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Aug 3, 2020
I have a soft spot for short anime. Even if they don't give mindblowing experiences, they can be fun times that are quickly done so they don't waste your time. Joshikausei is an example of a short anime I really enjoyed.

Sadly, Ninja Collection isn't a good experience.

The anime follows a group of ninjas (I guess?) that defeat evil spirits (I think?) in an episodic fashion. The plot is incredibly simple but it is still confusing as hell due to a lack of explanations and just weird events in general. In the first anime a fog is turning students into zombies, the read more
Jul 26, 2020
Most of the time you can see what is genius and what is stupid, but when you go to the extreme of both terms you get a sort of horshe shoe theory which makes it incredibly difficult to seperate these two terms. I thought about this while I was watching The Misfit of Demon King Academy, one of the hottest anime this season. For the last couple of weeks I have trying to figure out if this anime is a genius work of art or genuine stupidity, and I still havent figure out in what camp it falls.

But lets first talk about read more
May 8, 2020
Short anime aren't apreciated enough. Most people shrug them of as time wasters when in actuality they can be sometimes better then full 24 minutes 12 episodes long series. Given, lots of these short anime are either kids shows, softcore porn meant for women or Isekai Quartet, but there are so many gems that people not check out because they are so short. This is one of those gems.

This anime is about a grandpa pretending to be old and fragile just to charm his wife. That's it. It is short, easy to understand and has lots of potential.

This anime is pretty darn cute. read more
May 8, 2020
So looking I was looking through all the anime that was airing this season, and this anime caught my eyes. As the time of writing this is rated as an 4.90. It is the worst rated anime this season and I wanted to check out how bad this was.

But after binging the first five episodes, I have come to the conclusion that this anime is actually quite decent.

This short anime is about a little girl named Tatami moving to tokyo and getting used to the city. Also she is ghost and all her friends are other horror creatures. Every episode has a runtime of 4 read more
May 6, 2020
Oh yeah, Tsugumomo! I recently watched this in preparation for this season and the first season surprised me a lot. It was a really fun mish mash of ecchi, comedy and action, featuring enjoyable characters and a really solid production. It wasn't anything mindblowing but it was a fun time nonetheless.

Now, after three years and a succesful crowdfund of an uncensored OVA the second season is here, and it is just more Tsugumomo.

Is there anything different from the first season? Well for one, the production values are downgraded. The first season had a vibrant color palet with suprisingly good action scenes that would impress read more
Apr 25, 2020
Fun is a subjective term. While it can mean a variety of things, it is generally agreed upon that describing something as fun is a positive thing. With that said, My Next Life as a Villainess is the definition of fun.

The story is anothing isekai type story, but with a genuinely interesting twist. Katarina gets reïncarnated in a Otome game where she becomes the villain. She played this Otome game a ton in her previous life and she knows that with every ending in the game she is either killed or exiled. So in this isekai world she does everything in her power to change read more
Apr 7, 2020
Oh yeah, Jashin-chan! I remember this! I watched this anime while it was airing back in July of 2018. It was pretty fun. I even made a review of it. After the studio sold enough DVD boxes they announced a season 2 and I remember being excited for it. After one and a half year of more anime and more personal problems I was actually scared to watch this anime. It had been so long since the first season and I thought my taste would have changed so much from back then that I would have not liked this anime anymore.

Well, after Crunchyroll dropped read more
Mar 26, 2020
When you watch lots of anime like me, you tend to notice tropes and cliches, to the point you consider them generic. Tsunderes are old news, all shounen are the same and stories featuring guys getting transported into a fantasy world are more common than air. It gets tiring… or does it? Honestly, even if anime use tropes/cliches, it just depends on how they are used. Case and point, Somali and the Forest Spirit. This anime does not break new ground: The father - daughter story has been done plenty of times before (just look at two seasons ago) and the type of fantasy setting read more
Mar 23, 2020
BNA (Anime) add (All reviews)
In the last few seasons there has been a strange new trend of making anime with humanoid animals. It began with Beastars last year, last season had Seton Academy and this season has Brand New Animal, or in short BNA. Netflix snatched this new anime thus how this anime is releasing is a mess. But for now, after watching 6 episodes, do I think this is worth it?

Well, let's talk about the first thing that is Obvious about the anime: The artstyle and animation. The anime looks gorgeous. The character designs are stellar, the city is so lively, the sakuga is amazing and just everything read more
Jan 30, 2020
Nekopara is anime at its purest form. A CGDCT anime featuring cat girls with yuri undertones and lots of ecchi. With reading that sentence you already know if this anime is for you or not. But with the slight chance you still don't know if this anime is for you, then sit, relax, and let me tell you my thoughts on Nekopara.

Nekopara is about a world full of cat girls. Cat girls are essentially girls but with cat ears & tails and they act like cats. In this anime we follow Chocola, the cheerful cat girl, and Vanilla, the stoïc catgirl. read more