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iftsistrnn Jul 20, 3:36 PM
Yeah, lol, the dungeon wouldn't exist, the monsters wouldn't exist, all the different races wouldn't exist, and it would probably turn into smth medieval, like old sword and bow wars xD Agreed, added complexity just makes the show seem higher quality, like all the little details add up; half the stuff in anime doesn't exist in real life, lol. A chamber and suit with cables would be insane, that would add so much to the experience, although it would cost an absolute fortune too (and might not be the safest) xD I think the actual irl name for them is haptic suits, not just in the movie. I mean yeah, as far as I know, nearly all ai improvements are done through machine learning nowadays and not actual coding, so we're kind of at that point. Yeah, it's like making them before it becomes big is a risk, but making them once it has become big isn't really a risk.

That's probably it, because I doubt there are many cases where they'll want to sign small mangakas for large amounts of time. And I wonder if the time period is measured in months or volumes.

You mean make spoilers?
iftsistrnn Jul 18, 3:48 PM
That's true, with so many seasonals it's hard to remember extra information about the individual shows, and tbf, it could also partly be because it aired across two seasons as well. I mean, ig it depends on what they're trying to be realistic about because some realism is needed, but not about everything. Ah, now that you've mentioned that, I remember it too, lol; I can't wait until suits like that are made/become available irl (obviously without the pain xD), they're called haptic suits, right? Yeah, like once it figures out how to make it once, it wouldn't need to spend ages, on making a second one, unlike humans. That makes sense since there's probably much more benefit to being first when there are more than a few potential customers.

That's a fair point, I wonder how long the contracts usually are, like are they until the manga finishes one volume, until it finishes publishing, or just a year. But yeah, I assume they'll be able to switch at some point if they want.

That's a great idea! We'll just write every single one of those jokey/sarcastic parts of our messages in spoilers from now on, lmao.
iftsistrnn Jul 13, 3:42 PM
That's mad, I know it ended recently, but it doesn't feel like it started that long ago... Yeah, that too would make sense because that's a nice way to change it up without just doing the obvious, like changing the recipe. Nah, I think I remember them cooking and eating the gold bugs, and then the ones they dropped were the real valuable gems, lol. I have watched Ready Player One, but it was quite a while ago, so the only thing I remember from it is the omnidirectional treadmills xD Idk, I feel like in 10 years we'll have some incredible ai-based games that work with the technology we have now, but yeah, if we're talking about technology upgrades, then 10 years is probably too soon (unless ai can do something about that, lol). That's true, there aren't as many games, and games for the vr are probably quite a bit harder to make, but even so, they'll still want to develop the games in advance so that they can be "one of the first" because there is a lot of benefits to being the first in a market or market "section".

Yeah, or else the mangaka could literally just leave a publisher halfway through once they got famous, lol.

Haha, yeah, just a little disclaimer every now and then xD
iftsistrnn Jul 11, 3:31 PM
The first ep came out that long ago?! Yeah, and just by judging how high-quality the show was, I assume they did something like that to make it a little more realistic. What you've just described is one of the biggest things I'm looking forward to in the future, lol; a super realistic vr game with freedom of everything, literally like an isekai; I think that would be so fun to play. And tbh, I can see a vr game like that with all the mechanics of npcs, skills, movement, and all that coming out in the next 10 years or so, but without being super realistic. As in we might not still be into this stuff by the time vr games like that get released? Yeah, it would just be so cool to do stuff like that.

There probably would be some people like that xD I mean, maybe, but there's probably some contract stuff that stops them from switching publishers but still gives the publisher some power over how the plot progresses; actually, surely there's no way there's not, or else publishers would constantly be sniping mangakas, lol. Yeah, lol.

I'd hope there are no mods like that, or else that would lead to loads of potential problems xD
iftsistrnn Jul 9, 3:57 PM
Now that you mention it, I think everything they found was edible, like I don't even remember any food just being regularly poisonous, although it was 24 eps so I might've forgotten something. Lmao, you're right, and who knows, if we keep believing maybe it might come true xD Yeah, that'd actually be so awesome, like as long as I got some abilities, I wouldn't care if I'm not S-rank (although being S-rank would be sick).

