Feb 4, 2018
cptlee39 (All reviews)
WARNING! The German version published by Egmont is heavily censored! I will tell you what they censored at the very end of the review, as to not spoil anything.

"Draw" is a subpar manga. The story might seem interesting at first and some moments are genuinely touching, but it is not deep or complex enough to justify four entire volumes. It seems to drag on at times. The resolution at the end left me disappointed, too. But I would lie if I said that I didn't enjoy it at times.

The characters are not that amazing or original, but they fulfill their purpose in the story. I like their character designs, but I should also warn you that they sexualize a character who is very clearly underage. I was not a fan of that. Some character interactions are legitimately entertaining to watch unfold. But overall there's nothing outstanding to be found.

The art is quite a bit above average! It can look gruesome in some places and beautiful in others. For the most part it looks decent, but I personally like the art style a lot. It is definitely good where it counts!

Overall I can recommend the manga only under one condition: Know that it isn't "good". I found it a good waste of time, but only because I enjoyed the art style, the gruesome and violent depictions, and the sexual scenes. If you can find the uncensored version, that's all the better!

SPOILERS! They completely removed a rape scene (several pages long) from the German version by Egmont. The story still implies the rape, but it skips over about half the chapter, where it actually takes place. They also weirdly censored a few words in a dialogue box once, but I am not sure what that was about. That one was not important though, it didn't take away anything from the story.