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Apr 23, 2021
A manga derailed by its inability to not hit every single cliche in the book of light-fantasy manga.

While definitely far from awful, the yet-another-long-winded-in-name manga commits perhaps the most cardinal sin of them all: it... becomes boring. A lot of what makes the countless trash isekai manga somehow remain profitable and afloat despite the fact that they're awful by every objective metric is the fact that they're usually not that boring to read. This one, despite not being isekai (a breath of fresh air, if I may say so), however, does become just that: boring.

The cliches that it decides to play by are read more
Oct 22, 2020
Preface: the review will likely be long and have a lot of grammar mistakes. Proofreading is too boring, so forgive me for that. Anyway, onto the review.

Haikyuu!! was always that 'volleyball sports anime' for me and literally nothing more. It was just like every other sports anime with the exception of it being about volleyball. It hit the same notes as the rest, it had the same story beats, it had the same character arcs, and it had the same over-the-top animation that the rest of them do. Even still, it was extremely high in quality and consistent in its execution which is why I read more
May 9, 2020
Hey, it's isekai, so you already know it's probably going to be garbage. But, if I'm being honest here, this might be the worst of the lot, and that's probably the scariest thing I've ever written.

Look, if you can't keep my attention for longer than 4 chapters in a manga about an overpowered character in another world, you should not be writing anything except perhaps cheesy AD campaigns for 6th grader's lemonade stands.

The only salvageable part of this idiocy is the art, which is by-the-books isekai one, so don't expect anything unique or interesting about it. Just clean-cut nonsense you've seen a thousand read more
Apr 21, 2020
Another manga derailed by the curse of popularity.

There's a strange paradox in terms of the stories I tend to enjoy -- I look forward to them having more chapters, yet, almost without exception, they tend to go down the hay-hell along the line. The niche ones get axed early on and leave a lot to be desired, yet the ones that become popular tend to way-overstay their welcome, and end up leaving even more to be desired.

Banchou-san falls in the latter category -- it became popular, and, as is the case in the manga world, when some work becomes popular, author will do read more
Dec 30, 2019
After finally deciding to return to Horimiya and catch up to the latest chapter, I'm coming off the experience with a bit of regret, to be honest. I feel as though it would have been better had I just stayed away and retained the sweet memories I had of when I first read it, but, alas, here we are.

Horimiya, unfortunately, suffers from the same problem majority of manga that get somewhat popular in the industry do -- it just... keeps... on... giving. This, in turn, means that the story will, pretty much by default, be bad. Not necessarily the worst thing ever, but due to read more
Feb 23, 2018
Why did they even bother? Perhaps that single question summarizes the second season of Overlord the best. Because, and I say this with the best intentions, this is one of the least interesting 2nd seasons of anything I've had displeasure of watching. I enjoyed the first season of Overlord quite a bit despite its numerous flaws, and large portion of that enjoyment came directly from the main cast. Expecting more of them, I dwell into the second season only to find out that the main cast has turned into background characters that do nothing.

First portion of the season - which is an arc, I read more
Oct 15, 2017
ReLIFE (Manga) add (All reviews)
ReLIFE... aah, ReLIFE. I remember, a few years back, every morning I'd wake up, prepare a cup of coffee, and read a chapter of ReLIFE before heading off to college. It was a pretty simple, but still satisfying routine of mine, and I kept it until translators caught up with raws. Then, bit by bit, I began losing interest in this manga. Recently, though, a wave of nostalgia hit me, and I decided to pick it back up and see how things are playing out. Oh boy.

I enjoyed ReLIFE a decent amount. The art is nice, clean (and being in full color doesn't hurt read more
Oct 10, 2017
Gamers! (Anime) add (All reviews)
With a title like 'Gamers!' you'd think it'd be a show about, well, fucking gamers. Well, if you're one of those that believe that love is a game, then it technically is. A very bad example of gamers, but example of gamers nonetheless.

'Gamers!' plays out similarly to your every other shounen rom-com, except instead of yakuza bs, you've got gamers bs gimmick. What little positives it has going for it isn't worth sitting through this shitfest for 12 episodes, so I'll just list these minor positives seeing as that way you can just pretend you've seen the show and skip it completely.

- It read more
Oct 2, 2017
There's odd, weird, twisted, fucked up, genuinely insane, and then there's Yume no Omocha Kaojou. This set of 12 one-shots is fucked up to 10th degree by the virtue of the subjects they cover, but it's strangely... addictive. Each time I finished a chapter, I'd go "holy crap I can't believe I read that......... well onto the next one, then", and the cycle continued until the very end.

YNOK is demented, fucked up, absolutely bizarre in its delivery, but I strangely enjoyed it. I wouldn't qualify it as a hentai, as this is REALLY OUT THERE in terms of getting it up. Perhaps, if you read more
Sep 30, 2017
I feel as though Umibe no Onnanoko falls into the same pitfall of nearly every other story that tries to depict teenage romance/sexuality as something deeper than it actually is. Similarly to others, it lacks self-awareness required to properly tell these stories, and it aims straight to the 'punch in the gut' or 'shock value' to hold its narrative afloat. It's purposefully ambiguous, but, beneath that ambiguity lies absolutely nothing. It's a conservative layer atop that's trying to hide what lies beneath, but once you pull the curtain back, you realize that there's nothing there.

Greatest fault with Umibe no Onnanoko lies with the fact read more