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May 2, 2012
If you translate the title of this manga, it is Weird Love. This is exactly what the manga is about - a rather pointless manga about weird fetishes (such as peeing).

Of course, this is an ecchi manga with borderline hentai. What does the majority of these types of manga have? Popular girls, and big-breasted girls. This manga? It combines both types and throw in a story about them. “Guy finds his desk wet and eventually finds girl one after school and falls in love with each other”? Yeah, sounds like some excuse to place a love story on.

The art is rather pretty, but art points read more
May 2, 2012
Onani means masturbation. By that simple line, you are laughing at this and probably won’t plan to read it. But read this review further – It is a grand story using the age-old morals of ‘Never give up on your friends.’ The mangaka only happens to use masturbation to teach those morals.

This story, considered a doujin (impressive since I’ve lost hope on doujins the moment I heard yaoi pairings as its dominant theme), is about a boy who masturbates after school in the girl’s bathroom. A younger, gentler (at first impressions) girl soon finds out about his ‘activity.’ The story shoots off from there. The read more
May 2, 2012
This is my first horror manga I’ve read and I’d say… I’m not really impressed. The story revolves around a strange creature (dead fish with artificial ‘legs’) invading the lives of two people – a boy and his girlfriend.

A storyline like this seems like an excuse to make a horror manga. While this sounds like it’s actually good, it’s not. The mangaka seems to throw the plot into different directions.

The characters? Not even. Of course the female character is a damsel-in-distress (the only thing I remember about her is that she screamed almost every panel she was in, thankfully I liked what the mangaka did read more
May 2, 2012
When I was requested to do this review, I wasn’t too happy. The majority of shounens (especially the Big Three – Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) I’ve watched during my anime watching days were absolutely horrible. Let’s see, what did the Big Three have? Super-powered main characters who are rather cocky, stubborn and they got their super power from something or someone. Rather boring.

However, when I read the first chapters, I was pleased that the main character, Edward Elric, was superpowered and very skilled at the first time. Still, he was still very typically shounen; he was rather cocky and won most (if not all) of read more
Jun 1, 2011
Alright, everyone! Let's gather for an important part of world history; the history of Afghanistan as we review Timaking's only known manga, Afuganisu-tan!

Again, as said before, this tells a bit of history about Afghanistan. The story is slow-paced and episodic, but does its job decently. However, Timaking feels that it is necessary to add text alongside the panels. I don't actually feel that this is a good way to tell the story.

Adorable, adorable with moe written all over it. It's average, though, but does its job well.

The story is told with Afuganisu-tan's eyes. There is your naive youngster named Afuganisu-tan, a boastful one named Pakis-tan, read more
May 16, 2011
Welcome to the cruel game of survival. If you hold a Future Diary, you're a possible target for the game to get the rank of God. And everyone else has some type of Future Diary too.

This is the plot where Mirai Nikki revolves in. But the manga explains how the game is started. How? Yukiteru, the main character, is pretty much an outcast. Left without friends, Yukiteru begins to create imaginary friends like Deus Ex Machina, the 'Lord of Time and Space.' However, creating this 'Lord' comes with a price; creating 11 Future Diary holders.

This is definitely something unique. Never really seen something like it read more
Aug 4, 2010
Clannad (Anime) add (All reviews)
When I heard many great things about this anime on various anime sites, I was like, 'meh.' I scanned the synopsis on another anime site and I thought I would hate this. A bored day and a fellow reviewer said, "You should watch Clannad After Story, only a few people have watched it." I decided to watch its prequel, Clannad. I was marveled.

Story: 10/10
One of Clannad's best points. It puts together a simple story (Nagisa planning to get the theatre club back on again, and more) and touches the watcher by crying or smiling.

Character: 10/10
The especially memorable characters were the main characters, with some of read more
Jul 28, 2010
A wave of hype comes as they announce an OVA about a Vocaloid song, Black Rock Shooter. Awesome promotion art, magnificent trailers and even cosplays ranging from outrageously horrible to very excellent went.

The OVA was released and came to this, a not good but not bad anime.

Story: 6/10

The plot was unclear at first. Two people become best of friends and one of the friends, Mato, become friends with Yuu. Yomi, Mato's friends, turn jealous... but that doesn't explain the other world where it shows people that look like Mato and Yomi but with weapons fighting each other. A very overused plot, but... what the heck read more
Jul 19, 2010
Story: 9/10

You've seen a story like this before. 'Boy leads a double life, and that double life are polar opposites.' However, I find it rare in comedies, even in dark comedies like this piece of work. One point off because I found something... missing.

Character: 9/10

Each of the characters are interesting and adds to the comedy. However, really only Negishi really gets some character development. But, this is a comedy, people only watch for laughs, not character development.

Art: 10/10

I really liked the art style of this dark anime. Dark, very fitting for this type of anime.

Sound/Voice Acting: 10/10

Without a doubt, one of the more stronger points read more
Jun 18, 2010
Your typical sports anime, but with a twist. Right from the start, the main character is pretty AWESOME at the game. There comes it being VERY predictable. 'Ryoma's going to win' especially when it relates to tennis. If an enemy is winning, one of Seishun's students (usually a regular) will make an *unexpected* comeback. Could have been much shorter and better without the 'filler' episodes (filler, as in when Seishun isn't playing in a tournament).

The art is great, far from being spectacular. I find nothing wrong with it, but it isn't spectacular. As for the animation, I've been seeing a lot of clips used over read more