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Jun 22, 2018
Magical Girl Ore is one of the strangest anime I've seen in some time.

Not quite as strange as something like To Be Hero, but definitely up there. I'm not going to reiterate the synopsis of the show, but this is essentially a satire of the magical girl genre. You got cute girls turning into burly magical men and demons that look like Arnold Schwarzenegger in his prime. Already sounds odd and hilarious right?

But it goes deeper than that: enemies that disrupt animation, Godzilla(?), sauna competition, using the magical girl rod to literally beat enemies to a pulp, Yakuza fairies.... the list goes on.

For me the read more
Oct 18, 2016
Shelter (Anime) add (All reviews)
It's very rare when you get something that is so simple, but yet so powerful. Shelter really reminds me why I love anime. It gives us such unique and fantastic experiences that's hard to find anywhere else.

I'm a huge fan of EDM/dubstep and Porter Robinson is definitely one of my favorite artists in the genre. I've known for some time that he's an anime fan (for example, in his song Flicker you can hear Remon Yamano's infamous laugh), but I'm so glad that Crunchyroll and A-1 collaborated with him and made such an awesome project. We need more stuff like this.

Anyways, Porter and Madeon's read more
Dec 20, 2015
Word Count: 1735 words (5 pages double spaced)

*Spoiler Free*

[Why should you watch this?] Because it’s the biggest breath of fresh air to the high school battle harem genre in quite some time.

[What should you expect?] Awesome fights, a romance that actually goes somewhere, a very likable and respectable MC, a fantastic red-hair tsundere, a great cast of characters, a straight forward story, some decent villains, and some good fanservice here and there.

[Where can you watch it?] You can watch it legally on Hulu (I wish they could have shared it with Crunchyroll or even Daisuki, but oh well!).


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Jul 6, 2015
DISCLAIMER: This is my first review ever, so bare with me here. I hope you read it and all feedback is appreciated.

This show was definitely one of the biggest disappointments of the season for me.

The fact that this was a story from the author of Steins;Gate, Naotaka Hayashi, it got me very curious and excited for it. Though, I now understand that this must have been a story that the author wrote and was like, "wow, this isn't that good, I'll never put this in one of my visual novels" and then put it in some random folder on his computer to forget about read more