Aug 18, 2008
NanashiMoriko (All reviews)
I have to say that I thought the plot developed in this superbly. There were twists and turns, you weren't quite sure what was coming next and that, to me, is the making of a great story. It did take a bit of time for the story to really get rolling and things do all jump you at the end, but other than that it did well.

The character development wasn't as great, but was still good. The main character Deunan developed well; we watched her as she learnt about herself, formed bonds and went through trials. The other characters didn't develop as well as Deunan, they showed that they had the possibilities for character development, but we don't get to see it.

This films let down would be that you don't really get into the thick of things until a fair way through and then it picks up very fast. The slowness in the beginning I found to be slightly unnecessary, it was still enjoyable but being thrown straight into the plot may have left some peoples minds reeling too much.

This anime holds some wonderful concepts. Olympia is brilliantly conceived and the plot has been very well thought out. The animation is some of the best I have seen and the music suited scenes perfectly.

I will admit that if someone had told me before hand that this featured Mecha I'd have run away screaming. I have a very strong dislike for Mecha but this has shown me that it can actually go past bearable and be great. Right from the opening scene I was smiling, good visuals, hot girl, guns, action and great music. My smile slipped a little when I saw the Mecha but I watched on and I'm glad that I did. This story really shocked me, I didn't think I'd like it but I have fallen for it. There wasn't enough character development for me, but I'm big on that and in a movie it's not really feasible to fit in as much as I would like. It did well though. I would love to see more of the characters.

If you've got some time spare, like action and sci-fi as well as a well conceived plot then you must definitely watch this.

Nanashi Moriko