Jul 16, 2007
Hush (All reviews)
When I watched InuYasha, I had not seen Blue Seed yet. Now that I have, I realize that InuYasha was a bit of a rip off of Blue Seed. Especially the love triangle between Kagome, Kikyo, and InuYasha is exactly the same as in Blue Seed. InuYasha does go in its own direction, but I think that’s mainly because Blue Seed was only 26 episodes and InuYasha is over 150 episodes.

InuYasha does have an exciting story to it, which I admit; I do enjoy InuYasha more than I do Blue Seed. One thing that I just loved about InuYasha was Sesshoumaru. I think InuYasha, for being such a long series; it does a good job of not repeating itself. I really enjoyed the imagination and creativity put into the establishment of such a variety of demons, humans, and hanyous. . InuYasha is always branching off into new stories, which is good, always keeping your attention and the excitement, plus they are never left untold. I know most series will start a side story and just leave you hanging on never knowing what happens. When that happens, rather its a good anime or not, I’ll begin disliking it like in Escaflowne (which I am referring to the whole Allen and his sister situation).

All the characters have wonderful depth and delightful personalities. My favorite relationship out of the whole, well 2 relationships, are Sesshomaru, Rin, and Jakens, then Miruko and Sango have a nice little thing going on between them. A plus about InuYasha, it keeps everything going smoothly, bringing in characters that are just, well can’t help but love, like the 7 man army that joins (I think) during the 90’s or 100’s, somewhere around there.

I have watched InuYasha both in dubbed and subbed versions. The English dub is pretty good, but I prefer the Japanese dialogue, mainly because the voices fit better with the characters personalities. Oh and it’s like OMG the music in InuYasha is awesome. I have 2 of the soundtracks, and I just love every minute of it. So not only are you going to get to enjoy an incredible charming series, but listen to delightful music.

I highly recommend InuYasha, but I also believe you should watch Blue Seed too if you like InuYasha. All Audiences should enjoy this anime. It provides a nice amount of comedy, action, adventure, romance, so everyone should enjoy InuYasha.