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lyim Jan 2, 2022 10:31 PM
happy new year
Username Feb 8, 2020 6:47 PM
ChaximelOld Oct 19, 2019 8:32 AM
Username Feb 8, 2019 2:58 PM
Vesemix Jan 2, 2019 5:02 PM
Hey there. I don't know how long it has been but maaan, I haven't been here for a while.
Are you still visiting MAL these days?
I see you're updating your list, but other than that it feels kinda empty here.
GoldenDevilGamer Aug 14, 2018 3:52 PM
Talk about a late reply! ( ゚д゚)
I normally type my responses on some other document since I tend to accidentally refresh the page while typing the response online. It seems like I didn’t send the message I had typed down here. Though it’s pretty outdated now, so I’ll just re-type it XD
Exam periods tend to go on for 2 or so weeks. And my 4-month break is about to end O_O;

I used that spinning-wheel thingy to make a plan-to-watch anime list and Mushishi’s 9th on that list. I should probably get it done by this year (hopefully… finally).

Vinland Saga’s anime could possibly be CGI since its director is primarily a CGI-only director. Well, if so, I’d be kinda disappointed that my dream animation studio for Vinland Saga (Wit Studio) would opt for a CGI take. Yeah, Thorfinn is much more chill now, though recently he’s been acting a bit more hostile. He’s trying his best I guess, lol. Real and Vagabond, the mangaka hasn’t gone back to those series for the last 2-3 years.
Finished Bleach, and it was pretty decent. The anime was kinda fun whenever it wasn’t filler-heavy, but the fillers weren’t too bad. The manga went pretty downhill during the final arc… and there was not enough Aizen.

Did you read the new OPM chapter? 140+ pages (150 if you count the double-page spreads as two pages). OPM’s been having insanely long chapters recently. This is the second time I’ve seen an OPM chapter being so long (the other chapter being from last year). We’re getting a lot of content lately, but it will still take forever for Saitama vs. Garou happens. It seems like Murata’s version is adding a lot of extra stuff. I don’t mind it though, since getting some focus on the other characters is pretty fun. Lots of cool heroes were shown in the recent chapter!
Did you see the PV/Poster for OPM S2? Garou’s voice is pretty spot on, but the artwork is noticeably different. Though I’ll need to see it animated in order to judge it as good or not.

I finished the manga not too long ago. Well, it’s just as bad. But I guess those creepy monsters looked better in the manga because there was no horrid CGI. Actually, the manga had pretty good artwork and the monsters looked genuinely creepy at times. Although I’d say the manga is better, it’s still bad. The writing still doesn’t make any sense. And reading the manga reminded me of how stupid the characters were.

Noragami’s back!! And the last couple of chapters has been pretty intense too. And DGM has been pretty interesting too, it’s just that the lack of updates makes it hard to keep track of that story. Oh well, as long as the chapters aren’t 5 pages long. At least the artwork is still great, if not better.
It’s been announced that Code Geass’s sequel will be one movie. Uh, I don’t know how I feel about that. It just makes the movie seem more unnecessary. Like, what’s the point of bringing Code Geass back if they only have 2 hours of content worth showing? Well, it better be worth it and not some dumb excuse to sell more merchandise.

I’m currently watching it, and I’m liking it quite a lot. Though, I’ve never read the novels before, so I’m not sure if the adaptation is faithful or not.

