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Sep 21, 2018
First let me say that this show is appealing to the fetishes known as "shotacon" and "Onee-san". (Older sister)
That is older women (usually busty) who are attracted to younger boys.
If you are not down with the fetish then its quite likely you won't enjoy this show nearly as much as I did.

Oh it is so so good.

Story: 6
Not the strong suit of this show, but that's because it is a episodic comedy. Shiina Aki, a young boy who has always been treated like a girl, moves from the countryside to a Tokyo dormitory so he can have a fresh start in middle school. The dormitory read more
Jun 19, 2018
Tokyo Ghoul except everything that was good is bad.

As a fan of the first two seasons I can't see this season as anything other than a massive failure and disappointment.

Very tiny spoiler: Haise is Kaneki. Wow this show is boring. I'm not sure that a single interesting thing has happened in 12 episodes. Basically it's just 12 episodes of Haise and his new buddies fighting ghouls. Not a single fight is cool, interesting, or well animated, and not a single character is as good as a character from season one.

One thing I found so great about the original is that the man-eating ghouls who read more
Dec 24, 2017
Two Car (Anime) add (All reviews)
Two Car. The show about cute girls in motorcycles that nobody asked for.
TLDR: not worth watching

Story: 4
Nothing new or interesting. 2 girls with no control over their emotions race in side car motorcycles and overcome all kinds of relationship problems... sort of... actually they almost never overcome anything.
Story is totally cliche and uninteresting. The main girls basically love the same man (their coach) and also they sometimes race. That's it. It's completely riddled with unnecessary and annoying drama. On top of that most of the problems that arise in the show are never resolved and it feels very unsatisfying to watch.

Art: 6
It isn't terrible read more
Sep 23, 2017
This is actually my very first review so bear with me.
-No spoilers in this review

Vatican Miracle examiner is quite unique for an anime in that it explores Christianity, and more specifically Catholicism. There are a few other I won't bother naming, but this one does it quite well I think. It manages to present interesting plot arcs and stories that explore the idea of holy miracles but at the same it doesn't to shove it's religion in your face. What I mean is that anyone who isn't Christian can enjoy this show without ever feeling uncomfortable or offended.

The show has a few distinct read more