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Darling in the FranXX
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Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken
Ore ga Ojousama Gakkou ni "Shomin Sample" Toshite Rachirareta Ken
Yesterday, 10:31 PM
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Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko!
Yesterday, 10:22 PM
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Skittles May 4, 9:51 AM
When I said "VNs on the 3DS" I'm talking about stuff like Phoenix Wright, Layton, 999, and Zero Escape haha. Sadly, extremely lewd games will never arrive at Playstation consoles. I once read that Sony has a strict policy against nudity and sex in Japanese games (even though there are full-blown sex and tits in GTA games so RIP).

It's funny because the pink steam censors in the first game only made the minigames lewder lmao. What's really terrible is the censorship in the second game: the girls wear more clothing in the minigames (they're almost nude in the JPN version) and the interrogation methods become more family-friendly. I do know that Mary Skelter has some suggestive minigames although obviously not the same level as in Criminal Girls. Ohh nice, been looking for some JRPGs with a solid narrative for quite a while.

Ahhh screw CFW, too much effort to implement xP I'm a trophy collector anyways so piracy is out of the question. The story and pacing in Ar NoSurge feel arbitrary at first, true, but they begin to make sense once the two parties meet each other oops spoilers. I'm actually planning to play the entire franchise someday starting with the first game. The narrative of the series seems like something most JRPGs are missing nowadays.

You definitely can, but since you have a PS4, I highly recommend you start with Bloodborne instead. It's From Software's best title by a long shot and one of the few games I've ever given a 10/10. Beautiful visuals, rich lore, fluid-as-water combat, the list only goes on. Dark Souls 3 is also a great game although the entire Dark Souls trilogy pales in comparison to Bloodborne imo. If you ever decide to get DS3 or BB, hit me up so I can carry your ass with my OP character :^)

Btw do you have a MyVideoGameListAccount? It's like a MAL for video games if you didn't know. This is my profile, this is my list, and here are all the games I've given a 10/10.
Skittles May 3, 8:21 AM
Oh lawd I honestly forgot about the ending. Gotta Youtube it again later.

I care more about portability than performance for VNs, which is probably why I've played more VN titles on the Vita/3DS than on PC. I actually bought Mary Skelter during launch, but I never got around to playing it. I didn't play my Vita for like half a year since it went missing, and after I found it... I just kinda forgot about the game RIP. I was never really a fan of first-person dungeon crawlers (I dislike Etrian Odyssey) although Mary Skelter has that Compile Hearts-vibe that I fancy so much. Might play this next after all. Btw speaking of dungeon crawlers, have you played Criminal Girls? The game got blasted like hell for its controversial lewd minigame (kek Western critics kek), but beneath its pervy exterior is actually a decent RPG. You should try both games if you haven't.

Wtf you can pirate Vita games? Plz teach me how. Anyway, a lot of fans consider Ar NoSurge to be the black sheep of the franchise, but it's honestly a great game. I love the unique combat system, interesting main leads, and engaging—if somewhat contrived—story. To no surprise though, the best part of the game is the amazing soundtrack. Them opera tunes are eargasmic.

Are you planning on getting Dark Souls Remastered?
Skittles May 1, 2:58 AM
Ahhh the good ol' days when nibbas were too lazy to fan translate. I can't see myself referring to a translation guide either for every single dialogue. Sounds like too much work, really. Lol I did play Gungnir, but I honestly forgot about it since it's my least favorite Dept. Heaven game. SRPG is my favorite vidya game genre, but Gungnir was just... ehhh... I dunno. Still, I thought the story was decent despite the abysmal gameplay.

m8 i is the meatiest penguin, dont u threten me u smelly potatoe

Ohh nice, you got the full set like I do then. Know any good games for the Vita? The reason I asked about Root Double on the Kiseki server was that it's currently on sale and I'm currently trying to wipe the dust off my Vita. I got the Platinum trophy for all the Atelier games on Vita already so don't recommend me them 8=D

Also if you haven't, you should play Ar Nosurge: Ode to an Unborn Star which is also made by Gust. Highly underrated game and one of my top picks for the Vita.
Skittles Apr 30, 12:07 AM
Yeah it's not worth playing Blaze Union if you can't comprehend moonrunes. The gameplay is virtually the same as Yggdra, so the main reasons to play it are the story and characters. The Dept Heaven games are underrated for sure. I heard their next game is an MMO btw, not sure when that's gonna be released...

Sadly I'm a worthless third-rate degenerate penguin so it's inevitable I have sick fetishes. I wish someone would just tenderize me into ground meat and feed me to the orcas in SeaWorld to end my misery tbh.

Btw what consoles do you have again?
Skittles Apr 26, 12:36 AM
Other than the updated visuals, I like the PSP version cause of the different routes. The true route where you go to Asgard and whack angels is the best. This was actually my first Sting game and I went on to play their other titles like Riviera: The Promised Land and Knights in the Nightmare. Even tried to play Blaze Union untranslated, but not understanding the story was too much for me rip. Underrated af developer tbh.

Ohh lol I'm fine with those. I like the old FFs so this should be fine.

Content Severity:
> Slave trading

Ok I'm sold. Delicious waifu abuse here I come.
Skittles Apr 25, 5:18 AM
played it on psp to death alrdy :'(
Skittles Apr 25, 2:18 AM
gimme a good jrpg to play man jew i is confused
Skittles Apr 20, 1:50 AM
Okiiii, but fund my divorce k :^)
Skittles Apr 19, 7:19 PM
I love Kanon now but I don't wanna betray Sayo. What to do?
Skittles Apr 19, 2:34 AM
My recent holiday trip. Feels good to get bridal carried by your waifu.

Cito Apr 18, 8:05 PM
thank u
Skittles Apr 18, 3:40 AM
Ye, hes my distant cousin and former candy crush world champion
Skittles Apr 17, 12:42 PM
maybe u should try playing with ure tongue
Cito Apr 16, 5:38 PM
nice bm
Cito Apr 16, 3:27 PM
am cry now