Feb 16, 2010
Iscah (All reviews)

Having waited to read this for a while I knew it wouldn't disappoint and was nothing less than a can't put down.

The title leads you in, Beautiful Fascination Better Than Love, a question or a statement? Seduction More Beautiful Than Love, for teacher Miss Jung does she let herself be seduced by a student? Is it nothing more that fascination and as a teacher should she over step the student teacher boundary?
A twisting tale which pulls off being light with humour with the over looming dark plot of threads flying everywhere. I found myself coming up with theories and thinking I knew how it was all going to end every few pages or so.

Lee Hyeon-Sook has a way of being able to tell a fantastic story not only by words but can draw side glances and looks that need no words just as well as any real life person. With a few character changes in looks after the first volume, the art style is beautiful not breathtaking and detailed but each character is great looking even the usually ugly nerdy brother is beautiful.

A downfall I felt was a few things were left and a few characters could have been developed more. I get the feeling that the author wanted to take the story on a journey but for whatever company problems she was having ended it sooner rather than later. Nevertheless there is still a great story told.

I easily read all 15 chapters each chapter being about 25 pages in one night. Overall left some gasps and sighs and a desire to listen to haunting classical music.