Dec 24, 2017
Two Car (Anime) add (All reviews)
GMoney84 (All reviews)
Two Car. The show about cute girls in motorcycles that nobody asked for.
TLDR: not worth watching

Story: 4
Nothing new or interesting. 2 girls with no control over their emotions race in side car motorcycles and overcome all kinds of relationship problems... sort of... actually they almost never overcome anything.
Story is totally cliche and uninteresting. The main girls basically love the same man (their coach) and also they sometimes race. That's it. It's completely riddled with unnecessary and annoying drama. On top of that most of the problems that arise in the show are never resolved and it feels very unsatisfying to watch.

Art: 6
It isn't terrible nor is it ugly, but it is unoriginal and uninspired.
Character designs are OK. Generally no characters stand out or are at all note worthy. The settings/ backgrounds are also OK. Nothing very pretty or worth talking about. At least the show isn't an eyesore.

Sound: 4
OP and ED are both mediocre and are unmemorable. Background sound is exactly the same. The hype song that plays when they race adds to the ambiance a little bit but not much. I don't even remember what any of the other background songs sound like.

Character: Somewhere between 2 and 5
Not all the characters are as annoying and insufferable as the 2 main characters. But yes the main characters are awful.
Basically the two main characters are exactly the same person but they look different. This is kind of an ongoing gag in the show where everyone says "You two are so similar!" and of course they deny it because they hate each other. Yes the main characters who are childhood "friends" hate each other. Mostly because they love the same man. The main characters are best described as loud, irritating and immature.
Again not all characters are terrible and some of the side characters are actually pretty nice or funny, despite having little screen time.
There is a lesbian racing pair who is always very funny to watch, which is perhaps the only reason I didn't drop this show.
There is also another pair who has a rather good (though short) arc about friendship and trust. As cliche as that may sound... it was kind of nice.

Enjoyment: 4
Not worth watching. This show is a whole lot of needless drama and not a lot of sidecar racing. Main characters ruin this already bad show. An unsatisfying watch through and through.

Overall: 5
I don't know why I give it a 5 and not a 4. Maybe because 2/12 episodes were actually quite nice and well thought out?
Well anyways unless you are in love with motorcycles and anime girls do not waste your time on this series.