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May 18, 2019
This is a show with a lot of problems.

Why ufotable decided to pick this up instead of, like, getting One punch man instead of JC Staff, or adapting Berserk decently is beyond me.

Now hear me out, this ain't a bad show. The art and animation is out of this world, when there's not a CG Tanjiro in the center of the shot, for whatever reason. The action scenes look amazing, the sound design is amazing, and the score is amazing. The character designs are great, and the voice acting is on point.

In other words, all the work done by ufotable is top tier (Except the read more
Sep 10, 2018
Inuyashiki was, overall, a solid show.

It had good shock factor, fairly interesting twists, and altogether a nice development overall. If you are looking for a short, ruthless and gory show, this is a good ride.

I really feel like I need to discuss the not-good-at-all ending though, so SPOILERS AHEAD (This just needs to be said, if I am going to do a review.):

Up to the 10th episode, I had rated this show an 8. It was just so enjoyable altogether, and had my heart pumping thanks to how unpredictable Hiro was. ¿Will he or won't he kill this dude or this other dude? You seriously read more
Mar 26, 2018
This series is quite a ride.

I forced myself through the first few episodes in my second try, after dropping it in 5 minutes seeing it's similarities with the sorta boring Tonari no Seki-kun, when I first tried to watch it. I expected repetitive jokes in class over and over. Yet that is not what you will get.

Through the first few episodes, still, the series is sorta weak. 6/10 at best, depending on your taste. And I do not have a taste for pure comedy. Yet, I do have a taste for romance, and I saw a glimpse of it in that first episode that made read more
Aug 9, 2017
Though the first 2 episodes left me hyped for the rest of the series, by chapter 8 I can't stand the idea of binging this.

The MC apparently can't be touched by the strongest Sacred Knight, and then effortlessly beats another 2-3, but 5 episodes later he's struggling to deal with another random one, even though he's fighting 3v1 against her.

Endless ability names. Obvious things unnecessarily over-explained. Sudden, dull romances. Disposable villains. Lazy motives. And sooo many cliché-filled, underdeveloped and bland story arcs just make this series another one in the pile of shonen average stuff.

That said, I HAVE NOT WATCHED PAST EPISODE 9. So this read more
Jun 29, 2017
There is a thing about Light novel or manga adaptation romcoms that just so few of them address properly, and it's the fucking stagnation. Exceptuating things like Yamada Kun and Toradora (Which didn't leave me satisfied anyways because my waifu was trashed :'V), they just love to chew the fat and stretch the show to absurd measures.

In that respect, this anime started out soooo good. I was full of hope from those first 4-5 chapters, but it just lead nowhere from there. The constant push and pull these two dudes were in was ridiculous, and somehow after 4 love declarations they are still thinking if read more
Jun 29, 2017
Slight spoilers ahead.

I feel many people complain about the not-getting together in this film. This is about heartbreaks. Not every romance needs to end in a couple. The film is decent, and really goddamn relatable

That being said, holy shit that ending left all of us hanging like apples on a tree. The movie's story was moving enough, just enough, but man, it really deserved a longer play time or something...

Even though I said heartbreaks are not bad, this one was not too well executed.

Not too much more to say. Go ahead, it's not a long watch, and it's all right. Just don't expect read more
Jun 24, 2017
Let's be honest.

This anime is a huge lump of shit.

With that out of the way, I have got to say, I enjoyed this lump of shit SOOOO MUCH!
If you are within the crowd that enjoyed OreImo (And for some reason has not watched this), you will have the same experience with this.

I laughed my lungs out in various moments, and, to be honest, that alone is worth the watch.

The story is "fine" at best. I say that as a fan, and you should admit it too.

But heck, I just enjoyed this so much overall. Fuck social status, it's not like I have any friends anyway.
Apr 6, 2017
I am going to set this straight. I am extremely dissapointed of the direction this show took. After watching the first chapter I was honestly interested, and the next 3-4 chapters were gold. The story, the mysteries, the messed up society, and the ANIMATION was GORGEOUS! Oh my god it was SO PRETTY in those first chapters.

Then came the rats. Honestly, why? They made the whole story SO BORING... I did not give a fucking shit about the goddamn rats, the most common characters in the show. Instead of focusing on the human's powers, Shun, Shisei, the history of humankind and a potential rebellion of read more
Mar 25, 2017
I'm giving this a 5.

It was quite a weird experience, but I'm actually expecting the last chapter... last arc is quite interesting, to be a story made out of 4 4-minute chapters. The imouto arc was quite weird to me though.

If you are into POV things, this show is, well, quite good! To the extent a POV can be good of course.

I found myself cringe-laughing the whole series, but hey, it was fun, what the heck xD. Would troll-recommend this to people, and I'm pretty sure more than one of 'em is going to end up watching it full.
Mar 23, 2017
Apparently a lot of people believe that "trash" is an accurate tag for this show.

Well, I am here to tell you that anyone that dares think so is absolutely right.

Yet, honestly, this is my favorite anime of the season... The drama is often quite natural, and the characters are quite refreshing to see. Makabe just has me cheering for him, and Aki is glorious in her tropy tsundere personality. It treats it's cliches in such a self aware way they just become funny, and to be honest, the story actually got me quite hooked, since there is actual progression, and NO HAREM THANK GOD.

Still, the read more