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Apr 2, 2016
"Please don't let anyone in this town bother me..."

This is the wish of Osanaga Satori who transfers to a new school and town, but her wish is very short lived as Sou Izumisawa sees Satori standing alone at a shrine in the middle of the rain and offers her an umbrella. Due to her strange supernatural ability, she wishes to avoid all contact from people as she tries to hide her appearance with thick clothing, large glasses, and a doctor's mask along with a polite and quiet demeanor. Satori has the ability to read people's minds by physically touching them, but if she falls in read more
Mar 14, 2016
Many anime/manga have the "typical summoned to another world to save it from evil" setting, but this manga is an excellent exception.

Story: 9
4 "Heroes" are summoned from Earth to serve as champions and defeat waves of monsters threatening a kingdom. Each person starts with a legendary weapon, however, the protagonist starts off with a shield! He is very quickly betrayed by a "comrade" and is cast out and treated like garbage and seen with contempt. This is a very unique part of the story, with a betrayal so quickly in the story, not usual in a genre like this. There is a slight harem read more
Dec 21, 2015
This very short series follows a girl who has a hard time declining requests from others.

This anime is quite underrated due to the fact that is only 2 minutes per episode, and people look at the ecchi and deem it an anime not to be watched. However, this is a highly enjoyable show that can be finished in a mere 30 minutes with a smile on your face.

Story: The story follows a group of 3 friends through their middle school life, while the main character is always helping others since she is too nice to deny anyone. Since the story is only 2 minutes read more