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Nov 26, 2017
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (25/148 eps)
Others have praised Hunter X Hunter elsewhere. I am only writing what bothered me most about Hunter XHunter.

This is a typical shonen and like others, suffers from an incredibly boring protagonist. Gon is the typical eager, refuses to give up, thick headed and over all perfect lead. His very presence irritates me and it takes away too much of the enjoyment from the story itself. On the positive side, the pacing is good and the world is interesting.

Kurapika and Leorio, whose VA also voices Zenzo in Gintama and who by far is the weakest of everyone (its a mystery how he passes the ...
Jan 4, 2017
This manga deserves more reviews, and so I am writing one.

The synopsis gives a good description of the events at the beginning- the first 2, 3 chapters. I will be clear that this is not a romance manga and there will be no resolution to any love stories. I wish it was not so, but things stay exactly the same at the end as they were in the beginning- apart from Hotori moving to her 3rd year of high school and one of her seniors (Kon-senpai) graduating.

The characters are where the real charm of SoreMachi lies. You have the Arashiyama family, the 3 regulars to ...
Jun 30, 2015
Idol☆Sister (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
This was a pretty good hentai(judging hentai differently from normal anime for obvious reasons), just lots of sex without a forced story shoved in, because lets admit it, we dont(atleast the majority of people) watch hentai for the story.

If you dont like incest, 4somes and lolicon hentai, then stay away from this.
A good thing, relatively speaking, is that it does not have NTR or rape, which are quite prevalent in hentai.

A plain summary of this anime is this:3 idols, who are also sisters, fuck their big brother, who is also their manager.There is only 1 episode, which is of the standard length, i.e, ~20 minutes.
Jun 29, 2015
This anime was consistently hilarious.I wish it could have continued more as each episode is just 5 minutes long.Each episode tackles a different mental affliction, for example, voyeurism, depression, panic disorder and many others(after all, there are 20 episodes!).

It is one of the best 5 min anime's i have seen, along with Teekyu, Plastic Nee-san and Aiura.It is neither as crazy as Teekyu and Plastic Nee-san nor as normal as Aiura.All the characters are crazy, except perhaps the doctor himself, for whom you cant help but feel some pity for having to cope with the kind of people he has around him.

As for this anime ...
Jun 24, 2015
Well, as is obvious from the synopsis, this show is about Buddha and Jesus Christ holidaying on Earth.Most of the jokes have to do with miracles ascribed to either Jesus or Buddha reproduced in a modern setting.More often than not, they are very short and you have to be acquainted with some religious stories to fully enjoy them.The bromance between Jesus and Buddha is awesome, seriously.

Only extreme fanatical believers will be offended by this show as its is not judgmental on any religion in any way, nor does it poke fun at it.

With that out of the way, i felt that the show was too ...
Jun 5, 2015
Mixed Feelings
Yuru Yuri is an anime about middle school girls having fun, quite a simple idea, but its been handled extremely well and the characters, while mostly cliche, work because they interact well with each other.

Yuru Yuri itself as a whole was a solid 8 for me - before this OVA.In the previous seasons, though the basic premise was all too common in anime, the characters were fun to watch and most of the jokes were over the top and different, not cheap cliche ones.

This OVA seems to be produced by a different production house, and they totally butchered it.It has became too tame and conformist, ...
Jun 4, 2015
Barakamon (Anime) add
My reviews will be entirely subjective and the last few episodes will have a big influence on the final score, they will also not outline the good and the bad points neatly, rather, they will be my thoughts on some important points.

Barakamon was an anime i had been meaning to watch since many months.
And it started out very well.After 2-3 episodes, i thought it might very well end up as a 9 for me, at the least.But sadly, it never really took off.

The initial premise itself was too silly for me to ever take seriously.I mean, Calligraphy?!No one cares about shit like that these days.Okay, ...
Jun 3, 2015
This is how OVA's/Specials should be.Not directly related to the main series in terms of it being a continuation of it's parent series, but knowing the characters beforehand makes it much more enjoyable.

This Special was nearly perfect.It did'nt touch any serious theme like it's parent anime did (which was a coming of age story), but solely focused on giving us another look at the characters lives.

It's about when the Iwatobi Swim Club members went to Samezuka Academy's school festival and ended up playing a survival game with water guns.Many new and interesting interactions between characters who did'nt talk much in the main series are explored.

Overall, ...
Jun 3, 2015
I will be writing reviews as soon as i finish a series, and so they will be totally based on my enjoyment of it and the ending will hugely impact it.They will also mostly just be my ramblings, without a linear thought process.

I loved the first season of Free!.I was pretty new to anime then and was hugely impressed with the animation and bromance in it.I liked this season even more, but gave it an 8 whereas the 1st season got a 9.

A large part of this is because i am strictly against changing my rating except in the rarest of rare cases.As i was ...
Apr 6, 2015
Men's Kou (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (14/38 chp)
This manga has too few reviews, so i decided to write one to help decide whether this manga is for you or not.

First off, i love slice of life manga, and when done right, it is remarkably sweet and nostalgic.I picked up this manga after reading Seishun Kouryakuhon and having loved that.While i came to this manga expecting something similar, i am left with an odd mix of both great and extremely mediocre stories.

As given in the synopsis, this manga is about a bunch of high school boys at an all-boys high school.Having done my schooling in an almost similar situation, i am as close ...

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