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Sep 20, 2023
My Happy Marriage, at the outset, feels like the 1000th remake of Cinderella. It has the evil stepmother, the family abuses the MC, and she gets “saved” by a strong, powerful man. It’s a bit more than that though, as it’s a largely character driven story with the main female character, Saimori Miyo, trying to find her self worth after years and years of people telling how useless she was, as shallow as the reasons were, in that she supposedly lacked the abilities that her family members had. She is married off to a man named Kudou Kiyoka, who was known to be a cold-hearted, ...
Sep 20, 2023
Season 5 of Bungou Stray Dogs continues to directly build upon the events of Season 4, though in a much less character driven way this time, which paved the way for a more fast paced, action packed season that also had many twists. That comes with the positive of keeping me at the edge of my seat in suspense for what was to come, but gave me less to think about after each episode ended, as it wasn’t as full of depth as the previous season was. It also did what few anime do nowadays, pass the current chapter of the manga to the point ...
Sep 18, 2023
Mixed Feelings
April 1, 2022. It’s April Fools’ Day in Japan, and we’re all rolling our eyes at the 82392nd joke about No Game No Life Season 2 being announced, and I’m sure many were also thinking the Masamune-kun sequel was also fake. Turns out they trolled us hard, and here we are with Season 2 of the dumpster fire that is Masamune-kun’s Revenge. I hated Season 1 a lot, because I thought it could be good, but it just ruined every possible good, or heartfelt, emotional moment with some stupidity. Season 2 has these problems as well, but it turned out to be more entertaining this ...
Sep 16, 2023
Liar Liar (Anime) add
Years of waiting for a No Game, No Life Season 2, and people were thinking this would be similar to that. Well, let me just say, if you thought NGNL was stupid, this will be some abyss fiction to you. With a title like Liar, Liar, you’d expect that it’d be all about cheating and lying through games, and while there’s plenty of that in this anime, it’s done in a very underwhelming way, with contrivances up the wazoo. Powers come out of nowhere, twists come out of nowhere, and in the end, it’s just a trashy harem show with no real spice whatsoever. I’m ...
Jul 3, 2023
Insomnia is something that plagues many people, and this sleep depriving condition arises from many reasons, for example, fearing what tomorrow will bring, negative thoughts, stress, and general anxiety. While insomnia isn’t something that affects me personally, for many people, seeing the two main characters who deal with insomnia, and tackle it together by pouring their restless, sleepless time into something positive like astrophotography, must have been relatable, and to me, a very solid concept. Along the way, there was some romance in the air, but it wasn’t a huge focus until near the end of the season, which I actually liked, as the characters ...
Jul 1, 2023
Jigokuraku (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
First of all, a quick writer’s note, as I’m writing this, it is June 30th, and it’s late at night, and I’ll be heading to bed right after I write this. The final episode of Hell’s Paradise airs in around nine to ten hours, and I’m just starting on my review. I did this intentionally though, to imitate a MAPPA style of production, rushing and submitting the work just a bit before it’s due to see how poorly this review will turn out.

Studio MAPPA has been known for taking on big name action or shounen titles as of late, with the likes of Jujutsu Kaisen, ...
Jun 30, 2023
Mashle (Anime) add
Parody anime can be a hit or miss. Tropes of various settings in anime or live action settings are made fun of, but in order to stand out, it has to nail its comedy, and while comedy is always subjective, this one just didn’t nail it, all the time. It obviously is an attempt at parody of magic academies like Hogwarts, but unfortunately, it just fails to stand out at all in most ways. Perhaps you’ll think I’m “taking a parody anime too seriously”, but when most of the characters are the most stuck-up jerks with little meaningful depth, there just wasn’t much to enjoy. ...
Jun 28, 2023
"Oshi no Ko" (Anime) add
There is no doubt that Oshi no Ko was one of the most popular anime this season, and it’s easy to see why. There is some realistic commentary of the idol and entertainment industries, especially the dark side, which made for an interesting watch. Through all the mystery and dark subject matter, there was also a bit of comedy mixed in, which I will admit was hit or miss at times, but it all boded well for me in the end, perhaps due to the high production standards of this anime.

Now, I know the reincarnation subplot has some people up in arms, and I do ...
Jun 25, 2023
Oh, those elementary school days. When things were so simple, and every day was seen through rose-tinted glasses. The goofiness of those days was so fun, and this anime made me reminisce about those days back then. It’s a rather simple anime, where a quiet girl, who is seen as unlikeable and gloomy, meets a boy so positive, upbeat, and dense that a supposedly derogatory nickname like “Grim Reaper” is just so cool to him.

We all likely had a first friend we made when we were kids, and that person was probably special to us. A lot our time was probably spent in the company ...
Jun 24, 2023
The theme of finding hope in a seemingly hopeless or dark world has been done before, in a slice of life way in Girls’ Last Tour, in a lovecraftian horror form in Made in Abyss, or in many other ways of which I haven’t seen before. Tengoku Daimakyo takes this theme, but has a sci-fi mystery backdrop to it, making it quite a unique experience, and one I haven’t really experienced personally.

What do we want from a sci-fi mystery show? Do we want twists and turns, dark reveals, or unpredictability? Tengoku Daimakyo has all of that, but it also has the one narrative technique I ...

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