Yeah, lol, like 20 years later when people have forgotten about what he did xD I'm pretty sure that's a thing, although I'm just going off stuff I've seen in animanga, lol, but it does make sense because the publisher wants to make money, so if what the mangaka plans to do will lose them a lot of fans/money, then they can just refuse to publish the next volume unless they change it or smth like that. They'd definitely try to find out the reason and convince him first, but doing something that is literally going to kill the manga, ofc they would stop him from publishing it (if they can).

I mean, some people seem sensitive enough to xD But I doubt the mods would take the report seriously, lol.
iftsistrnn Jul 6, 4:00 PM
Oh, wow, lol. That's probably true, assuming that the monster meat doesn't contain something undetectable to humans like magic, and without knowing the proper way to get rid of it or process it, makes the meat poisonous to humans. Lmao, that'd be awesome if that was the case, but in the event that the world does turn into something from a manhwa, I'm sure there are millions of other people more likely to become the protagonist xD Plus, I'd just be happy getting to see and use the manhwa stuff in real life, lol.

Haha, he just suddenly has enough, kills Xin off, goes offline and leaves everything behind, hiding from crazed fans xD Nah, but even if that did happen, there's no way the publishing company would allow him to just kill Xin off like that, lol.

Yeah, lol, and I think it's a lot more likely than that too, lol; like if we said this kind of stuff in the MAL forums instead, I can imagine we would definitely trigger a few people.
iftsistrnn Jul 2, 3:38 PM
Are you saying people just say just say it over there without knowing what it actually means? As in white people will just go up to their friends and say that? I mean, if you want to risk your life eating something that's been cooked by imitating the way an anime character cooked it, then go ahead, lmao. That's true, although in that case, we still wouldn't be able to eat any of the really good stuff like dragons or even gryphons xD

Yeah, I got the point, lol. Haha, like all his fans started unreasonably hating on something he did, so he decides to just ruin one of his best works xD Yeah, if we misspeak there's no telling what could happen, lol.

Same, lol, it'd be hilarious to see someone getting angry over something like this.
iftsistrnn Jun 30, 3:36 PM
Ah, completely different expressions as well, ok; and yeah, saying that in Spanish around English people might lead to some misunderstandings, lmao. Yeah, but Laios learnt from someone who already knew a lot, not from scratch. Although I'm sure we would eventually be able to recreate some recipes. Also, I'm sure monster meat would cost a ton, like you see in some manhwas, so it would be hard to try it even if it did exist.

The character from Bleach? That's true, he'll probably achieve his goal before dying, unless the author wanted to do something unexpected. Ah, that's my bad, sometimes I forget just how big our influence is, lol.

Haha yeah, although I doubt anybody is, it'd be funny if we got a reaction from someone.
iftsistrnn Jun 27, 3:13 PM
Haha, unfortunately I could never have that problem because I only know 1 language, but I get what you mean, and I assume it happens mostly with wordplay jokes? I mean, if it was Senshi preparing all of the dishes, I'm sure they would all taste godlike. But I have no faith in my, or anyone on Earth's ability to prepare and cook mythological monsters xD

Exactly, lol, and it's even better when you think you have it figured out, so you take a look at the comments and no one else can seem to work it out xD But even then, he would have gotten that injury in an "honourable" way, so he might not be too unhappy. Haha, that's true, I'll have to apologise to the AoT fans who read that message, lmao.

That's a great idea, because even if we put a high price on it, ~8 billion people would still want to buy it or the rights to it.
iftsistrnn Jun 26, 12:11 AM
It'd be worse if you say it and no one has any clue what you're trying to say xD Yeah, everything was good, which made the overall show great, kinda thing. Haha, yeah, the way they showed the food and it being prepared makes you sad you can't try any of it in real life, even if it would taste gross xD

Yeah, and how much of it you had seen/figured out yourself. That's a fair point, he's not the type of MC that would lose even if he died, and he's probably the type to die over giving up on his goal, so he could never really lose. Ahh, of course, I completely forgot about that show; I was just looking at the shows from my on-hold/dropped lists, lol.

