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Mar 3, 2019
Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica was among the first anime I've watched, and together with Cowboy Bebop it was the one that permanently hooked me on anime. It has been and still is my absolute favorite. As such I might be a bit biased.

Although Madoka Magica is a deconstruction and reconstruction of the Mahou Shoujo (magical girl) genre, it is not necessary to have watched any such series beforehand. Being vaguely familiar with its tropes (transformation sequences, focus on personal drama / romance, the role of the magical familiar / mascot, etc.) is more than enough for you to get the full enjoyment from this ...
Mar 3, 2019
This short Hentai doujinshi can be read over the course of a few minutes. It features a gyaru having consensual sex in exchange for money. The main fetishes included are Olfactophilia and Mysophilia, which means it focuses on the fact that the girl hasn't showered for days and is smelly and dirty. So if that is up your alley, you will enjoy this Hentai a lot!

As far as the story goes, it can be described as "wholesome". With less than a handful of pages that actually contain the "story", it manages to create a feel-good atmosphere and actually has a nice ending, which is ...
Sep 21, 2018
Mixed Feelings
As with all comedy shows, one's enjoyment largely depends on the kind of humour the show uses. That's why I will try to explain the kind of jokes you can expect from Chio-chan, so you can decide for yourself whether it may suit your taste!

This anime often uses somewhat "inappropriate" humour. You can expect some rudeness, vulgarity and lewd situations, but it never reaches the levels of "Prison School" or "Detroit Metal City" in that regard. So if those shows were too extreme for you, you might still enjoy Chio-chan since it's tame by comparison. It has a lot of panty shots and some ...
Sep 7, 2018
Hajime no Ippo is not only an excellent sports anime, it is also a hilarious comedy series, a great portrayal of character growth and manages to be as exciting and intense as some of the best thrillers. While the story seems almost too simple at first, this really works in favor of the series. A lot of time is spent on the characterization of Ippo, his friends, but also his rivals and enemies in the ring. You know a sports anime is great when you can cheer for both contestants and feel their pain, their determination and their joy at winning as if they were ...
Apr 19, 2018
This manga is a weird mix between short murder mysteries and intense hentai scenes, framed by a romance story about a newly wed couple. The "Drama" and "School" genres are completely wrong btw and don't apply at all, so ignore those. But does this mix work? Sadly, the answer is no.

The murder mysteries are easily the most enjoyable part of the manga. But most murder cases only last for one chapter, some of them are two chapters long... and these chapters are short. Simply put, they have no depth and don't even qualify as mysteries. We pretty much just get an information dump on the ...
Mar 21, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Mahou Shoujo Tart Magica is among the more enjoyable spin-offs of the Madoka Magica franchise. It is quite unique in that it not only tells a typical magical girl story, but also fully integrates it into the real story of Jeanne d'Arc. It does both without becoming nonsensical or weird and manages to combine accurate history lessons with fantastical battles against witches.

It is always clear what's fictitious and what was real, and the manga actually goes out of its way to explain the political situation or the background of important historical figures to the reader at some points. Some may find these lengthy explanations boring, ...
Feb 18, 2018
Mixed Feelings
Overall, Homura Tamura is an enjoyable comedy 4-koma spin-off of the Madoka Magica series. It obviously spoils some big plot points of the original story, so I recommend you read or watch that one first! Homura Tamura is far from being a masterpiece, but I think it is worth reading if you are a big fan of the franchise.

The story is pretty simple, and I think the manga benefits from that fact: Homura not only travels back in time, but also ends up in weird parallel dimensions with strange quirks. There are one or two times where the story seems to become a bit more ...
Feb 4, 2018
Mixed Feelings
WARNING! The German version published by Egmont is heavily censored! I will tell you what they censored at the very end of the review, as to not spoil anything.

"Draw" is a subpar manga. The story might seem interesting at first and some moments are genuinely touching, but it is not deep or complex enough to justify four entire volumes. It seems to drag on at times. The resolution at the end left me disappointed, too. But I would lie if I said that I didn't enjoy it at times.

The characters are not that amazing or original, but they fulfill their purpose in the story. ...
Jan 30, 2018
Jinrou Game (Manga) add
Mixed Feelings
Jinrou Game is by no means a masterpiece. Nonetheless, it is still an entertaining and enjoyable read if you are looking for something that's easy to digest!

To call the story simple would be an understatement. It is a simple killing game (known to me as "Mafia", also known as "Werewolf Game") without an intricate setup or huge, surprising twists. But it doesn't work in spite of that, it works because it is so simple! You know what you get, is all I'm saying. It's simple-minded fun to see teenagers kill and suspect each other.

The characters lack depth, but the main character is likeable and somewhat ...
Jun 21, 2017
Mixed Feelings
This manga serves as a direct sequel to Madoka Magica and sets up the events leading to the movie Rebellion. And it does so very well!

The wraiths are depicted as interesting and unique enemies and are clearly different from the witches. While a few questions about them and the story in general are left unanswered, we also get a lot of satisfying answers. Homura Akemi is the main character of this story and we get a lot of insight into her psyche as well. I also have good news for people who want to see more of the other girls, as we get to ...