May 2, 2012
MisaTange (All reviews)
Onani means masturbation. By that simple line, you are laughing at this and probably won’t plan to read it. But read this review further – It is a grand story using the age-old morals of ‘Never give up on your friends.’ The mangaka only happens to use masturbation to teach those morals.

This story, considered a doujin (impressive since I’ve lost hope on doujins the moment I heard yaoi pairings as its dominant theme), is about a boy who masturbates after school in the girl’s bathroom. A younger, gentler (at first impressions) girl soon finds out about his ‘activity.’ The story shoots off from there. The boy experiences the harsh ways of bullying, how telling the truth hurts, true love, and how friends are formed, even friends you don’t like in the first impressions.

All of the characters get some sort of development. The boy learns about friendship (sounds clichéd, I know, but in the most interesting way ever presented). The girl reveals her inner beast. Every single character influences the boy.

The art is rather sketched. At first, I didn’t like it very much, but I got used to it, absorbing each and every detail that the mangaka has put on, especially for the characters.

This deserves every word of praise that I heard from fellow reviewers. This is an excellent story that uses an age-old moral. 9/10.