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I'm Manjuu. (will reply to comments sometime within the next 50 years)

I don't really use MAL anymore (or watch much anime for that matter), hit me up on Discord if you need something from me (but make sure I'll know you)

Discord: Potato#2997


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Mikadono Sanshimai wa Angai, Choroi.
May 26, 7:10 PM
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Rythme Dec 12, 2023 8:15 AM
Rythme Oct 26, 2023 3:31 AM
So they released the English version together? O___O
Rythme Sep 21, 2023 7:00 AM
Okay I lied.

[Added Sep 23]
pchi Sep 9, 2023 4:59 PM
which one did u try? :o yeah i actually do reuse the cup sleeve to hold my coffee glasses sometimes but its scuffed LOL
oh yaa, i want fu xuan and jingliu for sure... i'm debating for topaz but in general i kinda want every girl who comes out >_<

o7 yaaa! i actually rewatched kuzu no honkai today, it's a lot better than i remembered. on my first watch, i felt like her art is amazing but the writing was off... but i like it a lot now!! do u especially recommend any of her other manga?
Klefki_of_Awsome Sep 6, 2023 11:19 AM
You Very Welcome, hope you had some great days!^v^b
Rythme Sep 3, 2023 2:35 AM
That radio programme is the only reason I wake up before 5 o'clock every Sunday (yes I get up that late at the weekends).
And they just announced today that it's ending next month ;____;

Come to think of it, it's actually funny that his seinen works are all set in high school XD

Well, as long as they don't find out at the interview, hahaha. But realistically speaking, it's probably way more difficult to become fluent in speaking if you don't know how to read.
I got the job straight in Japan while I was studying at a Japanese language school. From what I understand, it's somewhat harder to get a job in Japan when you're not in the country, because some places want you right away, and the Visa process takes quite a while.
What are you planning to study?
I think that depends on the institutions and what languages are being taught. For 専門学校, you'd probably be required to have N2. As for universities, JLPT doesn't apply, and you have to take a whole separate test called EJU which is harder since it's more academic. But if it's an international programme, they probably don't care. One of my friends went to (iirc) an international college and studied programming without N2.

It's probably gonna take a while before machine translation can do a good job at Indo-European ↔ East Asian languages, haha. Especially since a lot of Asian languages have 尊敬語.
That said, SEA audiences aren't whales, so I don't think they really care about the region tbh.
Oh yeah, I totally forgot about Priconne. I think it's the only game of its kind that has a dedicated Thai server.
(And even though I said most games in Thailand are on the global server, most Thai otaku probably play on the Japanese server anyway).
Oh and now that we're talking about work, I just ended up doing 3 more English customer support projects because there aren't enough JP→TH translation projects... So we're basically doing the same kind of job right now, hahaha.

I mean it's Japan XD There were so many people that they had to use the ticket queuing system, handing out tickets for them to come back at a certain time of the same day. The 2 hours of waiting in the morning I mentioned was for the queue tickets alone.
It's literally the perfect casting >___< And her being a kusogaki really caught me by surprise.
It was great! It was pretty much a real art exhibition. There was also a section where you could try a pair of Sony headphones, and they had a Fontaine orchestra score in front of you to look at while listening to it (photos were also allowed). I incidentally was (am) working on a piano arrangement score on it, so I felt like I got some kind of cheat power >___>
Also there's this loli twin character design picture that isn't on the Online Exhibition.

Oh yeah, it really makes sense for VN players. I think the last handheld device I had was a Game Boy (not even Color), hahahahaha.
I guess it was the right decision not to buy Maire since I'm more into stories when I play games too.
If done right, I think it can be considered a full-on new series despite being a gacha game especially since they're releasing a PC version as well, and we know it's possible since HSR and Genshin are already super successful. (And if done wrong it will be Tales of Luminaria 2.0).
I had never had to choose to sacrifice which games not to play this much in my life... There're way too many interesting games coming out at the same time period ._____. (And I still haven't even finished Jedi Survivor yet since they last time I mentioned it).
Just come to play it in Japan XD

I think I have to skip Fugen-dono because I want both Topaz and her light cone .____.

Oh and by the way, I went to Animate in Ikebukuro (the main/biggest branch) the other day, and there was actually a shelf for Blue Archive merch.
Maybe there's a shelf in Akihabara right now too now that it's been renovated and has a whole new building dedicated for merch.
Rythme Aug 16, 2023 4:11 AM
I gotta admit that I didn't know Kaguya-sama was already over until I read your comment...
Hopefully, I won't ever see those reactions (at least until I've caught up. I'm only at the third volume right now).

I thought that too, but in reality, it only applies to jobs that are kind of exclusive to foreigners. And they value your communication more at the interview, so even if you have N2, you're not gonna get a job if you can't speak Sonkeigo.
Chinese-speaking people are born with cheat when it comes to Japanese learning... And many of them are very good at adjusting their Japanese accent as well (although the best non-native Japanese speakers are probably Korean).

Wouldn't the sentences be inaccurate or at least feel unnatural, using translator tools? That makes sense since every kaigai otaku who knew Japanese back in the 2000s all read VNs, hahaha.
70% is a lot, especially for Oshi no Ko. Akasaka-sensei uses sooooooo many kanji that are usually written in hiragana by literally everybody. Like 僕ら becoming 僕等 or それぐらい becoming それ位. I completely misread them as ぼくなど and それい at first, ahaha...
That's probably Vietnam, because Thailand mobile games usually play on Global servers. It's the first time I heard about it though (I only ever hear about China).
Your workplace seems kind, hahaha.

