Oct 12, 2007
DownShift (All reviews)
Hatsuinu is the classic example of the hentai that gives too little, too late. Really, when watching this and looking at the cover image of the title. I thought "Damn, I can't wait to see the long haired chick get banged a few times over". Sadly, the main female interest is Fujiko. LAAMEE!!! Not only does Fujiko NOT talk, but her personality is fucking BORING!!

Now you're thinking "But DownShift, you can still have a personality without talking". Well sure you can dipshit, but that doesn't mean that its going to make me want to watch you in a hentai.

For the most part, the animations are well done, very smooth sex scenes, very nice comedic moments. But really, I spent most of time skipping through the boring parts with Fujiko and skipped RIGHT to the sex scene involving the brunette (I forget her name off hand)

If you're looking for a quick hentai fix, or if you just feel like hentai is putting you to sleep enough, then check out Episode 1 of this bad boy. Otherwise, just go straight to episode 2.