May 12, 2013
FerdinandSurya (All reviews)
I will start this review step by step:


I think the story from the fourth season of "Hayate no Gotoku" is a bit confusing. Because there is a lot of new character and the story are different from the previous season. The romance between Hayate and Hinagiku is missing since the third season. It make me very disappointed.


The next part is the artwork. I really really really disappointed from the artwork. The first and second season give a good artwork, but on this season the artwork getting worse. For example, remember Isumi? I really like her on the first and second season. But on fourth season Isumi became a total stranger for me. Isumi become really creepy and not cute at all. Disappointing.


I don't have any problem for the sound. And I think there is a little improvement in sound.


In this season there is many new character. But there isn't a story where they came from. And it make me little confused.


I really enjoy the first and second season. It's really funny and lots of romance stories. But I don't find it on this season. The story became non-sense for me. And it really disappointed me. I hope romance between Hayate and Hinagiku continues, but there isn't. And that's all from me. I hope this review helpful for you. Thanks For Reading!!

P.S sorry if this review contain lots of negative side