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Kyoukai no Rinne (TV) 3rd Season
Kyoukai no Rinne (TV) 3rd Season
Yesterday, 4:36 AM
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Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Shingeki no Kyojin Season 2
Apr 22, 3:14 PM
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Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Boku no Hero Academia 2nd Season
Apr 22, 12:49 PM
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The Legend of the Sun Knight
The Legend of the Sun Knight
Nov 18, 2015 12:22 PM
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½ Prince
½ Prince
Apr 24, 2014 11:26 AM
Completed 76/76 · Scored 8
Eclipse Hunter
Eclipse Hunter
Oct 14, 2012 10:20 AM
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Zaphkiel Apr 22, 4:04 PM
Hi, you probably don't remember but we talked a little on mangafox some time ago, my username over there is Miketsukami-kun it's the last message on your profile there. Well, became unable to access my account till today and since I didn't remember your user name I was unable to find you here till now.
Anyway, how have you been?
Barnald Apr 22, 3:34 AM
The worst part is that I'm not achieving much and I don't seem to be able to change that. Or maybe it's a matter of perspective.

Well, it should. They still eat some but it's in kB's while some ads will just rape your transfer if you're not too careful and every byte counts.

Hah, I'm well aware that I'm a shit dancer and how it looks when you're watching it. I just hope that not stepping on my dancing partner's feet is good enough. It depends on what and how you drink tbh. I rarely have serious hangovers but it always has some effect on you the morning after. And if you don't like the taste... I mean some fine wines and beers aside, it's not meant to taste well.
On the other hand it's really comfy and gives you that feeling of safety when you speak your mothertongue in a foreign land and noone can understand you.

Oh, you'd be surprised how many people would rather save that 20-30% and take a huge risk of it being shit in the end. It's really common.
Well, even in video games I take things safe and steady so it might be tricky for me. I don't like unnecessary risks and that's what you have to go for when running company of your own.
To be honest it can be connected to my major but it doesn't have to be - I don't really mind that. As long as I like it.
Oh, good luck. I think it's better to try out something that you have a clue about at first.

Nah. It's pretty popular in Murrica and some European countries. Australia, too. To be honest as much as I like some aspects of Japanese culture and people I wouldn't like to live there. Cons definitely overshadow the ups. And I'm not even talking about weebshit, just everyday life in general.

