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Dec 24, 2022
"Society is too scary!" - Bocchi

This may not surprise you, but I suffer from some social anxiety. I have gotten better in communicating as I grow older, but the pain in my chest constantly worrying about doing something wrong never goes away. I am far from the only one who suffers from this, and some anime have noticed that too. Hitori Bocchi and Watamote come to mind. While the former is a cute comedy and the latter is... a comedy, in terms of a good representation of social anxiety is and feels like, anime hasn't quite reached that yet... until Bocchi The Rock.

Bocchi follows a ...
Jun 25, 2022
Spy x Family (Anime) add
"There is nothing stronger then Family" - Vin Diesel

So you have this spy, right? He needs to save the country from going into war, to do that he need to get a kid into the academy. The kids he then gets is pretty stupid but also an esper. But to get that kid into the academy he also needs a mother figure, so he finds the women which, surprise!, is an assasin. So now these three have to pretend to be an actual family while trying to hide their true identities from the world and themselves. Then you have Spy X Familly.

For a quick plot ...
Sep 22, 2021
What can I even say about isekai at this point? The genre, topic, setting, whatever you want to call it, has been thoroughly been discussed, analysed and complained about. There have never been signs of this thing stopping so at this point everyone has given up at talking about it at this point and just hope that isekai shows are at least watchable. And I am not going to say here that Tsukimichi does anything to shake up in this tiring landscape, but it is still a damn fun show.

The start of Tsukimichi plays out like a sort of parody of isekai. Makoto Misumi, our ...
Sep 21, 2021
This is going to be a review of the entire second season, thus including part 1.

How far we have come from season one. The first season was a joy, it took the concept of isekai and brought it down to what made it such a fun genre to begin with. A really positive tone, tons of likable characters and a constant feeling of progression. It wasn't without its flaws, especially the arc with the kids was quite the borefest, but as a whole it was fun.

Now with season 2 here... yeah, the positive tone is basically gone. The anime has completely steered into "oh shit" ...
Apr 1, 2021
I love watching anime. I have a deep passion for watching, discussing and critiquing anime. Nuancing my opinions, sharing love for shows and discovering new experiences is what keeps me continuing to watch anime. It is a passion that is hard to really express to people who don’t watch anime, but I sure try to share that deep-rooted passion with others who are willing to listen. I can see this sort of passion in Yuru Camp.

Yuru Camp is a show that means a lot to me. Back in 2018 Yuru Camp was one of the first anime that I watched and I loved every second ...
Mar 28, 2021
Ex-Arm (Anime) add
There are so many wonderful ways to screw up an anime, and in the course of my time watching anime I have seen a lot of those ways. From anime that are completely ruined by weird directional choices, to anime that completely misunderstand how to tackle a subject, to the anime that are just plain boring. But Ex-Arm is new to me, because this anime was destined for failure since these words were uttered out: “What if we hired a director that has no experience in anime to make an anime?”

Yoshikatsu Kimura is a director who has directed several low-budget action ...
Nov 1, 2020
Preliminary (4/11 eps)
Forgiveness is overrated. You have the big bad villain that killed the whole town, wanted the world turn into darkness and fucked the protagonists wife and the protagonist doesn't kill villain because "that would make him just as bad as him". And everyone is fine after it all and go on to get some mcdonalds or something. It is boring to see a peaceful end to everything. That's why I am happy Yuukoku no Moriarty exists.

The anime is an adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes story we all know, but this time it focuses on the antagonist. James Moriarty is a professor in good ol' ...
Aug 3, 2020
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
I have a soft spot for short anime. Even if they don't give mindblowing experiences, they can be fun times that are quickly done so they don't waste your time. Joshikausei is an example of a short anime I really enjoyed.

Sadly, Ninja Collection isn't a good experience.

The anime follows a group of ninjas (I guess?) that defeat evil spirits (I think?) in an episodic fashion. The plot is incredibly simple but it is still confusing as hell due to a lack of explanations and just weird events in general. In the first anime a fog is turning students into zombies, the ...
Jul 26, 2020
Preliminary (4/13 eps)
Most of the time you can see what is genius and what is stupid, but when you go to the extreme of both terms you get a sort of horshe shoe theory which makes it incredibly difficult to seperate these two terms. I thought about this while I was watching The Misfit of Demon King Academy, one of the hottest anime this season. For the last couple of weeks I have trying to figure out if this anime is a genius work of art or genuine stupidity, and I still havent figure out in what camp it falls.

But lets first talk about ...
May 8, 2020
Mixed Feelings
Preliminary (5/13 eps)
Short anime aren't apreciated enough. Most people shrug them of as time wasters when in actuality they can be sometimes better then full 24 minutes 12 episodes long series. Given, lots of these short anime are either kids shows, softcore porn meant for women or Isekai Quartet, but there are so many gems that people not check out because they are so short. This is one of those gems.

This anime is about a grandpa pretending to be old and fragile just to charm his wife. That's it. It is short, easy to understand and has lots of potential.

This anime is pretty darn cute. ...

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