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Nov 25, 2009
Cast thee in the Name Of GOD, Ye are Not Guilty!
We have come to Terms

Sorry about that.
Right, Big O really sticks in my mind as the most Stylish anime I've ever seen. "To heck with your giant shoulder pads and fancy jet packs" it says to the rest of the Mecha Genre; Lets have some Giant Piston Arms and Solid Grey Iron Exterior.
And that is, frankly, Awesome.
My perennial complain with Mecha Animes is that their all so "graceful" and "humanoid". The mechs are never just giant hunks of walking metal that read more
Nov 25, 2009
What is it I love about Blue Submarine 6...
Well, I remember, vaguely, watching it in instalments, back during those beautiful 6 months when I was 6 and we had free Cable, on Toonami. At yes, along side those hours watching Gundamn Wing and Chris Colorado, there was this odd little show about a Blue Submarine and some odd Animal men.
Back then, I wasn't so crazy on it, but that was mostly because I could never work out what order the episodes went in. I had this vague idea I might be watching them out of sync, or perhaps that I missed one.
Now of course, its read more
Nov 25, 2009
I've got to be honest. Were it not for one, massive, issue I have with this series, It would be my favourite anime by a landslide. Everything about it is just so...Incredible well done that its hard to critique it on anything but personal preference.
The Animation might look a bit plain, but its perfect for the series because it permits such a degree of variation throughout the series. The actual quality of the Art and Animation is very high, but it seemingly mundane enough that it doesn't distract attention from the true Core of the series:
The Plot.
Lain has, no questions asked, the best story I've read more
Nov 25, 2009
I love Love Hina for a lot of reasons.
For one, it was the first Anime I watched in Japanese. But that's irrelevant to you.
So lets give some proper, review style, reasons.
Naru, for me, defines Tsundere. Throughout the whole series, right to the end, refuses to give in to the inevitable, continues beating Keitaro to a pulp, keeps up at least some of her walls. Its both hilarious and somewhat touching.
Keitaro himself is such a memorable character that he's almost worth a series in himself. Watching (or Reading), its fairly obvious that he doesn't really deserve half of the bad stuff happening to him, yet read more
Nov 25, 2009
There are, perhaps, 3 reasons why this is my Favourite Anime. And one why it nearly isn't...
Firstly, and most importantly, I simply Love the style of it. The Animation is, in my opinion awesome. Ever watched Tengen Toppa or FLCL? Its Gainax at its best, doing those wonderful super-deformed animations that manages to maintain a very high quality of animation. Its not realistic in any sense of the word, but you still find yourself watching it and finding it so easy to understand.
Secondly, the story is a follow on to the original Gunbuster. Which, for me, somewhat set the bar for many Mecha Animes. But read more