May 2, 2012
MisaTange (All reviews)
When I was requested to do this review, I wasn’t too happy. The majority of shounens (especially the Big Three – Naruto, Bleach, One Piece) I’ve watched during my anime watching days were absolutely horrible. Let’s see, what did the Big Three have? Super-powered main characters who are rather cocky, stubborn and they got their super power from something or someone. Rather boring.

However, when I read the first chapters, I was pleased that the main character, Edward Elric, was superpowered and very skilled at the first time. Still, he was still very typically shounen; he was rather cocky and won most (if not all) of the fights as well as its story - there is that useless (later damsel-in-distress, and a childhood friend to top it off) girl. But still, it rather impressed me. Unlike in the Big Three, the fights are much much shorter and less ‘X and y fights for no reason.’ Applause!

On a higher note, the art was really well-drawn, if you forgive the sketched out look in the humorous parts.

Overall, this is one of my must-reads for those tired of seeing the regular old shounens. Of course it’s rather typically shounen at some parts and I didn’t like the quality change in its humorous parts. Still, this is quite a read. 8/10.