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Aug 18, 2008
Model (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (Unknown/10 chp)
The synopsis for this manga drew me in and the artwork was both different and beautiful.

However at times I found the story hard to follow, sometimes I wasn't sure if I was reading current events or past. The artwork and colouring also made it hard to see who was talking and at times I would miss speech bubbles due to them being on a dark background.

The plot, to me, changed priorities; somewhere along the line it became less about their contract and more about the mysteries surrounding the mansion. That storyline was interesting, don't get me wrong, but that wasn't what drew me in, to ...
Aug 18, 2008
Hellsing (Manga) add
Hellsing was part of my introduction to anime and as such it is one of my favourite fandoms. But it has only kept its place there because of its unique way of capturing the reader with action that I can only describe as being kick arse.

There is a great plot to this manga, well thought out and very grand. Being an action manga there are quite a few pages which are full of just pictures, no words, but yet the plot still unfolds well and is not lost.

Due to ...
Aug 18, 2008
Lesson XX (Anime) add
This was short and sweet. I originally was just checking it was subtitled before I put it in my ‘to watch’ pile but ended up watching it all the way through.

The plot was good and really made the story realistic. It dealt with issues that someone like Shizuka would go through without overdoing it. It was short though which in this case was good as any longer and it would have drawn the story out too much. And it managed to keep you caring for the characters and wanting to find out what happens next. As well as shouting at the screen ‘kiss him dammit!’
Aug 18, 2008
RG Veda (Manga) add
I honestly didn't think I'd like this and it was absolutely prejudiced of me. The name sounded too much like it would be filled with Mecha and Action (which aren't my cup of tea.), but it was the closest manga in reach and I needed something to read.

I was very pleasantly surprised, the characters and artwork were brilliant. I fell in love with each new character, wanting to know more about them and felt my heart being crushed as I saw them being brutally killed. I'm not sure if I've read a manga containing more innocent bloodshed, except maybe Hellsing, but that's debateable.

For CLAMPs first ...
Aug 18, 2008
I have to say that I thought the plot developed in this superbly. There were twists and turns, you weren't quite sure what was coming next and that, to me, is the making of a great story. It did take a bit of time for the story to really get rolling and things do all jump you at the end, but other than that it did well.

The character development wasn't as great, but was still good. The main character Deunan developed well; we watched her as she learnt about herself, formed bonds and went through trials. The other characters didn't develop as well as Deunan, ...
Aug 18, 2008
Cross (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (8/18 chp)
To begin with each manga has 2 or 3 short seemingly independent stories. The characters etc are the same but each story doesn't seem to affect the following one. They are interesting and each develops fairly well but they are stand alone. This changes in volume 3 however. And whilst the plot development in this manga series is fairly scarce in volumes 1 and 2 it picks up in volume 3 and 4. The short stand alone stories are extended into one story and a main theme seems to develop. The underlying storyline about the relationship between Cross and Matsuri is only minimally built upon, ...
Aug 18, 2008
Gouhou Drug (Manga) add
This plot is developing really well. Every 'assignment' leads us a little closer to knowing what is happening with Kazahaya and Rikou and these mysterious women. So far we are still no closer to knowing the reasons for the assignments but I don't doubt that it will be revealed in due course.

Legal Drug also has good character development. The relationship between Rikou and Kazahaya grows more and more obvious (to everyone except them). Their feelings for the 'lost women' of their lives is shown wonderfully.

There is a lot left unsaid though, since Saiga and Keiko are still very much unknown to the reader. It can ...
Aug 18, 2008
Mixed Feelings
Hmmm. I'm not sure about the plot in this. It has some good concepts, the Yam tribe is particularly interesting. But, like a lot of the manga I've come across lately the plot seems overly stretched. Every chapter has different characters which we don't see again. But, unlike some other mangas that do this, there is good continuity.

The main characters do develop and I think there is a lot to learn about them. It's nice to see the change in Marlos attitudes.

This series contains some very nice artwork, especially the colour inserts at the start of each manga. The characters are well defined and they ...
Aug 18, 2008
Good Luck (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (Unknown/25 chp)
At the time of writing I have read 2 volumes.

This manga is in its very early stages with volume 2 just released and at least 5 volumes in the works. So far though there doesn't seem to be much of a plot. It's more like a look into Shi-Hyun's life, which is quite interesting in itself.

I like the way the characters are interconnected and the way they are with each other. Shi-Hyun's character in particular is well thought out and I'm looking forward to finding out more about her.

The let down for me is that there is nothing to catch you. Nothing in the first ...
Aug 18, 2008
RG Veda (Anime) add
Hmmmmm, this was not exactly what I was expecting from this anime, I'm not sure what I was expecting but this wasn't it.

Taking it with a view of the manga its.... odd. The main premise is the same but Ashura has changed sex and the God King was Lord Ashura. Slight differences which can be explained by less time to tell the story in the OAV's run. Except they don't tell the story, they don't tell any story, maybe a quarter of a story or half a story, but not a full one. It's left with no resolution.

Taking it without a view of the manga ...

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