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Jul 21, 2010
I chose to read this because at the time I was 20 and in University and I just like to do things like that.
Nemurenu Yoru wa Knock Shite or Please Knock on a Sleepless Night, is a shoujo title but more mature, but not at mature as some. What drew me to this was that it wasn't about a highschool romance.

Even though this series isn't about high schoolers the story follows the pattern many others have, super hot popular guy with unpopular girl, weird love rival comes in, relationship is tested, and couple end up making a decision. Although the story follows this pattern read more
Feb 16, 2010

Having waited to read this for a while I knew it wouldn't disappoint and was nothing less than a can't put down.

The title leads you in, Beautiful Fascination Better Than Love, a question or a statement? Seduction More Beautiful Than Love, for teacher Miss Jung does she let herself be seduced by a student? Is it nothing more that fascination and as a teacher should she over step the student teacher boundary?
A twisting tale which pulls off being light with humour with the over looming dark plot of threads flying everywhere. I found myself coming up with theories and thinking I knew how it was read more
Sep 10, 2009
Even now traces of emotion loom in me from this tale and I have found it hard to read happy romance shoujo for the rest of the next day. A fantastic story that may change your life, if not you life then at least leave a feeling long after you have closed the book or shut down your browser.

I'm not really sure now why I gave this an overall 8 because as this story settles in my mind it gets better.

I found the story at some point to feel like something I have read or seen before, but caught myself thinking maybe not. read more
Aug 18, 2009

I love the feeling of when you have finished a story and loved it and then realise you have read other series by the author and loved them as well. In this case mangaka. Beast Master and the currently publishing Dengeki Daisy are two other popular titles by Kyousuke Motomi.

I'm not sure the percentage of men who create shoujo manga but I'm sure its not many, nothing jumps out and says this was written by a man. Just originality and flair.

What drew me to read this was the picture on the cover of Kiriko Maejima who is featured in the first story Youth Survival. read more
Apr 5, 2009
I was looking for something to read on my Sunday afternoon and this had been on my to read list for a while.

The story is split into two chapters. The first one being the main guys story Kazemichi and the second from the girls Juri, but this isn't the same story told twice from different points of view, its something a little different.
For a rare thing the synopsis on myanime tells a good summary of the story and expanding on it from my behalf would be a spoiler.

The first chapter is wonderful narrated by Kazemichi. I felt his life; i felt his disconnection, read more
Mar 22, 2009
This wasn't what i was expecting when i started to read this story, what i experienced was one of those moments where preconceived ideas are lost.

The synopsis could say a little more and be worded differently but it will either make you think yes or no. Some points to add to it are that Kyou is an attractive young man and begins to get tired sleeping with various women, he decides he wants a normal youth love. When his friend has a crush on Rena a girl from another school Kyou starts to fall for her best friend Mako who is actually in love with read more
Mar 15, 2009
I have only read the story Minna Kirakira

Minna Kirakira is a short little story about Mika who is a Daddy little girl, who likes her day-care centre worker, making her father jealous. The plot could be taken the wrong way but really is an innocent cute storyline.

The synopsis for this story makes it sound a little serious but its not, This is a very short and sweet little story. That just got a 7 because it made me laugh.

There really isn't too much to say about this story being only around 18 pages. The art is good lots of the panels are filled with read more
Mar 9, 2009

This was a good little story for a one shot. I found it not to be overly cute like other high school romances and none of the characters had any powerful hates or obssesive love for another character.

The art isnt anything wonderful or new, its easy, clean and common. The only thing is i did not find Hosaka Ryousei to be a "extremely handsome president". That aside the art is what a lot of manga art looks like (im sure you will see what i mean if you read it) I did find myself looking a lot at the scenes with the girls walking up read more
Mar 3, 2009
The storyline didn't sound to interesting to me but found myself getting lost for a good way through.
The plot is rather obvious but it doesn't become boring nor does it feel rushed.

The character Nathan still seems a little mysterious to me and i still can't decide if he was a masochist or just had noble views.
Whereas I love Rachel's thoughts and her way of thinking, but sometimes can see a hint of the "flirt" Nathan was concerned about.

The art style has a rather old ambiance and compliments the story nicely.

This is a drama without being overly too dramatic and a romance without full on heart read more
Jan 17, 2009
OK there are so many reviews for this series its insane but just in case someone out there somewhere thinking the same thing i was then hopefully this helps
first off i was interested in watching this series but then it just became so popular i was going to wait until the hype had died down a bit, but a friend got the series on DVD and i borrowed it....

i do not understand how someone came up with this story its a good one and isn't a subject that's all to popular and over done, like many other people i do feel that they threw all read more