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Juuni Taisen
Juuni Taisen
Oct 18, 10:46 AM
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Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Kujira no Kora wa Sajou ni Utau
Oct 13, 1:10 PM
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Oct 13, 1:09 PM
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The Legend of the Sun Knight
The Legend of the Sun Knight
Nov 18, 2015 12:22 PM
Completed 98/98 · Scored 10
½ Prince
½ Prince
Apr 24, 2014 11:26 AM
Completed 76/76 · Scored 8
Eclipse Hunter
Eclipse Hunter
Oct 14, 2012 10:20 AM
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Zaphkiel Sep 22, 7:55 AM
It was Pharmacy, very closely related majors right? kkkk
I have another MAL friend that used to spend a lot of time driving between work and home till he moved close to work.

If it ware to give and example, a system for company is developed in layers. The first layer have the database or databases where you record and store data the company needs like clients information e much more, on top of the databases there is a layer responsible for making queries, recording and retrieving data and this is the only layer that have direct access to the database so all the other layers must go through this layer to make requests or send data to the databases, on top of this layer there is a layer responsible for business rules an calculations like calculating taxes over o product, on top of the business rules layer there is a control layer responsible to make the connection between the business rules layer and the user interface layer. You can actually have more layers but usually they are just more specialized since with more layers each layer would have less tasks to take care off. Instead of writing each layer usually big companies make use of several smaller software synchronized with each other to make bigger system and it's actually easier to maintain and updated if each layer is an individual software. This is the basics and is the same for both internal and web systems.

Now for web systems specifically it's almost the same with some slightly differences up till the control layer where things start to get wonky, the next layer is still a user interface but it will be displayed through a browser and that is where things get complicated you need to use several languages at the same time firstly a markup language most commonly used markup language is HTML and that only serves the purpose of structuring the page as it's basically just text, than you have CSS which is a style sheet and it's responsible for the presentation portion of the HTML so in other words CSS is everything graphic related even font size and color you can even make some basic animations with it, and javacript which is a script language and is used for anything that goes beyond the capacity of the HTML and CSS like those tests to see if the user is human or a machine or even making web games. Usually you make templates with those and the real page is actually machine generated using the templates as a base and adding information from the business layer on top of it. It doesn't seem much but it's takes much more work to make a web page than it takes to make an internal system, and since different browsers present the information differently you can only use safe HTML tags if you want more than only firefox and chrome to be able to display your page plus there is also mobile which is an entirely different beast so basically you need two pages one for mobile and on for PC, the PC one if you use a CSS attribute that has not been completely implemented yet for example "transitions: 0.1 ms" you would have to used this instead "moz-transitions: 0.1 ms" for firefox, "webkit-transitions: 0.1 ms" for chrome and safari, "o-transitions: 0.1 ms" for opera and "ms-transitions: 0.1 ms" for explorer/edge but who even cares about Microsoft browsers anyway, and for both mobile and PC you must also include different sizes since the page will luck different and different sized screens.
Taker6898 Sep 6, 2:35 PM
Oh haha right, a Belgium friend said Belgiums spoke French German and Flamand and I remember not remembering you saying that when you told me about the 3 languages lol, just googled Flamand rn..
GoldenDevilGamer Aug 29, 8:31 AM
I’m late again, lol. Since university classes are starting for me next week, I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have :/

But yeah, MAL score’s aren’t really the best way to determine the quality of a series, especially since whether someone likes a series or not is all subjective. I haven’t watched is yet though. Nor have I started Mushishi either. I’m slacking, lol. Though, I did finish the first season of Diamond no Ace and loved it.
Btw, the website link is here. Just enter a url, click on an available date, and then you can see how a web page used to look like before. For example, here’s how the top anime list looked back in Jan 2007:
Well yeah, there’s the eyes. But the pointy chins feel similar to CLAMP’s work. Or maybe it’s just me, lol.
Wow, most of the tumblr stuff I see are shitposts and memes. If only there were more in-depth conversations like these, lol. But yeah, it makes sense that a series where the main cast is primarily male (mainly found in sports anime) would have more BL ships. But the problem lies in the fact that not every series is made for shipping reasons. Like, I doubt people ship characters in a show like Mushishi or Ping Pong, lol.

