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Sep 29, 2020
Uhm.. I don't understand the low score. it's true that this anime is not fantastic or anything of the sort, but it's very enjoyable nonetheless. I don't even play the game (yet) nor watch the previous animation, but I feel nostalgic and drawn to the character and the world setting. These are the good things I can say about this anime:

the opening and ending are fantastic and strangely give nostalgic feeling I could listening to them all day, another soundtrack or song also good. without these, the anime itself maybe only score 7 at most for me.

it's not liking the characters because of the great ...
Sep 26, 2020
I rarely rate this low on romance anime (well, not that I write many reviews anyway) but I really want to vent my anger, and horrible feeling after watching this anime. Usually, even if the couple that I shipped didn't win in the end in other romance anime, it will only left a little bit disappointment as long as the show itself is enjoyable, but not with this one. Heck, the couple that I ship actually win this time in Yesterday wo Utatte (I won't say who, because it will spoil the ending), but I just feel tortured watching those dreadful episodes before finally reaching ...
Apr 25, 2018
some minor DxD Born spoilers are included in this Review

First, I want to give advice to anyone who've watched DxD Born and satisfied with it, you should SKIP this episode, just go to first episode of DxD Hero, there will be animation difference you'll either content or disappointed. But plot-wise, I don't think we need this episode as "bridge", we can continue into 4th season(DxD Hero) with final Born memories in mind.

As I stated above, this one is has some differences from final 4-episodes of DxD born but I think it's unnecessary. Main difference is Rias 'Arc' that's completely removed. I don't read the ...
Apr 17, 2018
That would be a little unusual theme for an adventure, slice of life anime. I've seen tons of slice of life anime, mostly related to ordinary school or social activities with some comedy and little to none actual main plot. But this one is something new, though I must admit.. what appeal me the most at first would be that list of big shot, popular seiyuu-tachi on this anime. All the four main characters seiyuu are my all-time favorite, so it's worth a shot, right? that's what I told myself back then. But after watching few episodes, that's hardly matters anymore, because Yorimoi itself ...
Apr 4, 2018
Overlord II (Anime) add
Start slow and boring, but gradually getting more interesting towards the end. As a fans of 1st season of overlord, that's my impression after watching this.

Without spoil anything, overlord II consists of 2 arcs (just like the prequel). and I will tell you that first arc are slow and not so good, either story or action-wise. But it's building and contributing something to the plot, and one of them I've seen it already at 2nd arc. And maybe there are more to come in the next season (I really hope there will be 3rd season). But still, it would be better if they shorten ...
Mar 5, 2018
Have you ever felt that some moments in the story you read should last longer or better could last forever?

That's what I felt at some point reading this manga. I might be exaggerated here, but the bittersweet story will hit you hard if you crave for good romance. The reason why I felt that way is that our main character Shiki successfully bring out my sympathy. He had to face constant suffering and dangers, but only got so little happy and romantic moments. But even if it's short, it's very sweet that I find myself re-read it few times.

This is a short story about drama, ...
Feb 26, 2018
Preliminary (29/? chp)
Bizarre introduction and rather weak follow up,

That's what I want to comment about this manga. At first you'll introduced to an usual another world transfer thingy. Then crazy things would keep happening to our main character. I was really hyped at first few chapters. Who wouldn't want to have super beautiful attendants, great respects, OP ability? but rather than the MC itself, I'm more interested in his servants (sorry little spoiler here, you'll find them soon anyway in first 5 or so chapters). Their characteristics are funny, I mean really funny and unique. Sure they are loyal, but also keep bring troubles to our MC. ...
Feb 26, 2018
Preliminary (35/? chp)
- Reborn to another world.. checked
- OP/cheat starter skill.. checked
- cool looking protagonist.. Hell no

Back then when I first read this manga, I think of this as weird, unusual way to tell another world story. I mean it's fuckin slime, we talk about here. It started funny, but after few chapters, I grew fond of that slime. Sure, the main character has OP skill right from the start, but he don't act all high and mighty, neither trying to look cool or abuse his power. So, instead of getting sick of it, I started to liking the slime.

The story itself started adventure-like when the world ...
Feb 26, 2018
Preliminary (40/? chp)
Tate Yuusha is not your average hero story, that's what I want to emphasize from the start. If you expect things started great/awesome from the beginning, and can't tolerate a little bit drama, I suggest you to look away, as you'll be disappointed anyway. I think it's clear from the synopsis too.

Okay lets move to the actual review, I think this could be one of the best isekai(another world) stories I've read or watch until now. If you have a lot of experience in isekai anime/manga, you'll find this to be unique. This might remind you a lot to real life, where tyrant and corrupt ...
Feb 23, 2018
Citrus (Anime) add
Preliminary (7/12 eps)
Citrus is a wonderful gift to Shoujo Ai fans. As die-hard fans of yuri anime, I would say citrus is more restless than the others. while the kind like sasameki koto or aoi hana have sweet and peaceful feeling, this one busy with events and maybe over dramatic actions. of course that isn't necessarily bad, if anything it would be more intriguing to watch.

Most people might realize this already, that some main character in romance anime usually dense beyond help. That stereotype might be used to prolong the series and delay as much as possible the conclusion audience have been waiting for (cough.. nise***). ...

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