Nov 25, 2009
Mliekseter (All reviews)
Cast thee in the Name Of GOD, Ye are Not Guilty!
We have come to Terms

Sorry about that.
Right, Big O really sticks in my mind as the most Stylish anime I've ever seen. "To heck with your giant shoulder pads and fancy jet packs" it says to the rest of the Mecha Genre; Lets have some Giant Piston Arms and Solid Grey Iron Exterior.
And that is, frankly, Awesome.
My perennial complain with Mecha Animes is that their all so "graceful" and "humanoid". The mechs are never just giant hunks of walking metal that punch their enemy's into pulp. Big O goes so far against this tradition that it even has an episode making fun of it. And, of course, that "making fun" is done with Style, poise and tact.
That aside:
Big O has style in all facets. The animation doesn't go into for super-deformity, aside from when the main character believes he's a Tomato of course. Its crisp and clear, its got hard black lines and straight hair. It gives off an aura of refined class.
The Characters are the same, they don't go in for extremes of emotion or action (aside from Beck). Everyone is set in their role (a very important plot point in fact), they act within their part and don't get tangled up in messy side plots. The story of each episode is mildly stand alone, but works into the overall Plot in the end. There is, I think, romance, but its tastefully understated and doesn't intrude unnecessary into the main plot. Fan service is almost non-existent, as it should be in such a show.
The Music is perfect. Jazz and Queen, a marvellous combination.

Of course, its also unfinished. I don't care what anyone says, there is no way that was a proper ending. Nothing was resolved at all, we merely got a whole load more confusing things dumped on us, at high speed too. It could have been great, It could have been marvellous, but as it was it just leaves the series with a deep sense of In completion.
If those responsible are reading this, MAKE A THIRD SEASON! I remember signing that online petition that was about a few years back.