertigo is still on my "to watch" list somehow. Like I said, I'm kind of embarrassed to talk to people online about cinema because I've seen relatively few classics and mostly just utter shit.
literaturenerd Jun 18, 8:36 AM
I enjoy your Letterboxd. While I mostly watch trash with my friends and family, I find it amusing that someone so young would have Van Trier , Angolopoulis, and Vincent Gallo as their favorite directors. Usually when kids want to show how smart and cultured they are they show off Tarkovsky, Ozu, Bergman, Mizoguchi, and maybe Hitchcock. You though have achieved a level far beyond the beginner film snob! Are you in film school or do you basically live on 4chan /tv/? Meanwhile, I'm just the casual tard trying to finish the Sight and Sound 250 before the next one comes out in 2022!
sterl1 Jun 10, 1:06 AM
Just to let you know you made me appreciate moe more :blobblush:
sterl1 May 14, 7:02 AM
Doremi over Kiki?
Nero_DmC Mar 8, 2:41 PM
Gud taste
AestheticOnion Feb 23, 3:17 PM
AltoRoark Feb 23, 9:57 AM
Arimias Feb 23, 9:55 AM

Hope it's a good one :)