Just for now, probably. Soon-ish I'll have to start writing another thesis so neverending circle of salt will continue in my case.
Oh, I see. I just want to see some more chemistry between 3 mains, I didn't really like the idea of adding another crew member without estabilishing a soild background for the rest. I mean some interactions between Spike and Faye are spot on. I'd love to see more.
Pretty much. I mean I wouldn't watch it in place of something important but I would certainly take away from something else - for example sleep time. Yeah, for me too. But hey, at least you got to experience a lot of more than me. I have "just" 44 days worth of watching and I feel burned out. I mean everything feels the same with rare exceptions.
phantom90 Apr 17, 3:17 PM
Oh no dont be! All good :)
Iv been alright thanks :) just finished my driving course so now i can drive the ambulance as well, it was 4 weeks long so was a good break from work. Iv been a little lonely lately, not really sure why, but hopefully things feel better soon
oh thats good to hear, i like a good crisp morning, itl probably start to get warmer soon hey. its been pretty good here tbh, a bit windy but the last week has been proper sunny!
Yeah youre right i guess, oh no i meant hes not the most liked character, yeah hes defs good and righteous like youre standard shounen MC, but not the most popular, i reckon that prize goes to kakashi.
Ahh ok, yeah agreed hey, boruto, attack on titan, blue excorcist, its looking good! i think im overestimating my ability to watch anime and tv. I sure will! i recently watched your name and garden of words, stunning movies i really enjoyed them. Oh really? i shall check it out but will keep that in mind :)
haha yep very long ago, but somehow i found it! took a while though, its nothing too special but it somehow struck some emotional cords with me lol
hahahahaha thats hilarious, i found that some of my music tastes have changed, like i dont mind the odd country song every now and then, what does she like listening to? no worries :) yeah sure do! i do it quite often, probably more when im on public transport or lying in the park.
Oh yeah i moved out 2 weeks ago, living with friends and its really nice,a bit more expensive but hopefully worth it :)
Congrats!!! thats great news :D where will you be working? yeah thats a good plan, itl be so much easier saving money at home. yep thats true aha
ohh ok, thats an alright price but yeah its in the outer rim, still a bit cheaper than london but i agree city centre is impossible, so when you move out are you gonna move with friends or go solo still? yeah thats annoying, also now youll have a bit of time to look for a place and maybe find a gem.
hahaha i would say more sadist but without the sexual gratification part haha, just like to see a bit of justice cos we all know that ppl dont really get alot of justice in GOT :P i dont know!! i definitely didnt want to but i panicked and couldnt think so i ran/flew, i probs should have but it was quite scary haha. next time i always say......but theres never a next time
yeah defs not the worst hey :) oh yeah fair enough, probably same for me. Itl be fun though! it is difficult like you have to listen carefully and pick up on subtle cues on what ppl like, also asking others helps aha. my friend and i once got each other a similar thing for secret santa lol. thats a long time to know someone hey, i think the best thing is a gift card :P
Ahh yeah fair enough, its still as outrageous except now ppl are dying and buidlings are being blown up, he doesnt really think as much but oh well im getting sick of it.
haha you are indeed! yes and dont let her forget it :P unless she uses your money to buy something for you! then its all gooood :D
Yeah possibly hey, oh youd feel like theres no hope, cos the drivers are really bad, but possibly cos the ambulance we drive is very large and the streets are narrow, oh yeah? must be pretty bad then, the closer you get to the centre the worst it gets hey. yep thats it, super impatient and super rude.
Oh nice!! haha its always a bit nerve wracking in the start, im glad youre getting to drive more :) yeah true itl be hard to share it if youre both working hey, but yeah i guess for now itl be good until you get your own, what are you thinking of buying? yeah for sure, i understand, i really miss having a car and you have alot more freedom, just try not to make it like a second bedroom like me, like half my closet was in my car haha.
Thanks!! yeah feels good :D gosh the examiner was the worst but was happy to prove him wrong! yeah for ambulances :) it went for 4 weeks, was a bit boring in the start like we mainly drove to the south coast of england, then the last week was proper through central london but thank god i passed it in the end :) oh nah it was hard for me too :)
i know right! oh i think thats what its called, or posibly the boiler, omg thats ages! i wouldve died, probably wouldve used deodorant for it all lol. sounds like a very cold hell! glad its fixed now :)
No worries :) thats good sometimes you just need normal days hey, glad you enjoyed it :) ooooh what did you get?
i messged you on the private chat about fb :) howve you been lately?
Barnald Apr 16, 12:55 PM
Umh, not bad. I'm just feeling that time is passing by at the speed of light and I'm not maturing at all.

Sounds like me, using data on my phone. You gotta prevent these pesky apps from using your precious kB's

I dislike club dancing as well but dancing in pairs (I don't mean any particular dance - just randomness) can be pretty fun at different kind of partys. Especially when alcohol is speaking through you and you stop caring that you look like a monkey. At least in my case.
It might be... But having at least 1-2 people that you can fall back to when you feel like it is probably helpful. It can get lonely when you cannot talk to anyone in your mothertongue.

With your own company you have to get into the market in one way or another. Most common ones are: you're good and you just do your stuff well. Pretty hard to achieve right after graduating. Or you can lower your prices. Significantly. That also ends badly because you'll earn shit. So you either work on someone else to get experience where you run at the risk of stagnation - especially when you have a family, you're not likely to take that extra risk to jump into company that might fail.
Oh, I actually answered that without reading that question.

Don't even tell me. When I hear people talking that they watched every single Kizumonogatari movie/ Koe no Katachi/Kimi no na wa or other popular ones, right after release, at a local cinema while sitting there and seeing all this shit in my cinema I want to cry.