From Spring, I ended up liking quite a lot. For sequels, My Hero Academia’s still fun and I’m really liking Steins;Gate 0 a lot. It seems like they’re fixing up some issues from the visual novel, which is nice. If they adapt the route I think they’ll adapt, then the last couple of episodes should be amazing. Also, I guess I’m one of the very few people that are liking Persona 5 the Animation. It’s not the best adaptation, but it sort of gets the job done. Pacing-wise, they’re actually taking their time with it. I think I’m liking it more than all the other Persona anime adaptations.
In terms of non-sequels, I liked Hinamatsuri most. The first couple of episodes were alright, but the last couple of episode really got me hooked. I even ended up getting caught up with the manga… which made me realized that the anime cut out a lot of chapters. Since it’s episodic, I guess it doesn’t matter. I ended up liking Golden Kamuy too. It’s cheaply animated, but the voice acting made up for that. The manga’s still better though. Megalo Box started off great, but then it became a predictable ride by the end. It’s still fun and all, but no Ashita no Joe (not that I was expecting it to be that good). Wotakoi was pretty fun, and it got me reading the manga too. And besides the Legend of the Galactic Heroes remake and Captain Tsubasa, I don’t think there was anything else that stood out to me. Still though, this was one of the better season of anime for me. Though, if you want an anime that’s Mayoiga-level good bad, check out Mahou Shoujo Site XD

Anything from Summer that you’re liking a lot? For sequels, there’s Gintama.: Second Half of the Self-Proclaimed Final Arc and Attack On Titan. Overlord III is also turning out to be better than the second season. And Free’s new season is so far better than the previous seasons. For non-sequels, Cells at Work is my favorite so far. I tend to watch the episodes with a friend of mine that goes to medical school, so it’s always fun seeing his reaction to the series. I’m also liking Grand Blue, but the manga is immensely better. The comic timing in the anime is off and punchlines don’t have the same effect as it did in the manga. The adaptation is improving, fortunately. I’d say in terms of comedic timing, Asobi Asobase does a better job. Banana Fish is pretty good too so far. Though considering that it’s 24 episode and the manga is 19 volumes, something’s bound to get rushed/cut-out. Other than Planet With and Grandmaster of Demonic Cultivation, I guess that’s all I’m liking this season.
GoldenDevilGamer Apr 5, 2018 8:19 PM
Whoa, I just realized that I haven’t replied back to this message. Sorry about that :(
Hopefully everything’s still alright at work for you. Uni’s been alright for me so far. The second semester was much easier and I have my final exams next month. After that, I’ll be getting a 4 month break, so I’m looking forward to that. I guess that gives me time to watch anime that’s been in my plan to watch for years now. Looks at Mushishi and LOTGH in disappointment.

Lol, I guess I use Tumblr more for memes than artwork. I guess if a series has a more male-dominated cast, there will be a lot of BL ships for it. But yeah, I don’t find anything weird on Tumblr… unless if I’m actively searching for weird stuff, haha.
Maybe once I see Mushishi for once, I can make up some ship out of it, lol.

Recently, I’ve been using a wheel spinning thingy (those wheels that you spin to randomly choose something… don’t know what they’re exactly called) to decide which manga I’ll be reading or which anime I’ll be watching. A couple of months ago, I selected a couple of manga that I wanted to read, and I used the wheel to decide the order. The order ended up being something like this: GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka -> Lone Wolf & Cub -> Rurouni Kenshin -> Slam Dunk -> Real -> Yotsuba to! -> Ashita no Joe -> Vinland Saga, and somehow this got me reading manga faster. In that list, the one I wanted to read the most was Vinland Saga, but that was chosen to be read last (also, Vinland Saga’s getting an anime by Wit Studio!). Because of this, I ended up reading fast to read Vinland Saga as soon as possible. And surprisingly, Vinland Saga didn’t even turn out to be my favorite from the bunch xD
Right now I’m doing the same thing with long-running battle shounen series, and the first one on my list is Bleach. I’m halfway done that series though. Maybe, I should do one for all the anime I plan to watch or have on-hold.

Yeah, the Gintama live-action movie was surprisingly good! I think the fact that the source material was over-the-top to begin with made the live-action movie work. I really liked the Rurouni Kenshin movies too. Apparently Bleach is getting a live-action movie, though I doubt that’ll turn out to be any good.

