Aug 18, 2008
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NanashiMoriko (All reviews)
I honestly didn't think I'd like this and it was absolutely prejudiced of me. The name sounded too much like it would be filled with Mecha and Action (which aren't my cup of tea.), but it was the closest manga in reach and I needed something to read.

I was very pleasantly surprised, the characters and artwork were brilliant. I fell in love with each new character, wanting to know more about them and felt my heart being crushed as I saw them being brutally killed. I'm not sure if I've read a manga containing more innocent bloodshed, except maybe Hellsing, but that's debateable.

For CLAMPs first ever manga its very good quality. The art work is pretty, the dialogue flows, the characters are well thought out and the plot is thick but unravels at a good pace. There are bits of comedy thrown in and a fair bit of action with lines like:

"stunning wolfblade go!"

In my opinion maybe too many of those likes, and too many pages of pure action. But even though I say that and I don't like action too much, I don't think it's a failing of this manga. It wasn't pointless action, it had its place and it filled it well.

If you like CLAMP, angst, action and fantastical worlds then give this a read. It's most definitely worth the money and I can't wait for Volume 10.

Right now I'm off to hunt down the OAV!

Nanashi Moriko *Not quite an RG Veda fangirl but a Soma fangirl*


Note: This review was written before volume 10 had been released in English translation. At the time of writing I have read volume 10 and will be updating soon