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Feb 1, 2016
Preliminary (3/4 eps)
Rance 01 is a hentai with both good looking "plot" as well as actual plot. Hard to believe, but it actually pulls off a story about a man on a journey to rescue one girl quite well despite some very nice looking sex scenes breaking it up.

This hentai follows a man named Rance. He's a pervert who owns a female slave and dreams of having sex with many different women. Despite all of the problems he has from that first statement, he's actually not a terrible person (except to his slave, Siru, who he's a pretty big dick to... literally as well). Fortunately this hentai ...
Apr 25, 2014
Have you ever wanted to keep something that was special to you so much you would do what seemed to be an impossible feat to achieve it? What if that something special was just a place to masturbate at school? The main protagonist of this story is a bit of a unique character. He's a delinquent who somehow manages to not be expelled from school even after being found out masturbating nor does he even care about being discovered. But in order for him to continue to have his "Idol Research" club (his place to jerk off), he decides along with the student council that ...
Mar 21, 2014
Toriko no Chigiri is certainly not your typical vanilla hentai, so stop reading this now if that lets you know you're going to hate it. To sum it up, there's a dispute between two large and powerful Japanese families, and one of them is offering to let everything end peacefully if the other family gives them one (or both, obviously it ends up as both) of their beautiful daughters until the discussions for the agreements are done. With no one in her family doing anything to try to stop her or rescue her from giving into the blackmail, the older girl goes and gives herself ...
Jan 19, 2014
Countdown to Delight is a hentai with a name that means absolutely nothing (if you understand why it's called that, feel free to explain it to me). This hentai is mostly yuri and shota scenes with some S&M thrown in towards the end.

All three of the sex scenes take up about 1/3rd of this thirty minute OVA and really aren't good enough or long enough to enjoy. The rest is mostly comedy that's not very funny, though I have to give this hentai credit for the one time it breaks the 4th wall to skip an action scene which the characters admit is not the ...
Dec 7, 2013
This hentai suffers right from the beginning with an extremely obvious very low budget (for a hentai made in 2011), yet it still manages to be enjoyable by packing sex scenes into 95% of the single episode. Unfortunately, that also results in many gif-like repetitions throughout the OVA.

The small amount of story included in the other 5% is about a guy working at a health clinic's pool where he does everything from stare at women to have sex with them (and possibly teach them how to swim but that's never actually shown). His boss is a pink haired girl who appears to be about the ...
Nov 24, 2013
Kagami Kazuya is a high school boy who dreams of world domination. The only thing he can do to attempt such a feat is to have sex with every girl and add them to his harem. Since the school he attends only recently became co-ed and Kazuya is surrounded by 20 beautiful girls in his class, he decides to start by conquering all of them and then move on from there with all of them helping him.

And then he does just that. This two episode hentai consists of around five minutes at the beginning of each episode with just a little nudity and sex, but ...
Nov 3, 2013
Mixed Feelings
This is a 19 minute hentai with an odd flash-animation kind of style which at least gives it something unique in that aspect as most of the show is just average (not bad, not great) in every way. It follows two girls who know nothing about sex (or even what a penis does) who get involved in a sexual relationship with a guy because of their curiosity about sex.

The first story is about two high school students. The girl has the guy masturbate in front of her to see what happens, and it eventually leads to them having sex.
The second story is about a ...
Oct 27, 2013
Rescue Me! (Anime) add
Rescue Me! is a single episode borderline-hentai OVA (meaning it shows everything except genitalia). The story is about as simple as you can get for an ecchi show: an average high school boy is surrounded by a harem of girls (well, one isn't actually after him aside from wanting to slit his throat).
The girls each fit into a specific archetype and aren't very creative (not saying they're necessarily bad, though):
- Busty female lead who takes care of the protagonist as his maid
- Underclassman who looks up to the previously mentioned busty girl
- Younger girl with a flat chest who calls the protagonist ...
Oct 14, 2013
Kakushi Dere (Anime) add
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (2/3 eps)
Kakushi Dere is a hentai that so far has two episodes and two stories each involving two people getting together.

The first episode is about a high school girl named Nonoka who goes over to the house of her new male "acquaintance." There, she meets the boy's older brother named Ryutaro who is actually the protagonist of this episode rather than his brother. When his younger brother leaves for more than half an hour to go buy a movie to see with Nonoka, Ryutaro is left alone with this tsundere girl. Of course, being a hentai, things happen and Ryutaro's younger brother never gets to watch ...
Oct 9, 2013
This single episode hentai is just so bland. It has absolutely no background music, the only person who talks or makes any noise at all is the one female character, there is no actual sex since it just involves the one girl rubbing several guys' dicks with her mouth, breasts, and hands, and it all pretty much happens in the same blandly decorated beige room.

It all starts when the girl sees her younger brother masturbating while holding some of her underwear. She tells him that she likes him as well and from there her brother just keeps having her do more and more sexual things ...

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