Well, now with perspective I think that was a pretty good experience. How time changes things.
Yeah, I got to around episode 10 recently (where that kid is introduced) and I'm predicting that it will get annoying for me because of that kid so I kinda stopped watching it again.
Why did I drop it? I'm not really too sure what are you talking about there. I have just one dropped anime and we haven't been talking about kissxsis.
This season? I'll watch Saekano and AoT. I'll probably add one or two trending ones. Don't want to pick up too many because this season will end at worst time imaginable for me in uni so I don't want to have too many cliffhangers around that time. How about you?
GoldenDevilGamer Mar 26, 5:01 PM
Really, really sorry for the late response. I’ve been really busy for the last couple of weeks. My hope for a nice year has also been crushed, lol. This will definitely be a busy year for me :/

Oh, I’ve heard about Shinsekai Yori’s having shounen/shoujo-ai elements in a certain episode which caused a lot of people to hate the anime. A friend of mine watched the anime and he loves it a lot so I might check it out someday
I think they mentioned changing the DVD covers in Gintama twice. Luckily that didn’t happen, or else people would’ve thought Gintama has a lot of shounen-ai scenes. A friend of mine saw some Gintama fanart and assumed that Gintama is a shounen-ai anime xD

Eijun is definitely a cool character and he’s probably my favorite character from a sports anime (I think). Idk why, but I can never see Yuri on Ice as a sports anime (and the same goes for Ping Pong too). I guess it’s because the sport in both of those anime is simply used as a backbone for its main story, rather than the sport being the main focus.
I’m almost done the first season of DnA and I’m midway into KnB S2 and I definitely prefer DnA over KnB, simply because KnB is too unrealistic for me. As someone who’s not really into baseball, it was fun learning more about it in DnA. As someone who played basketball regularly before, stuff like the Zone in KnB seems off-putting to me. That being said I still liked KnB a lot, mainly because of how good the characters were, plus animation quality and style. Prior to watching KnB, I really thought that the characters had superpowers too xD

Yeah, the serious arcs are definitely short, though the recent arcs have been 8-12 episodes long and if the final arc ever gets an adaptation, that can go on for 26+ episodes. The comedy arcs are even shorter though, which most of them being 2-4 episodes long, and very rarely there’s ever a comedy arc that is 5+ episode long.
If Saitama has a limiter that gets broken, it’s game over for all of the villains. That being said, Saitama was holding back during the Boros fight apparently, so he does have the potential to be much stronger.
Aww, that sucks, since the last several episodes were the most funniest imo. But yeah, I love it when they mention other anime. It would be cool if Saiki makes a reference to Gintama in the second season.

Lol don’t worry, I haven’t watched it… yet xD
Whatever the reason might be, it will probably be a stupid one since I see no logical reason why genres need to be banned.
I did watch Anohana a while ago and I really liked it. I didn’t find it necessarily sad (maybe the ending was a bit sad), but what I really liked about Anohana was its characters and themes and not its emotional impact.

Same, 3-gatsu worked well with Shaft style, and now there’s gonna be a second season! I remember when Nisekoi’s anime was being done by Shaft, the mangaka wrote a special chapter where everyone was doing head-tilts, teasing Shaft’s style.
I remember seeing clips of Hellsing and it seems super cool and stylish. I would definitely check that one out!
Yeah, considering how long it’s been since Code Geass ended, I was expecting the new season to have some sort of time skip. Here’s to hoping that the new season will live up to the Code Geass name.

Well, they cut out a lot of moments in the heroine routes in Rewrite’s anime. So, the second season ended and it is much better than the first season, but still lacking. They adapted most of the two routes they were supposed to do, and they added some anime-original stuff (some worked and some didn’t). But the anime used too much CGI and it looks so poor. Oh well, let’s just hope that KyoAni decided to make a remake.
Well, the anime-original parts didn’t feel like a route of its own since it kinda blends in with the VN routes.
From what I know, the Berserk anime sold poorly and didn’t boost the manga sales at all. I have no reason why they want to do a second season, but whatever. The PVs makes it seem as if the new season will have even worse animation. But as long as they adapt the manga content well, I won’t complain too, too much. At least the manga is off of its hiatus :D

Lol yeah, it would be a lot funnier if a guy said that by accident xD

Uh, this season of anime was kinda lame I guess. There was a lot of decent anime, but nothing that was excellent or at least great (except the sequel seasons). Besides sequels, the best of the season is easily Kuzu no Honkai, and that it’s anything too, too special. Kobayashi-san, Youjo Senki, Little Witch Academia, Demi-chan wa Kataritai, Gabriel DropOut and ACCA are all decent though. Nothing that stands out though.
You’re not getting old and picky, the industry’s just spewing out trash xD
And next season, minus the super-hype sequels that’ll air, there’s not that many interesting original anime to watch :/
Barnald Feb 16, 2:53 PM
Welcome back. And nah, not really. It's been a mess. Like first half of Frebuary.

