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Jersie 2 hours ago
Hmm, ok, well just tell me the games you have on steam already :D
Terkhev 8 hours ago
Tbh I don't think many people care about distinction between H and non-H yuri. When some "shoujo-ai" anime gets announced people in comments usually cheer for yuri and don't go out of their way to point out that it's not hentai. People who like that genre also usually call themselves yuri fans, even if they just (like me) want cute and fluffy stories and not sex.
Speaking about cute and fluffy, when I mentioned getting into yuri, I meant titles like Yuzumori-san and Majo to Houki to Kurobuchi Megane (the latter is actually what made me search for more). So diabetes inducing level cute. Now that I checked my list I actually have one more serious that I could recommend: Sabishisugite Lesbian Fuuzoku ni Ikimashita Report, but you already read it :p

And it seems MAL got new update, but still no forums :(
Remix 11 hours ago
Thank you so much

Chiyo is really the cutest. Looks like images just came back as I sent this reply so I can also see the adorable GIF on your profile. I also love Seo and a lot of that comes from my favorite seiyuu Sawashiro bringing her to life. I'm caught up on the manga and so many great moments I want to see animated. Studio Daga Kabo did two sequels last year and no mention of Nozaki :( still hopeful. My profile picture is Tomoyo from Cardcaptor Sakura! I highly recommend it

I used to be really into kpop back in like 2010/2011 when a friend introduced me to it. What really hooked me in what Gee by Girls Generation, but I haven't listened to them much since then (I hear a couple left the group but they're still kicking). But I'm trying to listen to more in the genre again and Blackpink has been really addictive. Before this I had about 500 repeats minimum on Russian Roulette by Red Velvet haha
Terkhev Today, 12:31 AM
Huh, don't worry. It didn't sound insulting at all. Anime watchers often are ashamed of it and like to pity themselves (jokingly or not) on forums, so I might sound a bit harsh when I present my stance on this topic.
I don't really use shoujo/shounen-ai and just call everything yuri/yaoi, as the former have totally different meaning in Japan and aren't even used everywhere in the west. And I'm afraid I like my girls cute, so I don't have any non-moe yuri recommendations for now :P I haven't seen that much yet, but if/when I find something like that, I'll let you know.

Call me old fashioned, but I'm not fan of mobile apps. I only use MAL on my phone when I want to check something and don't have access to PC. Anyway, I absolutely agree about forums. It's much easier to discuss stuff here and ability to look at others' profiles is very helpful. I hope they will be back soon.
PraTikk Yesterday, 8:24 PM
Lots of people call you aura and lot calls you Lia so I guess I will go with the few calling you aurelia it's unique for me ;)
So did you found anything to be curious about? What do you think of my personality? What do you think of my tastes?
In short what do you think of me after seeing my profile? XD
I think it'll take time to complete hunter X Hunter XD also m watching fairy tail with it so it'll take even more hehe
PraTikk Yesterday, 7:47 AM
Welcome! what should I call you Lia or aura?
Oh thanks you are the first person who said anything about my profile ;)
I was just planning to give my info nothing creative, before that I had hyouka anime images on my profile but I removed them all as they are of no use now -_-
Yeah I am currently watching hunter X Hunter and fairy tail.
I never dared to start watching lengthy animes, 26 episodes is my limit ;)
But I decided to change that so started that two.
I can't really say anything about it right now as I am on just episode 4 now
The hunter exam Is ongoing currently, the main reason I started this anime is for Hisoka I heard a lot about him and really his entry was amazing badass from the very beginning XD hehe
PraTikk Yesterday, 7:07 AM
Hello Aura ;) How are You?
My name is Jimmy ;)
Nice profile you have there, it's super cute and simple :3
Just because of MAL, I can't see any images ;(
Still nice to meet you ;)
Terkhev Yesterday, 4:14 AM
Personally I'm pretty proud of how much I've seen. I wouldn't really use it to brag, but I also don't hide my hobbies from anyone.
Friend made you watch it? I guess I'm lucky in my case a friend bugged me to try SAO and not some huge shounen xD I don't think I'd listen to them otherwise.
Most of my manga list consist of hentai lol. Other than that I think it's rather balanced between harems, ecchi, SoL and some romance. I tried few shoujos but I just can't stick with them. They keep my attention until I take my first break and then I never want to get back to them. As for BL... yeah, not my thing :P Tho I'm into yuri lately (cute ones, not interested serious/drama romance).

I use reddit to follow some games' subs and I don't really mind their format tbh. Formatting when writing a post can be annoying, but other than that I've had no problems with it.
Remix Jul 18, 11:05 AM
Killua is your #1 character, great taste!

Good choice in profile pictures as well. Chiyo <3 S2 when? ;w;
Terkhev Jul 17, 6:23 AM
Hey, since I started watching anime 4 years ago I spent literally most of my free time on it. Just look at my list. Talk about not having much to do in life lol.
I have to get to those long shounens too. HxH was awesome, but I feel any other will be a letdown compared to it.
Sometimes I'll continue with manga after anime, not that often tho. Opposite to my statement about not forgetting anime, I forgot manga a lot if I try to read ongoing one. Going back just for one chapter is not fun, and waiting few months for another bit of story is too long, so I prefer to read only finished works.

Haha, I'm camping on reddit too. I lurk a lot on some subs, so I'm used to it, but I'd still prefer good old MAL forum.
Terkhev Jul 17, 1:50 AM
At first I also watched all at once. I started with SAO so it wasn't that bad, but watching all Shakugan no Shana (3x 24 eps) over weekend was pretty extreme for me back then. Can't imagine getting stuck in 100+ eps show.
I also always waited for seasonals to finish before I watched them. It's only recently that I started watching more slowly and enjoy seasonals. I guess it's partially because big part of what I watch nowadays are SoL and CGDCT titles. Tho when I'm hyped for some non-episodic show (like Overlord this season), I'll watch it too, even though I hate cliffhangers and waiting a week to continue story. Luckily no such problems with Hoozuki.
Personally I've never had problems with forgetting plot between episodes. A week is painful to wait, but I always read episode discussions, so it'd be hard to lose track of story in those few days. Sometimes it can even be fun to wait and speculate.
RebelPanda Jul 16, 8:02 PM
No problem :D I love Ikuhara's shows and the messages he conveys so analyzing them is a lot of fun, it seems like Starlight will be exploring interesting themes as well. Being able to watch a show like this weekly should be fun, I've yet to review any super symbolic shows so I'm excited to write about Starlight. It may be too early to say what it's about entirely, but I think that's right. Making a name for yourself in the performative arts relies heavily on being the best in auditions, seeing how that struggle will affect the characters should be really interesting to see. Yet showing their confrontations through metaphorical swordfights excises any need for overwrought melodrama, which is awesome. I'm so hyped!!
_Hanabi_ Jul 16, 5:44 PM
Thank You!
Janiicka Jul 16, 12:54 AM
Breath of the Wild looks absolutely amazing! I've only played Ocarina of Time on my 3DS. You're lucky to have the Nintendo Switch.
Dialogue-heavy games are so annoying. Pokémon Ultra Sun was one of them, but I still enjoyed it. Do you like visual novels?

I wouldn't say you were born too late for Totally Spies.. Maybe it's because you're from Australia and I'm from the Czech Republic?

Or Tae; "I'm god." lol
Terkhev Jul 16, 12:25 AM
I know what you mean. When you stop watching it's sometimes hard to get back to it. It requires some specific mood.
I don't think I could binge Hoozuki, feels like a waste imo. I watched it 1-2 episodes at once and even when last season was airing I sometimes watched new episode few days after it was out.