Oh so they have their own online store. No wonder they don't sell them outside much.
I planned to go buy the milk tea last week, until I gave up after seeing pictures of people lining up on X Twitter and reading about how you have to wait in line for at least 2 hours at 8 o'clock under Tokyo's summer Sun, in Shibuya which is literally the most crowded place in Tokyo...
I missed so many events and handouts lately (but at least I get to go to the Fontaine exhibition next Monday).

Since I don't play handheld (smartphone as an exception) and my PC runs better than the Steam Deck, it doesn't really answer my needs. Although I wouldn't mind having one for free.
Jokes on you, I still don't have the ability to do either, hahahahaha. I'm so glad how well HSR works on the phone because I can finish the daily and weekly stuff on it during work, while enjoying the story on the PC version.
I ended up not getting Atelier Marie since I'm broke (although I ended up ordering the Fate/Samurai game). There's gonna be another Atelier icon on your desktop (and phone) very soon XD I'm a bit upset it won't be on the console though...
It just means that they're spared from a bad game >____> Jokes aside, I guess it makes sense though 'cause they plan to release a Global version later.

He became a VTuber right after your last comment...

I was very relieved after they announced that the next two new characters in 4.1 will be ikemen characters, meaning my wallet would be safe until the Goddess of Water, Inorin, releases in 4.2...
Or that's what I wanted to say before I saw these images lining up on Twitter.

pchi Aug 5, 2023 6:08 PM
yaaa I did! the merch was so low quality but idk why i expected it to be actually reusable stuff... I thought the drinks collab was really cute but I also didn't end up liking the drinks too much !_!
yeah, i agree..!! the story seems good but i don't feel attached to anyone. :< i think companion missions will prob help though

omg finish it!! it was so good... I'm debating on reading the manga cuz of sus stuff I heard abt the end, tho I'm avoiding spoilers >_>
the artist, mengo yokoyari is my absolute favorite tho and I'm obsessed with everything she draws
Klefki_of_Awsome Jul 29, 2023 4:53 PM
Happy Birthday, Manjuu ~!^^

Nice manga favorite you got there, ehe~!>:)
pchi Jul 12, 2023 3:03 PM
i would if not like 95% of ppl i know play on NA (even if they aren't from NA)...

the moon design is so pretty! i'm also waiting for kafka.. i guess for gacha, i know i can't get everything f2p so i'm super picky abt saving up LOL
i'm a lot less invested in the xianzhou storyline than belobog tho.. idk if it was cuz i simped for natasha or what, but belobog just hit different ;;

OH also i see oshi no ko in ur manga favorites... have u seen the anime.
Rythme Jul 2, 2023 10:32 PM
The seiyuu announcement OMG
Rythme Jul 1, 2023 10:49 AM
I'd say it's normal, at least for me, since I didn't really get hooked on Kaguya-sama either until after a few episodes. (Oshi no Ko's different though).

I guess so. Tbh nobody really cares about JLPT results unless you work as a translator or something. As long as you can speak (or make them think you can), you'll probably go on just fine. It's not like most Japanese people have a clue what JLPT is anyway haha. (I have no idea what kind of Thai proficiency tests exist, and surely you're the same with Tagalog >__>).
JLPT only has multiple-choice questions, so you don't even have to be able to write or speak to be able to pass. And that's why the Chinese do very well on the test, hahaha.

I absolutely don't know what company you're talking about
So the CS emails you work on are all in Japanese?
Although it's super tough at first, I think the best way to remember kanji and vocab in general is to read light novels. I learned a bunch of words through them.
I'm doing Japanese to Thai. Currently, mostly translating smartphone games. And I also just started working on English customer support at my job as well (although I only get to do it a couple of times a month since English queries for the one I'm doing are very rare).
What do you exactly do when you're out of emails...?

Even so, I don't think they're gonna have that much merch. And even though the games are very popular and you can see their ads everywhere, Chinese game publishers (except Mihoyo) rarely do real-life events.
On the other hand, there is literally a whole floor, not just a corner, dedicated to Bushiroad merch at Gamers (a store similar to, and owned by Animate).

To be fair, I don't care much about exclusive PS games especially since they're gonna release them on Steam some years later anyway. I just can't stand playing games on my wooden laptop anymore... And I don't even wanna think how much a new PC would cost me -O- Since I rarely play FPS games anymore (and my favourite genre, RTS, is dead), PS5's the way to go.
I really really really wanna play FF16! However, I still haven't finished playing Jedi Survivor yet, and not to mention that Atelier Marie is also releasing in less than two weeks...
I literally saw the video announcing HSR PS5 release quarter right after submitted that comment hahaha.
Seven!? That's super impressive O________O
Apparently, Blue Protocol is receiving a whole bunch of negative feedback... (I'm lucky that I didn't start playing yet because the server was crashing on the first day and I couldn't login). I do hope it becomes better and makes a comeback though.

He's even been making Vocaloid music lately too! Most notably, 88☆彡 which is an original song for Project Sekai, and this year's Snow Mike theme song (with super cute MV illustrations by one of my favourite illustrators).

Oh, so my wallet is safe (for now).

Speaking of Vocaloid, I'm sooooooooo happy to finally hear my oshi VTuber singing an original song (although not solo) written my oshi Vocaloid producer (´•̥ ω •̥` ) (And not to mention that it's also right after my oshi group in Project Sekai got an original song from them as well).
captainroyy Jun 20, 2023 2:08 PM
Thanks Mr Dangoranger :D
Rythme Jun 18, 2023 10:19 AM
I don't know if you've seen this but OMG
pchi Jun 15, 2023 9:10 PM
ohhh right, NA is always last u_u

sameee, i love her design a lot !!
i want jingliu the most tho.. i haven't rolled on the last 2 banners cuz i am COMMITTED to the waiting room
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