Why would you disactivate your wifi? I mean it's understandable on phone but on PC?

I have nothing against parties but I've never been to fond on clubbing and parties like that and I probably never will. I prefer smaller parties with a well known friends. So to sum up, it doesn't really sound like it is for me... Well, yeah unless you run into a bunch of students from your country :D

That money was probably a good will from their bosses. Internships really vary from place to place. Somewhere you're actually working, somewhere you'll just be wasting your time, somewhere they'll just sign your papers and point the door. Umh, it's just a fuckton of responsibilty and if I want to run my own company I need to have luck and social skills and I'm lacking both of them. Not even taling about money required to do such a move.

Maybe it will change. Anime is slowly but surely gaining popularity. The question is will it change Japan's attitude for western market and make them notice anything other than US. Because on one hand they're salty about illegal streaming and on another you have prices like that, in my area screening of things like Kizumonogatari or Kimi no na wa is nowhere to be seen.

Yeah, everything went well and I have a degree. Hurray. Sorry, I'm not going to be talkative about it because it's been a nightmare to me and it's just a week old nightmare.
I think there's some episode where you get hooked. Or maybe like in Darker than Black case, it stops being episodic at some point and develops a plot.
Hah, I said that I'll watch Konosuba only and I ended up watching 3. Masumane-kun is a typical skippable romcom but I'm enjoying it a lot. Kuzu no Honkai is something special. It has a lot of potential. So far so good but it has to deliver in next couple episodes to maintain it's place.
Konosuba is Konosuba. If you watch first season, you'll know what to expect. It's hilarious. Only 10 episodes, too. Not a huge commitment and easy to complete.
phantom90 Feb 14, 8:32 AM
Haha fair enough, each place has its ups and downs i guess. hOpefully! that sucks, i dunno where all the money goes, other than politicians pockets aha. Thanks :)
Ohh that sucks, is it still freezing there? i think it was the same here, no lasting snow, it has snowed on several days but it hardly stays, really want it to warm up here, think im starting to get the seasonal blues aha
Agreed, even though i like a good despairing ending haha i didnt like it. Oh yeah? it reminds me of naruto abit in that way, like hes definitely not the best character haha. Wow you still watch a fair it hey, i wish i could but i get preoccupied with tv instead, watch dimension w. Iv heard alot of good things about Yuri on ice but never seen it! sounds interesting!
Ahhh ok fair enough, iv had that a few times when an amv puts an anime on my radar, oh it does! theres this one amv i watched like 7 years ago and i just cant find anymore.
oh she must have good taste in music then :P nah its not, sometimes i dont wanna hear my own thoughts lol
hahaha i know right! its a bit weird when i say "can i please have a jerk chicken bagel?" with a straight face haha
yeah now its the end of this month when i can leave, iv just gotta get a few days off so i can plan finances and see when i can afford to move out and when i should start looking. Its so nice hey, you dont get stressed at all when youre coming home. agreed! part of me wants to live alone, actually alot of me wants to, but its just too expensive! iv always imagined having my own apartment, hopefully sometime in the future.
I agree with you, is it possible to live alone over there? like money wise is it expensive? true it does help, i think ppl just need to learnt to adult at time aha, theres only a few weeks before she leaves yay.
super long haha, thank you! such a good show!
Either way id be happy, as long as theres suffering involved haha. I had the weirdest dream about cercei, it was a lucid dream but still scary, part of it was that she became a white walker, i ended up chopping her head off but she still came at not sure what to do in that situation so i literally had to run/fly away lol
i know right! the ending of true blood ruined the show for me aha
Oh ok :) samsies, i usually work on christmas thats where all the money is haha, oh nah i didnt know that :) fair enough!
Ahh ok we should do secret santa haha although it wont be much of a secret lol.
Yeah for sure! we still only get minimal breaks between jobs but ahh well im still enjoying it, i think lately it was all getting to me to went away for a few days which helped :)
Its disgusting whats happening, its only been 2 weeks and it feels like forever! he basically disagrees with anyone that doesnt support him, i dunno whats gonna happen....
Yeah thats ridiculous! its just a revenue thing, charge everyone for everything it sucks.
hahaha youre actually providing for two!
yeah its a fair bit, granted most ppl dont do the whole thing and simply ask a friend to fill it out aha, il admit ppl can drive pretty good in sydney, in contrast to london....theres no hope here lol. ahh that bites, and a bit annoying, its the only way to learn, i had to do mine with friends, thats annoying but maybe itl help getting a car? i know right must be so expensive! (oh id say gas/oil/petrol is used) i reckon you should try using your dads car if you can for practice might be the cheaper option! its hard though hey. oh i passed! thanks, i honestly thought i would fail but somehow got that over with. now iv got a emergency driving traing course in march which goes for a month
yeah understandable haha, oh goodluck! i hope you do, when are you planning to move/look?
Yeah it was amazing, its so awesome! not too far from the cemetary where J.K rowling took some names for characters.
Im glad you feel the same haha, thats great to hear! thats awesome not to get sick in this weather :) how come you had a cold shower? haha
Thank you! oh no thats alright, oh nice! same here worked nye and our electronic system went down which was really hard cos we had to do everyhting over radio. Also Happy birthday! hope you had a wonderful day and have a great year! did you do anything for it? hopefully some presents, howve you been recently? do you have the app discord? or fb , might be easier to talk
Maikeru-kun136 Feb 8, 10:20 AM
Happy birthday!!! :D
GoldenDevilGamer Jan 18, 2:24 PM
Yeah, hopefully this year’s a good one :D

