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Dec 31, 2016
Going to make this real short since it's almost time to scream out "Happy New Year" to the people I probably won't like.

If you have any intention of watching this show, do it only if you've read the webtoon (roughly 100-200 chapters of it). Otherwise, and I'm being rather forgiving here, you'll find the episode absolute chore, save for perhaps a few scenes of action.

Storytelling-wise, this is a pretty bad OVA, if I'm being honest. Considering everything they crammed in this thing, they could have actually made an entire regular season. What they did, in a nutshell, is take a bunch of scenes read more
Dec 18, 2016
With the announcement of the 3rd season, I decided to check out Yowamushi Pedal and see whether the ride was worth it (pun intended). I wasn't exactly expecting anything special out of it, so I can with a heart full of love say that Yowamushi Pedal is everything I thought it would be before I watched it. In a nutshell, it's just another sports anime...

If you're a newcomer to either the world of anime or the sports genre, you may get far more out of YP than I did. It has everything that enticed me into this genre at first: over the top animation, plethora read more
Sep 13, 2016
Mai waifu: "What are you looking at?"
Me: "N-n-nothing!"
Mai waifu: "You were just looking at my boobs, weren't you?"
Me: *blushes*
Mai waifu: "It's ok, you can look at them."
Me: *blushing intensifies*

That about sums up Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san. This manga is basically vanilla romance porn for us folk out there who just want to chill, relax and not care about who's the better bishounen or which waifu has better ... khm ... "plot". In a nutshell, it's a rather episodic manga, with our main girl teasing our main guy, and our main guy trying to tease her back, but can't 'cause he sucks, and girl is read more
Aug 23, 2016
ReLIFE (Anime) add (All reviews)
Even though ReLIFE is yet another high-school-set story of rather not-so-impactful-to-life moments and problems that our characters deal with, unlike others, it stays relatively glued to the ground in nearly all aspects (well, aside from the pill that magically makes you look ten years younger, duh), and never hangs on to a single problem for too long, nudging us to basically think the same thing we thought after all of us left high school: yap, everyone was right. High school doesn't really matter.

However, as it's rather easy to forget, everyone's problems top the charts in their own lives, as it's simply basic human nature, read more
Jan 27, 2016
Baby Steps oftentimes gets praised for being one of the most realistic sport anime out there. This point stems from the fact that all the moves MC pulls out are thought out and explained in a rather elaborate manner, and we see everyone, not just main character, struggle to get better match after match. Yet, everyone seems to forget that Eichiro - as talented and as gifted as he may be - has only been playing tennis for so long. If you wish to thread the line of realism, it's impossible for him to beat people who have been playing tennis their whole lives.

On read more
Jan 10, 2016
***SPOILERS AHEAD*** (hahahahhaha, spoilers in SoL, hahahha)

What do you call occurrence whereas every single one of your side characters is more interesting than your main girl? It's called having shit taste so kill her off and focus on more interesting stuff you wanker.
That about sums up my initial thoughts after finishing Working!!. And now, let's go in deep, because stating the obvious is never enough.

This anime is 100% episodic without any underlying plot whatsoever - unless you mean to tell me that their "attempts" to "cure" Inami's "illness" can be considered underlying plot - meaning that there is no story. Every episode read more
Jan 9, 2016
I think it was Kate Penis who once said "I watched Boku no Pico, and I liked it" in all her undying wisdom, cementing once and for all what anime needs to have in order to be called masterpiece. Enter, and I mean literally, Pico - every middle-aged pedo----gentleman's dream, as he can, even at the age of 12, get so much boners and empty so many balls that he puts every single porn star out there to shame.

As manly as you may think you are, you can never be man enough - not until you've bled your brains out through your dick, because read more
Jan 5, 2016
Red hair - most commonly referred to as the hair color of the perfect girl, at least for me. It is indeed special, so special actually that, according to this anime, it warrants the attention of not only one, but two princes! You don't believe me? Yeah, I don't believe myself either. Or this anime while we're at it.

Akagami no Shirayuki-hime is an odd specimen of anime - mainly because it's rather average in both the story and characters, yet it still somehow captivates you. By all means, it's nothing special, but it still somehow etches itself in your mind and makes you think read more
Jan 1, 2016
Nanatsu no Taizai, Seven Deadly Sins in English, is a shounen anime that should have been seinen. It suffers greatly because of its aimed demographics, and brings about a lot of head scratches along the way. It's unfortunate mainly because its foundations are quite superb, only to be dwindled down by the constraints of its own "genre".

TL;DR - pros/cons

+ Amazing production values
+ Huge cast of diverse characters
+ Interesting main cast (for the most part)
+ Well set-up world
+ Diversity in powers gives space for huge opportunities
+ A whole lot of space to expand (other Kingdoms, worlds etc.)

- Very badly executed story
- Ending is read more
Dec 27, 2015
(meh, it's shoujo, if you've read one, you've read them all so whatever)

This manga reminded me of my high school and college days. Actually, no, it didn't. Because if it did, I'd have killed myself long ago.

TL;DR - good/bad/the ugly

- Art is nice too look at, making it relatively easy read on the eyes
- It's not the worst thing ever
- 1 relatively good character

- Drama (oh the "drama")
- Full of generic cliches (dense MC? check! arbitrary love rivals? check! supportive, cheerful friend? check! takes about 3881123 years for feelings to be realized? check! generic girl somehow makes 2 hot guys lose read more