It seems like Garou’s still got a ways to go in terms of strength. Oh well, he is getting noticeably stronger though. But yeah, I think I’m being too naïve with my 2020 prediction, lol. But if Murata continues to release chapters with 100+ pages, maybe it’s not completely possible.
Yeah, Shokugeki S3 looked a bit cheaply made at moments, but I think it might just be them saving their production for the new season that starts this month. At the very least, the artwork was still as good as usual. Watch J.C. Staff make OPM look like the webcomics. But yeah, no Madhouse for OPM 2. It might be because most of the staff is working on “Boogiepop wa Warawanai” instead. But surprisingly, Madhouse is making a third season for Overlord! What is this sorcery, Madhouse doing a third season?!?! And if they end up working on Chihayafuru 3, then that makes Madhouse… a normal studio that finds sequels profitable!! *gasp* that’s too good to be true! NGNL S2 when?

I read the first couple of chapters of the Mayoiga manga. Well, it’s basically the same as the anime. Though the translations seem pretty bad. The dialogue never flows properly… or maybe the manga was like that to begin with. That being said though, Mayoiga doesn’t turn into trash until later on, so I can’t say the manga is particularly bad at the moment. But considering how nonsensical the story becomes later on, I find it hard to take the early chapters seriously xD
But yeah, avoid Ousama Game. Since I watched that series with friends, it made it more tolerable since we were making fun of it. Ousama Game is a series that is not meant to be watched alone… and no, it’s not because of it being a “horror” (or maybe the horror of it being terrible).

Well, Violet Evergarden turned out to be a better series later on, but not by much. It had some really great episodes, and some not-so-good ones. Though, most people have the consensus that it was a great series overall, so I guess it’s just me. It seems like it’s getting a sequel (either a movie or another season). I’m still intrigued enough to be interested in its sequel I guess.

Well, with the manga going on hiatus again, I guess it’s not only the anime that can keep me disappointed. And just when the manga got really interesting too ;_;

Yeah, the reason why Ballroom e Youkoso had an anime original ending is because the tournament wasn’t actually finished in the manga. The mangaka got sick, so she hasn’t finished it up yet. She did let the studio know what she was planning to do, and the studio decided to animate that. So I guess the manga will play out the same way it did in the anime.
Every month, I’ve been checking if there’s any news about Noragami. Hopefully it comes back this year :/
Well, there was only 4 chapters for DGM in the last year or so… and one of those chapters was only 8 pages. I mean, what magazine is actually okay with publishing only 8 pages for a series? Lavi’s gonna come back in 2024.
I just hope Sunrise knows what they’re doing with Code Geass. The PV seems promising though.

Ooh, that PV looks cool. From the looks of it, the novel sounds pretty interesting actually. I wonder if the adaptation will keep the BL romance in. If it’s done well in the novel, then I hope they keep it in the adaptation. And yeah, I’ve heard of xianxia/wuxia genres before. It does look like a xianxia story according to the PV, with it being heavily focuses on fantasy elements.

Any anime you're excited for this season? There's quite a lot I'm excited for! There's a lot of sequels like Steins;Gate and Hero Academia, but for non-sequels I'm excited for Golden Kamuy (since I love the manga), Megalo Box (since I love Ashita no Joe, and the first episode was fun), and Tada-kun wa Koi wo Shinai (since it has Nozaki-kun's staff working on it). But there's a lot more I'm excited for this season!
jRad522 Feb 9, 2018 2:32 PM
That show is making me so sad. Thanks though!
Username Feb 1, 2018 9:29 AM
GoldenDevilGamer Jan 21, 2018 4:04 PM
Happy new year to you too!!!

It’s been a long time since you’ve been active on MAL. How’s it been for you? The last couple of months were a bit stressful at first. My first year at university took a while to get used to. But now everything’s going pretty fine.

Well Tumblr always has some fun stuff on there every-so-often. I tend to go on that website for artwork or memes, haha. But its amusing to see BL ships for a series I wouldn’t expect at all XD
Lol, fanart for Ginko x Nature. But I still haven’t gotten into Mushishi yet even though I said that I would get into it a year ago.

