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Nov 13, 2011
Preliminary (4/7 eps)
Note: This review of Unicorn is based only on what has aired to date, not on any speculation or information about future plot developments.

As the eagerly-awaited by most fans continuation of the Universal Century plot, Unicorn was going to have a lot to live up to and I would say that from a strong start is has shown signs perhaps of losing its way. As a novel adaptation, I cannot speak of its accuracy although have heard that it deviates significantly, especially in episodes 3 and 4.

The plot is a complex affair of double-crossing, double agents and interlocked schemes as a conspiracy story plays out ...
Jun 26, 2011
Busou Renkin (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
All told this show does nothing particularly noteworthy or exceptional. It is a very standard enemy-of-the-week arc-based super hero show, notable mostly for its superb OP (Makka Na Chikai) and some very amusing characters (Papillon).

However, if you want one of these sorts of shows and don't want a massive time sink, it's worth looking into. It's only 26 episodes and has a standard two-arc plot - a first villain who was NOT THE REAL VILLAIN and a power up etc etc.

Some of the supervillains and superheroes have creative abilities, often underused (like the 3 guys who form a Getter Robo/Macross homage) and some get the ...
Feb 9, 2011
Mixed Feelings
This show, up until the final 3 episodes, was set to be a solid 8 or 9. You had solid mech combat, interesting politics, exciting action and a good bit of humour.

Then it all goes a bit surreal.

In terms of plot, until the bizarre ending arc, you have a strong revenge story with a nice rebellion arc, about a prince trying to slaughter his way through his corrupt dynasty and avenge his mother.

He is able to do this thanks to mind control powers and fanatically loyal allies.

All well and good - there's a nice side-plot with a telepathic kidnapper, and an enemy ace pilot trying ...
Oct 23, 2010
Up until I watched Iczer 1, I thought the cliche of "tentacle rape" was a fabrication, or the realm solely of Urotsukidoji.

It really isn't. Iczer 1 has phallic tendrils in abundance, and its all-female cast getting drenched with a variety of organic fluids, tied up, and threatened with penetration. To be honest this is actually really creepy.

The plot is pretty much non-existent, with enemies invading and being fought by first human soldiers and then by the heroes with their mystical robot that involves naked girls covered in electrodes. It's got the bizarre pacing of something like Zeorymer, and a real focus on extreme gore and ...
Sep 11, 2010
I wouldn't call myself a huge fan of relationship comedy anime outside of a few exceptional examples (for me, those would be Nodame Cantabile's first season and Maison Ikkoku) but I did thoroughly enjoy this OVA. The jokes hit the mark more often than they don't and the way in which it mixes a mock-serious sci-fi story with a bunch of very silly subplots is what makes it stand out.

To begin with, the plot. It's a somewhat standard "hopeless boy surrounded by diverse girls embodying different fantasies" comedy on the surface, although the girls are a more interesting bunch than "cute one, tsundere, sister figure ...
Aug 7, 2010
Having never seen the original Tetsujin 28/Gigantor, I came into this series not really knowing what to expect. The result was one of the best mecha anime I've ever seen, and I don't consider that an exaggeration.

The story is a complex and emotionally-charged one, set immediately after the Second World War and focussing on the American occupation of Japan and its reconstruction. This is handled tastefully and without pulling punches - and although the show is heavily supernatural (drawing on Yokoyama's original ideas and elements of Imagawa's earlier Giant Robo), episodes such as "The Melancholy of Dr Black" and "The Glowing Entity" have both alternate ...
Jul 21, 2010
Mixed Feelings
After the really excellent GaoGaiGar TV series, I was very excited for the follow-up OVA, which promised bigger and better fights, more robots, more enemies and more characters.

I certainly got all of that, but I wouldn't say it had the charm of the original. The TV series is approximately 25 episodes of classic super robot plot updated for modern audiences with plucky kids, brave heroes, talking robots and masses of explosions and shouting, followed by another 24 episodes of a more arc-based plot with its own exciting story and charm. It's a good solid show for anyone who loves or loved the classic super robots ...
Jul 21, 2010
I'll begin this by saying that the Baldios movie is arguably the "true ending" of the series ala Be Invoked for Ideon. The TV series was cut short and so while its ending is a uniquely depressing one, the movie develops it far more in a horribly inevitable twist which is no less powerful for its predictability.

It's very rare for a super robot show to have its heroes fail completely by the end - even Ideon and Zambot 3 have some measure of a victory in them - but Baldios certainly has that.

The essential plot is that an evil army called Aldebaran invade Earth to ...
Jul 11, 2010
Mixed Feelings
Despite thoroughly enjoying the somewhat saucy Kotetsushin Jeeg and both seasons of Gravion, Godannar left me totally cold. It felt like it had gone far too far into the realm of an ecchi comedy show with its enormous cleavage, absurd outfits and sexually themed super robots (I'm looking at the combination between the male and female robots, or the dominatrix robot.)

Add to that very uninteresting enemies and a strangely convoluted plot which never engaged me, and it's a show which I can't recommend at all unless you really like breasts and super robots. And for me, the robots weren't interesting enough and the breasts were ...
Jul 11, 2010
Gravion is a very fun show which has a particularly retro feel, and that's why it's so enjoyable. It completely embraces every cliche of the super robot genre and does so so openly that you can't help but enjoy it in the same way as a show like GaoGaiGar.

The plot of the first season is mostly simplistic - enemies invade from space, conventional weapons don't work and the super robot is all that can fight them effectively. There's a slight plot about the main character's search for a missing sister but really nothing is done with this until the second season. Instead, you get lots ...

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