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May 15, 2017

I was scrolling through 9gag and I find a funny anime GIF. Though I don't know what anime it is, a captain appears and kind enough to tell me the title is. Full Metal Panic, I was hoping this anime to be a comedic series it is not. It was like 10% comedy, 80% mecha fights, and 10% nonsense. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating this series but I'll try make this review as objective as possible.

[Story] 6/10
Story is not the strongest point in this series. I got tired watching the main characters fighting the same enemy read more
May 12, 2013
I will start this review step by step:


I think the story from the fourth season of "Hayate no Gotoku" is a bit confusing. Because there is a lot of new character and the story are different from the previous season. The romance between Hayate and Hinagiku is missing since the third season. It make me very disappointed.


The next part is the artwork. I really really really disappointed from the artwork. The first and second season give a good artwork, but on this season the artwork getting worse. For example, remember Isumi? I really like her on the first and second season. But on fourth season read more