Yeah, a lot of live-action adaptations have been coming out. Most of them flopped at the box-office like FMA, Tokyo Ghoul and JoJo. The Gintama live-action movie played in a close by theater last Friday! I was actually surprised when I heard that the Gintama live-action movie will be playing in North American theaters, since Gintama’s western fanbase isn’t anything too big. But yeah, it was actually a pretty decent movie, surprisingly. They adapted the first serious arc in Gintama (which is episodes 58-61), and they were pretty faithful to the source material. And surprisingly, all of the jokes worked in a live-action format. They’ve even added a bunch of extra jokes that made it more enjoyable (like a Gundam, One Piece, and Nausicaa reference). They replaced a fight near the end with another fight, which didn’t turn out to be good. But everything else was fine. Also, in the anime, the Shinsengumi characters were barely in the arc, but they added a bunch of Shinsengumi scenes in the live-action movie, and it worked out pretty well. The actors look really similar to the anime and manga, which was nice.

Lol, we’re probably gonna be seeing Saitama vs. Garou in 2020. Oh well, at least the recent chapters and the current situation is entertaining. I can’t say I’m too, too excited for the second season since it’s been confirmed that J.C. Staff will be working on it and not Madhouse. J.C. Staff’s recent stuff has been looking a bit, idk, cheap. Like the new season for Shokugeki no Soma felt like it was using avoiding the use of animation and tried to get through the whole season with more still-shot moments. And a lot of their other stuff like UQ Holder didn’t look all that good. Hopefully OPM 2 turns out to be well-animated. I know that most of the animators that worked on the first season weren’t in-house people from Madhouse, but rather freelancers who joined in. Hopefully J.C. Staff gets the same freelancer animators to work on the new season.

Lol, it actually got a manga adaptation. I might actually give that a read someday, since unintentional humor is always the best! Have you seen Ousama Game? It was able to go even lower than what Mayoiga achieved! There was also Evil or Live, but Ousama Game was unintentionally humorous, while Evil or Live was just plain boring.

So far Violet Evergarden is decent. The first episode felt pretty intriguing with it having flashbacks that felt interesting too me. The second episode doesn’t do much though besides reestablishing plot points that we already know. I thought it will be a series about Violet recovering from post-war PTSD, but instead it’s a series about Violet gaining human emotions, lol. Seriously, I haven’t seen such an expressionless in such a long time (and she was like this even prior to the war). Hopefully there’s a proper reason to her behavior, because it feels forced at certain moments. Visually, it looks pretty good. The overuse of a blurring effect (for a more cinematic take) is a bit annoying at times. Blur effects are fine, but it sometimes hides the detailing put into the background art. KyoAni is really talented when it comes to animating the subtleties in facial expressions, and Violet Evergarden does that quite a lot. Oh well, there’s 12 more episodes left, so there’s enough time for the series to regain my interest. I heard that the series is supposed to get emotional later on, so I’ll be waiting for that I guess XD

Eh, I basically gave up on Berserk getting a good adaptation, lol. I guess it’s Berserk’s destiny to always be sacrificed.

Ballroom e Youkoso’s long necks were annoying till the end. The manga never did that, so I don’t know why they would do that in the anime. Oh well, I still ended up really enjoying the anime. That last couple of episodes were anime original since the manga didn’t go that far. It’s been on hiatus for a long time.
Talking about hiatus, whatever happened to Noragami? I’m not sure if you keep up with the manga, but Noragami hasn’t gotten a new chapter in like 10 months. And there’s no news about the mangaka either…
And DGM got a new chapter again! Anything’s better than 8 pages I guess XD
And yeah, Jigoku Shoujo was underwhelming. I think there was only one episode that I ended up liking, and the rest were pretty disappointing.