I don’t see any reason to rage about, unless if it’s not done correctly… or if they don’t like shounen-ai in general.
Lol true, the anime didn’t need more forced drama. And considering how static the characters are, shounen-ai elements would only make it more awkward.
That’s true too I guess. If they were older, they’re behavior would seem to childish. But their attitude felt like as if they’re older. I guess it’s hard for an author to be consistent all the time.
Lol yeah, Ping Pong’s art style isn’t fujoshi-material at all. Lol yeah, in the Gintama episode, Gintoki was talking about how the producers will eventually change the DVD covers to more shounen-ai stuff for better sales. They didn’t do that though xD

I didn’t get to watch much (well, not as much as I was hoping). I think I left off at episode 10 or 11, though hopefully I can watch another 10 or so episodes this weekend. But so far, I’m liking it a lot, especially its characters. Eijun’s a hilarious and fun protagonist and Miyuki’s super cool (plus Sakurai’s voice makes it even better)!

Yeah, the serious arcs don’t appear very often, and when they do, they tend to be pretty short (4-5 episodes per arc on average). Though, Gintama mostly serious right now. That being said, I wouldn’t recommend skipping the comedy episodes since most of them are hilarious, especially later on. Also surprisingly, the comedic episodes sometimes has foreshadowing for the serious arcs.
That being said, the new season’s confirmed to be only 13 episodes, so I guess it won’t be the final season then. I guess I should’ve expected this because they’re catching up to the manga pretty quick. But yeah, an ending to something means a lot to me too, especially since an improper closure can ruin all of the buildup the series had prior to the ending.
Well, the martial artist ended up being stronger than I expected him to be, but yeah, another one in the trash can. Yeah, it’s hard to believe that Garou ends up being super strong. I’ve heard rumors of him having his limiter broken or something like that, lol xD
It’s surprising that it got a second season though. The sales are pretty bad, but I guess most Shounen Jump anime exist to boost the sales of the manga. Also, Gintama made fun of the fact they took over Saiki’s timeslot. When they moved into the new timeslot, they found Saiki’s limiter on the ground, lol.

Oh well, then just try your best to act like as if the ending never existed.

Movies with bad endings aren’t too bad since they’re short. But as you said, being invested in a show for so long, only to get a bad ending can sure be triggering, lol.
Wow… that sure is, um, weird. But I can see why China wants to ban premises that could influence others negatively, but what’s the harm with time travel? I’m sure people aren’t going to start time-travelling after watching the show, lol. I’m assuming that the concept itself conflicts with China’s morals and ethics.
I was rewatching some Clannad moments… yeah, still made me cry! Ugh, I guess it’s because of how realistic some of its situations were.