I haven’t seen the Gintama live-action movie, but it’s doing really good in Japan. So far it’s the fastest grossing live-action film of the year in Japan (earned more than 3 billion yen so far and total might end up being 5 billion yen). Unlike the Tokyo Ghoul and JoJo live-action movies, which are doing pretty badly. The Ajin live-action movie might do good, since the PVs for the movie look good. There’s a FMA live-action movie coming out too (jeez, so many live-actions, lol). And the Death Note one that recently came out was complete trash :/
Lol, and now it seems like Garou’s getting some focus again. Hopefully we get to Saitama vs. Garou soon. I wonder how much the second season of the anime will cover. If it’s only 12 episodes, they may not be able to end off the season with a major fight.

Yeah, I’m not complaining either xD
I guess they’ll go with the CC immortality theory to find a reason to keep Lelouch alive. Though I still think that a sequel is unnecessary and Sunrise is clearly trying to milk the series. But I do want to see Lelouch again, so… I’m not complaining xD
Considering how many anime series TMS had to work on during that season, I wasn’t too surprised that DGM looked messy. Even ReLIFE from that season looked mediocre too.
And at least Mayoiga was so bad that it was funny. QC was just painfully average. And I actually had high expectations of it too, particularly because of the writers.

Yeah, and with Violet Evergarden, I’m sure KyoAni’s gonna bring their sales back up again.
Strangely enough, it seems like most people that that hated the Koe no Katachi movie are disappointed manga readers. I feel like I’m the only one that’s happy that most of the manga stuff were cut out xD
True, Berserk is destined to get subpar anime adaptations, lol. Though considering how good the art is in the manga, it might be hard to replicate that in an anime format (unless the entire series is just still shots).

At first I wasn’t liking the summer season, but now I’m fairly satisfied with this season. Youkoso Jitsuryoku, Made in Abyss, Ballroom e Youkoso, and Gamers are probably my favorite from this season. That being said, I wish Ballroom e Youkoso stopped using long necks, since it was normal in the manga. And Made in Abyss is a bit too slow paced at times. I’m also kinda liking Hitorijime My Hero, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui (though the manga for Kakegurui’s a lot better). And the new season of Jigoku Shoujo is really underwhelming, with the last 6 episodes being reruns :/
Yeah, the last couple of episode for Little Witch Academia was excellent. I wouldn’t mind if it gets a second season.
True, I’d rather have a second season since I also have a lot to read right now. Isn’t a second season announced though?
Taker6898 Aug 13, 2:31 PM
If youre serious then holy fuck* lol
Oh btw Belgians speak French German and what was the other language?
Zaphkiel Aug 13, 7:44 AM
Well, truth be told I should have started working quite a few years ago, because despite still studying I'm already 28 years old. However, so far I only did an internship and that was before I changed my major.
That sounds cool, but isn't marketing tiring? I'm studying Systems Analysis and Develpment and I wish I can work with internal systems development like ERP, BI... I really dislike web development it's too chaotic.
Taker6898 Aug 13, 12:40 AM
Oops I didnt mean to get you to reply to that pm asap :')
Taker6898 Aug 12, 2:46 AM
Taker6898 Aug 12, 12:43 AM
wow DEAD af
Zaphkiel Aug 11, 6:02 AM
I'm fine just studying and job hunting for now, if everything goes well I'll graduate on 2019.
Sorry for the late reply I've been mostly just updating my list through Taiga (it's similar to MALupdater) those past few months.
Btw, what do you work with? If you don't mind me asking.
Lyrisse Jun 23, 9:16 PM
Yeah, I'm just about a month older.
Barnald Jun 17, 11:14 AM
I meant that I obviously matured throughout the university but I don't feel like it's enough. I don't feel confident enough at adulting to be standing on my own 2 feet. I mean, I'd surely be able to pull it off but I would just feel like trying to find a path in the complete darkness.

