Nov 25, 2009
Mliekseter (All reviews)
What is it I love about Blue Submarine 6...
Well, I remember, vaguely, watching it in instalments, back during those beautiful 6 months when I was 6 and we had free Cable, on Toonami. At yes, along side those hours watching Gundamn Wing and Chris Colorado, there was this odd little show about a Blue Submarine and some odd Animal men.
Back then, I wasn't so crazy on it, but that was mostly because I could never work out what order the episodes went in. I had this vague idea I might be watching them out of sync, or perhaps that I missed one.
Now of course, its 14 years on and I've got the series.
And Damn do I love it.

Blue Sub 6 does not, really, stand out in any particular category. No numerical store I could give it would really do justice to how Much I really Like it. The Animation is smooth, beautiful, but its not remarkable in any way. The Story isn't perfectly original, but its good and it has some wonderful little details. Frankly, the characters don't stand out at all for me.
But somehow, all put together, its a truly enthralling thing to watch. There's a noticeable lack of Romance, although I think there's something implied between Mutio and Tetsu. And perhaps Tetsu and Mayumi too. The Scenes of underwater combat are stylish, well done, and fairly believable, but the far enough between that you can't call this a "Battle Anime". The Scenes with the animal men are...Strange, but present a rather interesting view of them. Very human, yet clearly not.
The Music is rather nice too, some wonderfully appropriate Jazz tunes in there. Rather reminds me of Big O in that respect. but I can't say it stands out in this regard either
In fact, all in all, my reason for loving this series cannot be found in any particular aspect of it. Its, so to speak, in the completion rather than the components.