I guess the mangaka wouldn’t be too happy if his manga gets too ‘shaftified’.
Same, I wished there was more action, but the political parts were pretty good. Though I did get used to the comedy, I wish it was toned down a little more. Oh well, I may watch Hellsing someday since that’s written by the same person, plus it’s apparently better.
Yeah, pretty hyped for the new season, and that Lelouch teasing!! Also nice to see that a lot of the characters are returning.
Yeah, the art-style is exactly the same as the previous seasons, though the animation quality seems good.
Ikr, shipping fees always prevents me from importing a lot of stuff :/

Nah, Rewrite’s first season was still a disappointment. They tried to adapt the common route and 5 heroine routes, while going completely anime-original at the end… all in 13 episodes. However, the new season will adapt the two bonus routes (and they’re both better than any other Rewrite route), and both routes are very short so they can be adapted in 12-13 episodes easily. There’s no way the studio can mess this up too. From the first episode, they’re on the right track (yay)! But, considering how the first season went anime original, the second season’s going to make no sense to those who didn’t play the VN. Especially since the ending of the first season doesn’t flow with the beginning of the new season.
And Berserk, uh, it was alright I guess. Animations got better, but it was still trash. Adaptation wise, they were pretty loyal with the manga content and didn’t cut out much. And even Berserk’s getting a sequel season. Oh well, even though I’m not fond of the CGI, I’ll still watch the new season.

There’s 13 chapters, so almost halfway there.
Hmm, I guess it does have a western look to it. But it looks quite eerie :D

Lol, I make a lot of mistakes in my messages too. But now when I look at it, ‘feel hard’ is pretty funny xD
Barnald Jan 15, 12:12 PM
Well, that's just a random moment because you didn't pay attention, I usually do stupid shit to delete my own comments...

Happy New Year to you too. Well, it's not so bad. Everything might change in upcoming week tho

I just imagine it as a giant party where you occasionaly go to uni. Most proffesors at my place take erasumses lightly. Or maybe it's just my impression, whatever.

Well, it's in the past now. But I wish I did take a different approach to it. Some people not only found companies where they actually were of help but some made some money because they turned out to be really helpful. Some, of course, ended up in worse situations so it wasn't that bad after all.
I don't think that it's hard but I'm starting to question if I want to work there.

Well, obviously, most of the western audience will never purchase a DVD since it's ridicolously expensive in most places.

Lately? I'm waiting for it to be checked. So it's kinda finished, I hope. Unless I find out that it's missing something major a week before deadline, that'd be great. I'm kinda expecting it. Pessimistic approach for the win.
I watched a couple of episodes. It was pretty good but I never had desire to finish it. I think it's that episodic approach.
When I took a closer look at it, there were some promising ones but I'll watch Konosuba only anyway...
Maikeru-kun136 Jan 14, 4:58 PM
I'm still sick xD I feel better, but I'll go to an another doctor, because this one isn't helping me anymore :/
oh that's nice! ;3

I started watching Ao no Exorcist today :D it's great ;3
Kevlar Jan 9, 3:14 PM
Yeah but that's not really an issue XD

Yee sure mate all good! :D
Maikeru-kun136 Jan 9, 6:11 AM
thanks :D
well I'm sick since 1st of January 2017 XD great start of the year... haha
well I read some book and manga, finished tales of zestiria, but other than that I didn't watch much :D hbu
Kevlar Jan 8, 2:52 PM
Heard of both anime. According to friends they are pretty good, so I'll scope them out sooner or later XD

