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Jun 12, 2011
$1 000 000 question (first person to get it right gets a cookie): of all martial arts manga in publication during the time of 2001 to 2010, why was History’s Strongest Disciple Kenichi the only one to get an animated adaptation?

The answer is mind blowing in its simplicity and infuriating in its implications: because its fight scenes were (and still are, to this very day) complete shit!

The uncomfortable truth is that no good martial arts manga in this day and age will ever get animated because animating even a decent (not a GOOD) fight sequence takes stupid amounts of work hours and money. Nowadays, read more
May 24, 2010
Noir (Anime) add (All reviews)
This is what ushered anime into the new millennium. Noir is the very first classic of the third millennia A.D., and as such is a very interesting specimen of times gone.

Now, I must stress that the score I gave it is not an accurate measure of Noir’s actual value. True, Noir is a must watch for anybody who loves japanese animation, but it achieves this by doing absolutely everything wrong. There is so much not right in Noir that calling everything bad in in out is almost as singular an experience as watching the series itself. And yet, it is perhaps exactly this absolutely wrong read more
Jan 18, 2010
Having watched this right before I'we written this review, I didn't know what to expect. Then the first frames came in.




This is it! This is how you make cell animation in 2008! I can tell ya, NOTHING EVER was this beautifully drawn before! I don't think I was even breathing during the second story! It easily puts every other cell animated title to shame(ONLY in terms of animation), and will be the only thing for YEARS to come that will deserve a perfect score. For how it is drawn, naturally.

For in every other aspect, 5 Centimetres per second is a mixed bag. We read more
Jan 18, 2010
Good God. This show means much to me. Really, it does. It gave me a feeling I've never thought was possible for an anime to give me.

Never did I feel CHEATED coming out of a cinema!

I was watching this failure of an animated motion picture in a cinema during my city's animation festival.(Just as a side note, I've also watched Paprika on this festival, along with the French "Reinessance" and the British "The Christies". I could not believe how the Japanese movies were no good, as opposed to the European ones.) Reading about how this featurette got a bunch of awards and stuff, I was read more
Nov 9, 2009
Gunbuster should be appreciated for putting into perspective the growth of director Hideaki Anno's talent. As in a "Holy Christ did he suck!" kinda way.

Let not another sentence be wasted before telling the truth: Gunbuster is bad. The plot is paper- thin, the characters are non, and the directing is lame.

Looking at Gunbuster, one begins to understand how there could be such a commotion over Neon Genesis Evangelion: all to Anno's credit, it's unbelievable how far he had come as a director at that point. Imagine for a moment that The Dark Knight, as you have seen it, was made by Tim Story roughly ten read more
Aug 31, 2009
To put it bluntly, Serial Experiments Lain is some of the most pretentious, incoherent, intelligence insulting storytelling ever conceived.

The thing is, the mere concept wouldn't be bad at all. At its core, Serial Experiments Lain is supposed to be a science fiction story about the internet and what have you, with some brilliant visual design.

And it actually nails half the concept. Visually, Lain is one of the most visually striking animated television shows ever. There is immesurable contrast between foreground and background at all times, usually the ground is never even drawn, shadows look like some sort of windows into the netherworld or something. Sound read more
Aug 8, 2009


I swore that I would never be duped so hard again after going to the movies to watch Let the Right One In, but wouldn't you know, life did it again to me!

I was lied to, severly lied to, by all those people who I heard talking about how good a story Berserk is. It's not. it's not outstanding, it's not amazing, and it isn't particularly good or memorable either. It's just.... fine I guess, even though it makes some really dumb mistakes.

But first, a disclamer: I've read up on the Berserk manga until the flashback starts. I did not do this because I was read more