Oct 27, 2013
Rescue Me! is a single episode borderline-hentai OVA (meaning it shows everything except genitalia). The story is about as simple as you can get for an ecchi show: an average high school boy is surrounded by a harem of girls (well, one isn't actually after him aside from wanting to slit his throat).
The girls each fit into a specific archetype and aren't very creative (not saying they're necessarily bad, though):
- Busty female lead who takes care of the protagonist as his maid
- Underclassman who looks up to the previously mentioned busty girl
- Younger girl with a flat chest who calls the protagonist "onii-chan"
- Yandere girl who likes the flat-chested girl and is jealous of the protagonist

The girls all have some physical characteristics that make them unique, though they don't serve much of a purpose other than to be included in the guy's harem. Still, the character designs are good and the animation overall actually very good aside from a couple shots that are used twice in a row.

Despite being borderline-hentai, there is no actual sex and the only "sex scenes" are the ones that are shown in the girls' imaginations. These are all pretty short which was a shame because they had potential to be great in ways other than to just make the viewer laugh for a little bit. Outside of the girls' imaginations, there are still plenty of breasts on display, but that's as far as it goes. There is a lot of comedy in this OVA (which is it's strongest point aside from the animation). It's mostly comedy based on accidents and misunderstandings (which usually annoy me in similar things like "To-Love Ru"), and while they are sometimes annoying in this, they can also be very funny.

Check this out if you just want a quick, funny, and very ecchi show. If you're looking for great plot/character development or if you're looking for something that shows "everything," then you should skip this. Rescue Me! has good animation and decent comedy, but it's bad in basically every other category (even compared to hentai).
Reviewer’s Rating: 4
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