Especially repetitive ones. The ones that play over and over again in the same manner. They make you remember this stuff and hate it passionately.

It's just about having some fun. Not about pulling off proffesional moves. How is that a positive? lol

You'd be surprised how many people would rather take acttion where they don't lose a dollar instead of taking opportunity to earn 2.

Conventions... I always wondered how it's at them. I wanted to check it out for quite some time but at the same time I'm 100% sure that I would feel awkward and out of place there. Well, maybe I'll visit Akihabara one day. One day...
I'd still love to visit Japan one day. It's one of the most beautiful countries on my to-visit list. It's so expensive though...

It's exactly the same there. Regular bachelor is 3/2 and bachelor of science is 3,5/1,5. It's not majority but some people actually decided to quit after 3,5 year and it's not something completely weird. My friend that I keep in touch with handles himself pretty well
Obviously they have to be at least related to Japan but still, recognising those tropes is a little bit worrying.

Not bad. Uni's finishing, only exams left for me. Then internship. Koe no Katachi is pretty good but in my opinion only as addition to manga. It handles a lot of things well but you need to read the manga for the full picture. Actually, I'm watching Hibike S2 and I absolutely love it. Which is a bit surprising because I didn't enjoy S1 all that much.
Lyrisse Jun 12, 4:32 AM
Dropping a comment since I noticed that my username here is nearly identical to yours. :D
GoldenDevilGamer Jun 10, 8:55 PM
Nah, I’ve been more late with my replies this year xD

Yeah, Shinsekai Yori has a pretty high score on MAL. Yeah, I heard that it starts off slow. There’s a website I use which can show me how a web page used to look like before and it shows that Shinsekai Yori had a 7.5 when it was airing. Now it’s at an 8.5, so I guess it gets a lot better.
Shiki’s art-style looks like something CLAMP would make… or maybe not, idk :p
Oh well, I’m used to seeing BL fan art, especially for sports anime. But yeah, it’s surprising (and kinda interesting) to see how the fujoshi fanbase can get some shounen-ai stuff out of almost everything.

If you have a favorite character in the opponent team, it’s kinda hard to cheer for the main team, lol.

I guess they’re rerunning Gintama right now because the live-action movie is coming out next month. Since each rerun episode has the movie cast members talk about their movie a bit, I’m assuming that the reruns are used to advertise the movie.
Saitama being stuck in the toilet is a believable theory, considering his personality. But it seems like most of the issues already been solved. Hopefully we’re back to Garou soon.
I guess both Saiki and his brother felt forced to be become smarter, since their parents are quite incompetent xD

True, rewatching sad moments would never be as impactful as seeing them for the first time. However, I can rewatch Clannad and still feel sad :(

Lol, most of Madhouse’s next projects are sequels xD
I guess Lelouch somehow faked his death. If the sequel takes place soon after R2, it sure didn’t take long for hell to break loose again.
DGM Hallow had some good-looking moments, and those were the only moments that were shown in the PV. They must’ve delayed the BDs so that they can fix up the quality of the animation. Qualidea Code flopped pretty bad… which was expected. Maybe you thought that it had the potential of getting good, that’s why you watched it xD

Well, if KyoAni was too busy doing stuff like Musaigen no Phantom World, they should’ve just dropped that and make Rewrite. And besides, KyoAni’s recent stuff haven’t been selling as much as they used too.
I ended up liking Koe no Katachi’s movie over the manga. The movie did cut out a lot of character development for the side characters, but the movie felt more concise and better paced. Plus the directing was really good in the movie. Some small details (like how Ishida was playing with this lead pencil during the scene where Nishimiya was first introduced) made the characters feel a lot more real and believable.
Berserk’s new season is good and all, but I wish Berserk gets a proper adaptation someday. There hasn’t been a single adaptation which I can faithful to the manga (even the old series had some cut-out stuff) :/

