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Apr 19, 2009
The story for this OVA is pretty good. But personally I think that it's a little disjointed. I think there are many things I wouldn't have understood if I hadn't already seen Ryu Knight, plus generally knowing how stories work. Maybe that was just me though. Maybe I wouldn't have had trouble understanding it if I hadn't seen Ryu Knight the original first. Maybe I read into it too much. Either way, I was still a bit lost, which doesn't generally happen to me. Also this story just isn't as good as I think it could have been, even by comparison to its accompanying shows.
So ...
Apr 19, 2009
For just a three episode OVA the story for this is quite well thought out. It's interesting and has some good twists and just generally holds together better than most OVA stories. Interestingly you really don't have to have seen any other parts of Ryu Knight to watch this. It only references the existence of earlier story a little. It stands alone just fine.
A 7 on story.

The art is more like the first OVA than the actual series. Dark colors, more detail, and a little bit....I don't know how to describe it. Weird I guess. It's fine, not detracting.
A 6 on art.

As usual ...
Apr 19, 2009
How shall I describe this....Adeu's Legend Final is strictly a comedy. It takes all the characters from the anime and the OVA and mushes them together into a weird but very amusing show. It's very funny if you've seen all the other stuff involved with Ryu Knight. (Hence why it's the Final) So I would recommend this to tie of everything, but it won't be very interesting to someone who hasn't seen everything else.
A 5 on story from me, because their really isn't much of a story.

The art is super deformed chibis. What can I say? It's not great. It's cute and ...
Mar 19, 2008
Ghost Hunt (Anime) add
The story for Ghost Hunt is a very fun and interesting one. And at least for me, unique. It takes on an unusual way of telling about ghost hunting, giving you a look into the more scientific and realistic ways ghost hunting actually works.(Ar rather would work if it was real)
It is also told well, the episodes, or cases, are all full of twists that keep you guessing and wondering what's going to happen next. And it never fails to give you a complete and satisfying ending. Not to mention that each case is very different from the others, so there is a lot ...
Jan 28, 2008
The story is pretty straight forward.
A young man wanting to be the best at something. Nothing particularly unique.
But it's still very fun to watch. Especially if you like sports anime.
There really aren't that many good sport shows with boxing.
I'd say something which I really noticed and which really made me like the show was the pacing. Unlike most other shounen sport or fight shows this anime is only 12 episodes long(not counting the sequel, which is also 12)and because if this does not waste time but keeps things moving.
I know that I often find myself bored out of my mind watching a fighter train ...
Jan 1, 2008
Heroic Age (Anime) add
I think the story is told very well. The pace is even and while it doesn't speed along it doesn't go so slow as to be annoying or particularly noticeable. And the pace does improve as the anime goes on.
The story I think is a very enjoyable one. It is very original, having several unique qualities.
It fallows the 'classic' way of doing things. Introduces characters, establishes personalities and let's you get to know the characters, then puts the story into full force.
an 8 on story from me.

For me, the art was very strange at first. Having an unfamiliar look, at least out of the things ...
Dec 5, 2007
Ys (Anime) add
The plot fallows the same basic story line of the original game without to much variation. There are a few minor changes but nothing that would alter the story.
As a devoted fan of the games it's only natural that I know and love the story very much. So a 9 on story from me.

I'm a huge fan of 80's animation. Always have been. This show looks very much like Maison Ikkoku or even early Ranma1/2. It's very warm and straight forward with bright colors and smooth lines. For me, as I've played the original DOS game and the remakes of the games it was ...
Nov 5, 2007
Mystery is the whole point of this show. Who killed who and why is the question asked every episode.
As a huge fan of mysteries, I recommend this show to anyone who likes shows that have you thinking while being on the edge of your seat waiting for the murderer to strike again. You really get pulled into the stories, you get a feeling of pressure and of being uneasy as if you really were in the story. You want the killer to be caught and for everything to work out. Something very interesting about the show is the mixture of villains. Some times ...
Oct 10, 2007
The story is a fairly normal thing. Several musicians get kidnapped and brain washed by an evil doer.
The most interesting thing about this story is the fact that said musicians are aliens.
Which makes things very interesting.
The story moves along quickly but doesn't skim things either.
And if you like AMVs you'll find this to be very much the best one you'll ever see as things make sense!
An 8 on story from me.

While the movie aired in 2003, the art looks very much like something from the late 80s.
That is not to say it isn't well animated. It's very smooth, but looks like cleaned up 80s ...
Oct 2, 2007
Lord of lords Ryu Knight.
It's a show I just happened to bump into while browsing the web and started out of sheer boredom. But I soon came to love it and consider it an all time favorite.

The plot is a fairly common one.
Evil creatures trying to take over the world and the heroes who try to stop them.
Something I liked very much about it was the combination of mechs with swords, old style guns, and even magic, for fighting.
At the time I had never before seen a mech show that used magic and swords, all the animes I had seen with mechs were sci-fi.
And I ...

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