Well, Oregairu was really my thing, and I also enjoyed titles like Re: Zero and Death Parade, so I guess it's really subjected to personal preference and taste.
phantom90 Jan 8, 10:17 AM
Yeah for some reason alot of ppl want to live in london, i too am guilty of that haha. But yeah its that and a huge funding issue, were on the edge really so hopefully the government can help out. Yeah its not nice but thankgod i somehow survived that week, had every med known to man to get through it aha. Im doing alot better thanks :)
Ahh damn sorry to hear that :( i heard its gonna get really cold the next 2 months but then hopefully warm up abit.
Yeah i finished it! i liked it quite entertaining, didnt like the ending though :/ im currently watching my hero academia very entertaining :D any animes youre currently watching?
Yeah true, i like it more when its usually about a certain fight or the relation between 2 characters, ooh never thought to watch an AMv to see how the anime is, thats really interesting. i recon youre watching more than i am atm, so behind! haha thats exactly what happened!
Yeah theyve got some nice playlists aye :) oh i agree, i dont like the word suicide used to easily. Nah youre right im the same, it really helps after work to wind down or even sometimes when im feeling down, sometimes you just wanna not talk to anyone and drown everything out.
haha yep just a fancy name :D had a jerk chicken bagel the other day which was nice
Yeah i use it a fair bit, but true if you have the room its so much better to have a bookshelf with it all. oh but wouldnt it? i thought at least the bills would be divided into more ppl but yeah he updated it and its still the same, i might try to find a new place just cos its a bit expensive :/
Yeah not really, but we stay out of each other's way and i also see her at work soemtimes cos shes a nurse who works at one of the local hospitals, she just came back from a weeks holiday so was very peaceful at home aha. thats really annoying, esp the not cleaning dishes, mine complained that she takes out the trash most of the time but recently we all put up a paper with a tally of who takes it out and shes just done it once while the rest have done it multiple times :/ i realised that you dont really have to be friends with the ppl you live with, its good if you are but its not necessary :) haha oh thank you!
Well this is a long one but i heard it recently on the man in the high castle: "What we do not understand can be frightening. Yes it can be. But when one is troubled by the reality of ths world, it can be comforting to consider other possibilites, even if those possibilities disturb us. So strong is the desire to escape the tyranny of the conciousness and the narrow boundaries of our perceptions. To unlock the prisons of thought in which we trap ourselves, all in the hope that a better world, or a better version of ourselves, perhaps lies on the other side of the door" cheesy but i found it interesting.
True well lets hope that she doesnt in the next season, but when she does that its a satisfying end, hmm not sure tbh, i think certain parts of it has at least, like on snow, but yeah i wonder what theyll do next, i think they still collaborate with George martin but thyre defs gonna change things.
Agreed they start quite early over here, its mostly to bring ppl into the city to see the lights i reckon, thyre all throughout oxford street, where all the expensive shops are. Its super crowded but i dont really mind if im just walking around, i just throw in my earphones and drown it all out haha. Samsies i dont as well, i just do secret santa with friends which is nice, i was working throughout xmas anyways and it was alright i was just glad to get through it tbh. So is it just you who doesnt do christmas or your family too? jan has been good not as busy as before.
He's quite infuriating! youre response is adequate! ahh that must really suck, best not to watch any news at all then cos its mostly about him, its the media as well that have given so much free coverage. thats the worst part. yeah i heard they were gonna do some vote recounts but i dont think it was enough, looks like its gonna happen :(.
Haha glad to see you like it :) oh yeah train, nice! congrats! yeah that is quite dear, i dunno why they even charge to sit the test, like im sure youre already paying to go to the classes and then extra for the exam.....but yeah oh well haha
Yeah true either rich or super bad at managing money haha
Oh by driving lessons i meant that you need to log 150 hours in a log book with someone who has a full licence so it doesnt have to be with a licenced instructor, i did mine with my friend so was for free but some ppl take at least a few lessons with an instructor thatr costs around $60 which is cheaper than 50 euros damn thats expensive! yeah once we pass the practical :) Yay congrats! very true its not, but you can now drive by yourself :D im now doing my practice for my truck driving test which is this thursday.
Oh wow thats a drive :/ yeah thats fair enough sounds like your last housemate was really annoying. very true on both accounts, its the rent that gets you, but you can find cheap places as well it just takes time, do you have any ppl you know in the city? it does get lonely tbh, iv got friends here but at the same time you feel lonely, i dont really have too much contact with family as well lately...but i reckon you can do it, are you just gonna look for work in your city? or elsewhere too
Thanks haha it was lovely, the whole place looked so medieval it was amazing! haha yep, she had a great view of edinburgh castle from her window, oh yeah it sure was, you cant just walk in there like you have to buy something to actually go inside lol
Yeah true esp now in london with tiny houses haha
oh sorry to hear that, winter always comes with a bit of sickness hey but glad youre better now :) im good thanks just have a week off work for driving practice so im glad to rest a bit i really needed it, just gonna stay indoors this week im sort of sick of ppl lately aha. Howve you been? Also Happy new year! did you do anything on nye?