Jun 24, 2015
Maggot_Brain (All reviews)
Well, as is obvious from the synopsis, this show is about Buddha and Jesus Christ holidaying on Earth.Most of the jokes have to do with miracles ascribed to either Jesus or Buddha reproduced in a modern setting.More often than not, they are very short and you have to be acquainted with some religious stories to fully enjoy them.The bromance between Jesus and Buddha is awesome, seriously.

Only extreme fanatical believers will be offended by this show as its is not judgmental on any religion in any way, nor does it poke fun at it.

With that out of the way, i felt that the show was too short for it to be memorable for a viewer.It would been ideal if it had got 12 episodes.2 OVA's are too short to get into the show.There is a movie and i have'nt watched it yet, so i cant say whether it is good or not.There are just 3 characters in the show-Jesus, Buddha and their landlady-and i felt the show could probably use a few more characters.