Dec 21, 2015
Jayden (All reviews)
This very short series follows a girl who has a hard time declining requests from others.

This anime is quite underrated due to the fact that is only 2 minutes per episode, and people look at the ecchi and deem it an anime not to be watched. However, this is a highly enjoyable show that can be finished in a mere 30 minutes with a smile on your face.

Story: The story follows a group of 3 friends through their middle school life, while the main character is always helping others since she is too nice to deny anyone. Since the story is only 2 minutes long, there's not too much great plot that you can have in that short amount of time, especially since when 20 seconds are dedicated to the credits. However, it does have some story, and I would like to compare the show to Aesop's fables. There is a clear and present theme throughout the show, about the joys of friendship and helping others. The plot is not to be underestimated. 6/10.

Art: The art is decent, it's not top of the line like Gakuen Toshi Asterik for this 2015 season, but it holds well for a 2 minute show budget. 5/10

Sound: I'm not one to normally pay attention to sounds, unless a certain voice actor/actress particular bothers me, but I had no complaints when it came to this show. 7/10

Characters: Each character is slightly unique in their own way, with a few similarities along the way. Obviously there isn't any character development, not really possible in a span of 2 minutes. 7/10

Enjoyment: Initially, I was watching this show cause it looked like it would have some ecchi in it, and I was disappointed that the show wasn't longer. However, I loved the simple theme and how well the characters went with each other, each with a different personality, with your normal girl, then kuudere and slightly tsundere, and wanna be relied on boy. 10/10

I personally really enjoyed this show and I was quite disappointed that it wasn't longer. 9/10 Overall.