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Sep 23, 2018
So I begin this season with RErideD. I had no expectations going into it. I am not a guy who likes to see super serious anime. I loved Made In Abyss, but with Steins;Gate I put it on hold after two episodes. So after watching the first four episodes I can definitely say that this anime is decent. In what ways is it decent? Well, get your futuristic guns and take your time, this is my review of RErideD.

Story: 6/10
It is really hard to explain the story, but I will do my best. In 2050 robots have become another vital part read more
Sep 18, 2018
[My rereview of Jashin-chan Dropkick. Last review I only saw 5 episodes, now I have seen all of them]

One anime that I had a ton of mixed feelings about was Gabriel Dropout. It was a cute slice of life comedy centered around two demons and two angels living with each other. It was pretty good overall, but it had some big issues like unlikable characters and some cringy moments. Jashin-chan Dropkick is basically Gabriel Dropout, but instead of focussing on the character interactions it focuses on something else. What is that something else I am talking about? Well, get chainsaws and bank accounts ready, this read more
Sep 17, 2018
Something that has always fascinated me was yuri. People have such a passion for this genre and bring it up all the time. I wanted to know what this genre was capable of. That's why I watched Citrus. A friend recommended me this anime as a way to screw with me. It did. Awful storyline, awful characters and awful first episodes. I was exhausted after watching Citrus, but I knew that there was more to this genre and didn't give up hope. After dabbling in a few other yuri's I came across Sakura Trick, an anime that had a premise of girls kissing each other read more
Aug 20, 2018
God forgive me for I have sinned for watching this.

I didn't know what I was getting into. I thought it was just gonna be a lazy hentai, but boy was I wrong. Get your guns and your… ugh, booby stone, here is my review of Abunai Sisters: Koko & Mika.

Story: 3/10
So I guess Koko and Mika are celebrities and have the power of being young forever because of the… ugh, booby stone. Hokoruda wants that…. boobystone and Matsumoto helps her with that. It's a basic kids show plot, but it is so poorly excecuted. There is no natural flow whatsoever and the sisters do stuff read more
Aug 16, 2018
I'm bored and I want a break from reviewing bad anime, so that's why I now review Your Name.

From when I first heard about Your Name, I wanted to watch it. Then three months ago I finally bought the DVD and watched Your Name. And of course, I loved it. This has so many qualities that make it almost a perfect masterpiece, sadly the writing isn't that strong. Switch bodies and ask a single question, this is my review of Your Name.

Story: 8/10 [Spoilers!]
Mitsuha wished she lived in the city and Taki wished he lived on the countryside. They switch from bodies with eachother and read more
Aug 13, 2018
This is the kind of bad I want from a ''Bad'' anime marathon. Oh baby this one is baaaaaad. Seen alongside Hametsu no Mars as the worst anime of all time, I had high hopes for this and it did not dissapoint. Fuck this gag, let's begin the review.

Story: 3/10
Alliens attack earth and a group has to fix that. The most basic plot you can think of, but things are just not explained. Where did the aliens come from? Why are the alliens attacking earth? How did the group get these giant robots? Why does this anime exist? These are important read more
Aug 13, 2018
What is Killing Bites?

I'll tell you what it is.

It is ''Super Fire Dragon Fury Ball Emblem Battle Royale''

I started a ''bad'' anime marathon and somebody on MAL recommended me this anime. Well it has definitely some qualities which wouldn't fit into this category, finishing this series I finally can see why it is. Sharpen your fang and try to not get kinks, this is my review of Killing Bites.

This story, as you saw with my opening joke, is a combination of Dragon Ball, Fire Emblem and Battle. Or mor specifically, the game that read more
Aug 12, 2018
Pupa (Anime) add (All reviews)
We as a society of humans have gone and done some incredible things: Put a man on the moon, create moving pictures and electing a black president, but still some burning questions remain: Is there other life in the universe? How many more creatures don't we know of? Why do we exist? And ofcourse, the most important of them all: Why was Pupa created? We may never know, but we may as well disect it apart. Grab your stuffed bears and try not to get eaten, this is my review of Pupa.

Story: 4/10
A virus breaks out, called Pupa. It makes people regenerate themselves, but in read more
Aug 12, 2018
I love games. Yep, what a shocker. I played games since I was 1 and I know a lot about them. I especially have a soft spot from games around the 90s, even though I was born in the 00s. These games are just so cool, fun and iconic. So an anime that is centered around arcade machines in 90s would be great fun, right?

Eh... it is a mixed bag. I already didn't have high standards for this season (because this season is the weakest season by far this year), but this just is not good. Not bad, but also not read more
Aug 11, 2018
Welcome to Anitore! EX aka SFW Hentai!

When I started to watch this series, I set myself a challenge to complete it to the end no matter what. Why? Because I like toturing myself. Stretch your legs and put your pants off, this is my review of Anitore! EX.

Story: 4/10

Art: 5-
Okay that is not really fair, but that is what this story is: Fitness. People excercising and giving you instructions on how to excercise. I guess they prepare for a show for the last episode and there is a bunch of side stories going on, but it shoehorned in a read more