Lol, there wasn’t much for you to watch last season then. The only thing I really cared about were sequels (like Gintama, Shouwa Genroku, Konosuba, and Ao no Exorcist). It’s not like as it the Spring season is any better :/
Yeah, there’s 9 anime next season that looks interesting to me, and only two of them are sequels. That’s already better than the last two seasons xD
I liked the original Little Witch Academia because I liked its charm and atmosphere, and that’s also in the TV series too. I was starting to lose interest in the TV series, but the recent episodes have been great. I guess they’re picking up their game for the climax.
Yeah, the reused scenes are quite apparent, but I’m used to it now. Same, I love the OP a lot! A lot of people are saying that the LNs are amazing so I want to try them out too.
phantom90 Jun 2, 5:57 PM
Haha nice! :) :)
it can get quite frustrating at times, they teach us this thing during the training called "red mist" which are times during driving when we are distracted by the careless driving of others and or the nature of the job and how we just need to deal with it in a proper manner. helps alot :)
i do feel better thanks :) i dunno sometimes living overseas can get overwhelming, despite living with and having great friends here, sometimes everyone is super busy so you cant talk, but camp really helped :)
oh that doesnt sound fun :/
haha its probably the mystery/coolness/ability to take anyone on, yeah he sure does! not my favourite though
oh yeahi was able to find a good quality online, i loved it, gosh the animation/story, very emotional haha. i now right! i love his movies, the rain was so peaceful :) same here and especially the sound of rain.
yeah somehow! i started searching old sites that used to have videos you could download on mobiles and actually found it on that after a while, i was so glad i did :) :) oh yeah? its a good feeling hey, mine was for bleach which il admit had too many fillers lol
hahaha sounds like she listens to nickelback :P theres so many songs i hear on the radio and just think how ppl can listen to it, like they sound terrible and the actual meaning uuugghhh. hahaha hopefully will! yeah they are aye!
hmmm arctic monkeys have a few good songs il admit but yeah same here, spotify isnt my thing as it tries to suggest what youd like and that doesnt work for me.
yeah thats true, its been great! ohh nice! is that brussels? holy crap thats alot of travel, i guess the weekends are alot more valuable hey, i would probably take my kindle and catch up on tonnes of reading :)
oh yeah i agree it would be with just an out of school salary, i didnt consider salary before i wrote, my current place is 625 pounds not inc. bills and i feel its still a bit, shiit 900? thats heaps unless youre earning a tonne haha
Yeah 2/3 is waaay too much! yeah fair enough, tbh if i had the money id live by myself too and i eventually want to, despite the pros of living with friends, i just think the next stage of life is living independently, i hope you do! able to find one so far?
no i really want a next time! haha its the only way i can get my payback. it was pretty bad though haha
yeah it makes it alot easier if her gifts are weird haha, it can be a bit hit and miss but i think the thought and effort counts alot! ohh yeah you never really know when it comes to jewellery, its gotta be try before you buy hey :)
omg i shouldnt be laughing but inside i am cracking up, that wouldve sucked so much at the time but thats hilarious, so evil i love it haha
what really?! that sucks, why would they do that?! esp the sports wear! oooh the i10 is nice :) get it get it haha
they can be, i dont like it when people youre paying to do their job start acting unprofessional, so frustrating like buddy i aint your friend just do your job i dont wanna know your life story aha
Thanks! :)
ohh boy that bites :/ i hope it does! how is it going now?
oh a thermos i think, thats nice! i love tea as well, should work well when going to work!
just decided to go on a day trip to paris, so excited :D
Effulgence May 28, 4:18 AM
Yeah it's quite convenient being raised bilingual, most people i know either speak french but have trouble with dutch or vice versa, i'm lucky that i never had that problem :p. Also being into games and watching alot of Pokemon when i was a kid i also learned english rather quickly.

Yeah ghibli movies are awsome, i haven't seen one that i diden't like yet wich is awsome :D.
Mmmh my favorite ghibli movie, pretty hard to decide now that i think about it :o
I'd say Mononoke Hime it's the first ghibli movie i saw, i watched it the first time when i was a litle kid before i even knew what anime was. I remember watching it and being scared of it :p