Nov 5, 2007
Emptyk (All reviews)
Mystery is the whole point of this show. Who killed who and why is the question asked every episode.
As a huge fan of mysteries, I recommend this show to anyone who likes shows that have you thinking while being on the edge of your seat waiting for the murderer to strike again. You really get pulled into the stories, you get a feeling of pressure and of being uneasy as if you really were in the story. You want the killer to be caught and for everything to work out. Something very interesting about the show is the mixture of villains. Some times the murderer is a completely evil person, but often times you feel sympathy towards them, you wish that they could have found another way. It gives you a strange feeling of realism.
A 10 on story from me.

The art is nothing special. I would maybe compare it to Rurouni Kenshin, or something else of that general time. The colors of clothes, people, and objects are usually very bright, but the backgrounds are generally dark. Giving it a unique look which works well for the type of show.
A 7 on art.

The sound effects are good, if only because they are put to better use in this show then in most others. The music is nothing unusual. It serves it's purpose, it sets the mood. But there s nothing spectacular about it. I will say I very much like the intro song, but other then that, nothing out of the common way.
An 8 on sound/music.

The characters, other then the core two, change every episode.
There are a couple who appear in more then one to several cases, but mostly, it's a new cast each case. I liked most of the characters, but few of them were particularly interesting. It had, at least in my opinion, very likable leads, which is a plus. Sakon and Ukon are both very fun in their own ways, and Kaoruko is always fun to have around.
A 9 on character.

I loved this show to death. It has become an all time favorite.
As a great lover of who-done-it's, I fell in love hard and fast.
The show and its characters were all very western in the way they worked. The plots were fun, and while confusing were not overly so.
As I said before, I highly recommend this to anyone who loves mystery.
a 10 on enjoyment.

Overall: Very good. A fun ride that doesn't leave you bored or lost.
10 overall!