Yeah, a pretty reliable method if you ask me xD
iftsistrnn Jun 23, 3:51 PM
Yeah, lol. Haha, yeah, although as long as they can understand what you mean, it's not too bad. Yeah, the comedy was a great way to keep all the cooking scenes interesting; I felt like everything added enjoyment and was done really well, from the character's reactions to the weird ingredients. That's probably best, lol.

Yeah, it's cool when the master plan is unveiled and everything leading up to that moment is shown, lol. I have no clue if Kingdom is finished or not, but it was one of the only shows I could think of/find that fit the description so far; when you said you read the rest, I took that as either read up to the latest available chapter that hadn't been adapted yet, or finished it. In that case, I have no clue what show you're talking about; that was my only reasonable guess without spending ages, lmao, but since it's got to this point I want to know xD What show were you talking about? Yeah, unless they got lucky or smth like that, it's usually their own talents/effort that got them famous.

Yeah, like the age at which the child was able to say their names will become proof of how smart the child is, lmao.
iftsistrnn Jun 21, 3:46 PM
Yeah, lol, every season has around 10 isekais I would watch even if they weren't airing. I mean, the idea behind the use is right, but it's 'more than meets the eye' instead of catches. But yeah, there were still lots of comedic moments and they complimented the seriousness very well imo, keeping the show really interesting. Lmao, the entire show is a JoJo reference xD But yeah, I can imagine JoJo and Dungeon Meshi having similar ways of using comedy. Maybe, or maybe he was just a really creative person who just thought of the idea without any inspiration.

That kind of stuff is always cool to see, like because they are the weakest, they have to think outside the box, using tricks or leading someone into a situation where their power can actually do something. I can only imagine you're talking about Kingdom then, lol, but even then, I can't imagine a protagonist of that kind of show losing. I wouldn't be surprised.

So true, lol. Which will lead to babies' first words being one of our MCs' names instead of something to do with their parents xD
iftsistrnn Jun 19, 3:35 PM
Yeah, like even if you only watch shows you know you're going to enjoy, there's at least 7-10 each season. It was great; I was expecting it to be a solid comedy show, but it was more serious than I was expecting, which ended up making it better than I expected (I gave it a 9). Wbu, did you watch and enjoy it? Haha, it'd be funny if that was the case.

Yeah, like that, there are almost an infinite amount of ways to decide the winner of the fights and keep them interesting. Have you seen that show? or you just know about it because it's famous?. Yeah, to keep their attention through multiple parts/seasons that aren't too related to each other, the writing/story has to be really good. Yeah, that too.

Yeah, I can't imagine a single person on this planet, no matter how old, not reading our mangas if we were to publish any.
iftsistrnn Jun 17, 3:16 PM
Yep, lol; if you want to watch a load of shows at once like seasonals, then watch seasonals xD I doubt there's any kind of record of which was first, but I can imagine there was some ancient legend about old men getting muscular with magic, lmao.

Ok, so they can be overpowered, but mainly only in hard to achieve ideal conditions; that is a decent way of balancing it. I tried figuring out which one you're talking about, but I can't, lol; I've seen too many shows to try to remember. That's all good then, and tbh, I did expect the author to make it all seem "natural" because they're obviously good at what they do. It's a nice way of adding some more layers of strategy to the show; having stands that can counter others, that is.

Only billionaires?? If we were to even whisper their name, they would become a trillionaire, lol.
iftsistrnn Jun 15, 3:41 PM
Yeah, lol, the only way you'd be able to do that is to watch them like you would seasonals. Yeah, something like that, like some kind of physical enhancement using magic to grow muscles.

I mean, I wouldn't say it automatically makes the fight a straightforward one; a lot can be done with the basic elements, but yeah, with JoJo, it's probably emphasised a lot more because their stands seem a lot less versatile. Fair enough. Haha, that's true, the main character will never truly lose. Yeah, although if someone weak counters something too perfectly, it can seem kind of cheap, like the author created that character for the specific purpose of beating the stronger guy, lol.

Yeah, even though it would bring them so many benefits, lol.
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