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Dec 18, 2007
OH HA LUCKY!! Yea, I had to. Oh well. Too bad that was one of the few things that I enjoyed about this one =P

Story: 3
Ok, of course there isnt a story in this anime... it's Lucky Star for fark sakes. Well.. the story has a definite edge over Haruhi imo, follow Konata as she goes to school. Watch Konata eat a chocolate thing. HEY LOOK, Konata is playing games, lets watch. It's well put together for the most part, the story doesn't always completely go off on different tangents, but it really isn't all that interesting at the same time.

Art: 10
As expected from the read more
Dec 18, 2007
Ok. Tokineiro, also known as A Time To Screw. This review may have spoilers, but what the hell do you care? It's a hentai =P

Quite an interesting premise that this show is based on, you'd think that it would reflect into the overall presentation, but you'd be sadly mistaken.

Story: 2
The first episode of this show really sets a nice tolerable tone for a complex storyline, there's a lot of the "what just happened?" situations. Now, normally, if a series is going to go for the complicated storyline, they'd at least explain in better detail why things were happening, unfortunately, 95% of the time, random events read more
Oct 13, 2007
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, HOLY CRAP!! What a sleeper hit O_O Why didnt someone tell me about this anime sooner?

Story: 10

The story in TTGL is one of the most interesting stories I have ever witnessed, there wasn't one time where I wished the episode would just end (except episode 16 : ). Very nice plot, very easy to follow while still holding a great message in it. TTGL keeps great action while also keeping true to the great message behind the plot.

Art/Animation: 9

B-E-A- YOUtiful animations in this anime. The fight scenes left me speechless at times and it really made you want to click 'Next' read more
Oct 13, 2007
Ah... the Melancholoy of Haruhi Suzumiya. Love by much, hated by much. Where does it sit with me? Read on, readers, read on...

Story: 3

Ok, if you are looking for a deep story driven based anime... do NOT watch this anime. The story is VERY scattered, a lot of the stuff that happens is very confusing and some of it even happens for no reason whatsoever.

Art/Animation: 9

The art style in this anime is actually quite nice, very nice animations, fluid dance animations in the opening and closing themes. A very redeeming quality. The special fx in some of the scenes are also quite nice to read more
Oct 12, 2007
Panchira Teacher is one of those hentais that will actually have you engulfed in, not only the sex scenes, but the storyline as well!!!


The story in Panchira Teacher is very easy to follow, but it doesnt cross into the dimension of overly cheesy. I think that the studio and crew that wrote the script actually used their brains to come up with a hentai that will be watched not just for being a hentai.


The art style, while not amazing, is really something to look at. I've never been too fond of the "full bush" type nudity but it's really well done here, not cheesy read more
Oct 12, 2007
Hatsuinu is the classic example of the hentai that gives too little, too late. Really, when watching this and looking at the cover image of the title. I thought "Damn, I can't wait to see the long haired chick get banged a few times over". Sadly, the main female interest is Fujiko. LAAMEE!!! Not only does Fujiko NOT talk, but her personality is fucking BORING!!

Now you're thinking "But DownShift, you can still have a personality without talking". Well sure you can dipshit, but that doesn't mean that its going to make me want to watch you in a hentai.

For the most part, the read more