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Sep 20, 2017
There is nothing worse than wasted potential...

This is the most disappointing anime I've ever watched. Not kidding, this was a great idea, but the execution was so bad!


The great thing is the idea of the story. The idea of countries being personified and represented by humans is so unique and refreshing. I've rarely seen it done in any media, and I think it's the only one in anime. It could have gone in many directions. It could have been an amazing educational and fun thing that would've merged well together. It could have been a hilarious satire of our read more
Jun 6, 2017
The story gets an 8. This was a cool concept for a story, and it was done well. It put an interesting spin on the parasitic alien stories, and it caught my eye.

The art and sound both get an 8. The art style was pretty and the sound matched it as well. It fit the mood of the story, while the art showed the expressions of the characters and the beauty of the setting around them.

Characters get a 5. Some characters were really great and rather interesting. My personal favorites were Migi and the woman with the child (Ryouko read more
May 21, 2017
The story gets a 7. It's a promising premise that I personally like.

The art is not the best thing about the anime unfortunately. The art gets a 4. It's not hard to look at, believe me I've seen worse.

The sound gets an 8. The music is very great and pleasing to the ear, while fitting the mood.

Characters are all great and different. You have the control freak Maka partnered with the laid back child guy Soul. Then you have the loud, wild, expressive guy Black Star, paired with the accepting and sweet Tsubaki. read more
May 21, 2017
91 Days (Anime) add (All reviews)
Story gets a 2. Tell me why someone would pick the time period in America known for being fun, happy, party, glamorized, etc., and make it a depressing, boring, and dull anime? That's the first mistake. The story itself isn't that bad, but the time period unfortunately pushes it to a 2.

The art itself is decent, but nothing that good. I give it a 4. The sound gets a 7 for being pretty good. I'll say that so far, Anime in general has good sound even if everything else sucks.

The characters were all horrible, so it gets read more
May 1, 2017
I give this story an 8. I love looking at Sinbad's story growing up, and it's entertaining. Plus, this is way better than the Animated Movie that Disney or whoever tried to do.

The art gets a 10 outstanding as always, with fluid motions and detailed looking characters. Though the sound gets a 9 for not holding up as well as its counterparts. It fits the mood, but none of the songs make me want to look it up on YouTube or anything.

The characters get a 6. Sinbad is even more annoying and makes me lose respect for him. I read more
May 1, 2017
The story is very great, but it has been done before. It's basically a fantasy story about Aladdin and Ali Baba. Though I have to give it an 8 for putting an interesting spin on it, but I can't give it anything higher.

The art and sound both get a 10 because they did both very well. I love how they drew each character and even paid attention to the details as best as they could. I like how the characters don't all look like the same people with a different hairstyle, and that really impresses me. The music was phenomenal read more
May 1, 2017
This story had promise, so it got a 6. Combining video games and anime should make a great recipe. It combines two related fandoms and video games are flexible enough to make any genre in anime. The problem was that they had a great idea and wasted it.

The art was good, and the animation was great. I loved watching the action scenes, and they had great backgrounds. The people themselves were pretty basic looking, but they got it right though. I give the art a 9.

The sound was mediocre and nothing really stood out to me. I'll give read more
May 1, 2017
Fujoshi Kanojo was an interesting story type. I'm a yaoi fan, so this story automatically stuck out to me. I had several laughs out of the story and I could relate to it. For that, the story gets an 8. Like I said, it was interesting without the plot being too chaotic *cough* Fujoshi Rumi *cough*

The art style was very nice and clear. I love this particular art style and it showed the face expression, the faces in general, and the hair/clothing very well. The art gets an 8 as well.

The characters were not a strong suit. The read more
Apr 29, 2017
Story: I give it a four. The plot bunny was decent and had the potential to be decent.

Art: I give it an 8 The characters were drawn well and the animation was smooth. The only bad things about the art were the dragons that looked awkward. This and the sound is the best part of the entire Anime.

Sound: I give it an 8. The opening/ending songs were great, and the music during the anime was also great.

It actually sucks that the art and sound were wasted on this anime, because the characters dragged read more