Oh well, that’s more time for me to catch up with the novels for King's Avatar. What anime are they working on next though?
Username Dec 25, 2017 7:00 AM




Username Nov 9, 2017 4:30 AM
eel free to come remind me if I don't reply after a few weeks though ^^
Username Sep 6, 2017 2:35 PM
Oh haha right, a Belgium friend said Belgiums spoke French German and Flamand and I remember not remembering you saying that when you told me about the 3 languages lol, just googled Flamand rn..
GoldenDevilGamer Aug 29, 2017 8:31 AM
I’m late again, lol. Since university classes are starting for me next week, I’m not sure how much free time I’ll have :/

But yeah, MAL score’s aren’t really the best way to determine the quality of a series, especially since whether someone likes a series or not is all subjective. I haven’t watched is yet though. Nor have I started Mushishi either. I’m slacking, lol. Though, I did finish the first season of Diamond no Ace and loved it.
Btw, the website link is here. Just enter a url, click on an available date, and then you can see how a web page used to look like before. For example, here’s how the top anime list looked back in Jan 2007:
Well yeah, there’s the eyes. But the pointy chins feel similar to CLAMP’s work. Or maybe it’s just me, lol.
Wow, most of the tumblr stuff I see are shitposts and memes. If only there were more in-depth conversations like these, lol. But yeah, it makes sense that a series where the main cast is primarily male (mainly found in sports anime) would have more BL ships. But the problem lies in the fact that not every series is made for shipping reasons. Like, I doubt people ship characters in a show like Mushishi or Ping Pong, lol.

I haven’t seen the Gintama live-action movie, but it’s doing really good in Japan. So far it’s the fastest grossing live-action film of the year in Japan (earned more than 3 billion yen so far and total might end up being 5 billion yen). Unlike the Tokyo Ghoul and JoJo live-action movies, which are doing pretty badly. The Ajin live-action movie might do good, since the PVs for the movie look good. There’s a FMA live-action movie coming out too (jeez, so many live-actions, lol). And the Death Note one that recently came out was complete trash :/
Lol, and now it seems like Garou’s getting some focus again. Hopefully we get to Saitama vs. Garou soon. I wonder how much the second season of the anime will cover. If it’s only 12 episodes, they may not be able to end off the season with a major fight.

Yeah, I’m not complaining either xD
I guess they’ll go with the CC immortality theory to find a reason to keep Lelouch alive. Though I still think that a sequel is unnecessary and Sunrise is clearly trying to milk the series. But I do want to see Lelouch again, so… I’m not complaining xD
Considering how many anime series TMS had to work on during that season, I wasn’t too surprised that DGM looked messy. Even ReLIFE from that season looked mediocre too.
And at least Mayoiga was so bad that it was funny. QC was just painfully average. And I actually had high expectations of it too, particularly because of the writers.

Yeah, and with Violet Evergarden, I’m sure KyoAni’s gonna bring their sales back up again.
Strangely enough, it seems like most people that that hated the Koe no Katachi movie are disappointed manga readers. I feel like I’m the only one that’s happy that most of the manga stuff were cut out xD
True, Berserk is destined to get subpar anime adaptations, lol. Though considering how good the art is in the manga, it might be hard to replicate that in an anime format (unless the entire series is just still shots).

At first I wasn’t liking the summer season, but now I’m fairly satisfied with this season. Youkoso Jitsuryoku, Made in Abyss, Ballroom e Youkoso, and Gamers are probably my favorite from this season. That being said, I wish Ballroom e Youkoso stopped using long necks, since it was normal in the manga. And Made in Abyss is a bit too slow paced at times. I’m also kinda liking Hitorijime My Hero, Tsurezure Children and Kakegurui (though the manga for Kakegurui’s a lot better). And the new season of Jigoku Shoujo is really underwhelming, with the last 6 episodes being reruns :/
Yeah, the last couple of episode for Little Witch Academia was excellent. I wouldn’t mind if it gets a second season.
True, I’d rather have a second season since I also have a lot to read right now. Isn’t a second season announced though?
Username Aug 13, 2017 2:31 PM
If youre serious then holy fuck* lol
Oh btw Belgians speak French German and what was the other language?
It’s time to ditch the text file.
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