Jun 1, 2011
MisaTange (All reviews)
Alright, everyone! Let's gather for an important part of world history; the history of Afghanistan as we review Timaking's only known manga, Afuganisu-tan!

Again, as said before, this tells a bit of history about Afghanistan. The story is slow-paced and episodic, but does its job decently. However, Timaking feels that it is necessary to add text alongside the panels. I don't actually feel that this is a good way to tell the story.

Adorable, adorable with moe written all over it. It's average, though, but does its job well.

The story is told with Afuganisu-tan's eyes. There is your naive youngster named Afuganisu-tan, a boastful one named Pakis-tan, and other excellent characters. The characters feel undeveloped after completion, but this is no surprise since this is a one-shot.

Overall, pretty enjoyable manga. It's a nice, quick read providing adorable art.