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Jul 16, 2007
Okay how can I put this, my first impression was aw my ending impression was blah! Does that pretty much sum it up for you? First of all, the story is similar to an H.P. Lovecraft story, so I was hoping for a really great anime. I guess if I had no expectations I might of, this is just a maybe, liked it in some way. They took a great idea for a plot and did nothing with it. There just wasn’t anything to it. The series is divided into different stories and only the last part I didn’t have to force myself watch. I read more
Jul 16, 2007
Metropolis has a complex story plot. There are several characters and events going on to keep up with. The story focuses more on the characters than the events which is kind of a downfall since this can cause some to get lost on the way. Overall the story is very unique and interesting. The best part out of the whole movie was the ending. I could watch the ending a thousand times.

The character development in Metropolis was appealing. The characters brought the movie alive; they are all one of a kind. Each of them had their own unique looks, styles, and distinctive personalities.

Metropolis is read more
Jul 16, 2007
When I watched InuYasha, I had not seen Blue Seed yet. Now that I have, I realize that InuYasha was a bit of a rip off of Blue Seed. Especially the love triangle between Kagome, Kikyo, and InuYasha is exactly the same as in Blue Seed. InuYasha does go in its own direction, but I think that’s mainly because Blue Seed was only 26 episodes and InuYasha is over 150 episodes.

InuYasha does have an exciting story to it, which I admit; I do enjoy InuYasha more than I do Blue Seed. One thing that I just loved about InuYasha was Sesshoumaru. I think InuYasha, read more
Jul 6, 2007
Golden Boy is about a twenty five year old guy, named Kintaro, who had completed all credits for college but dropped out right before graduation. He has decided to study all he can learn about life. He now specializes himself in day-dreaming, temporary part time jobs dealing with different areas of interest, and lets not forget, beautiful girls. Kintaro travels on his trusty pink bicycle, keeping notes about what he learns about life in his notebook, and living his life in the happiest of ways. Kintaro is a very caring guy, always trying to help out and learn new things from different people. Even though read more