Sep 10, 2018
Dantroy (All reviews)
Inuyashiki was, overall, a solid show.

It had good shock factor, fairly interesting twists, and altogether a nice development overall. If you are looking for a short, ruthless and gory show, this is a good ride.

I really feel like I need to discuss the not-good-at-all ending though, so SPOILERS AHEAD (This just needs to be said, if I am going to do a review.):

Up to the 10th episode, I had rated this show an 8. It was just so enjoyable altogether, and had my heart pumping thanks to how unpredictable Hiro was. ¿Will he or won't he kill this dude or this other dude? You seriously couldn't know, and that made every single episode tense AF. Episode 10 actually got some tears out of me, out of nowhere.

But when I realized there was one more episode I felt that the author just REEEEALLY wanted to be super-conclusive, but reeeeeeaallly didn't feel like writing another arc (Ajin, for example, suffers from too much time with the same villain, so I don't blame him for that). And so, even though it was foreshadowed, the giant-stone thing just felt like bs.

Are you telling me that seriously, after some quite good technological and power-scale consistency throughout the series, you give us a slew of convenient inconveniences? The Americans don't have a spare nuke to send out, or can't make one in the MULTIPLE WEEKS they have, even though the entire planet depended on it?

Like seriously, just nuke the damn thing! A few times if necessary! YOU HAVE THE MONEY!!! AND YOU HAVE BRUCE WILLIS!

Immediately after Trumps announcement, it was clear to me that this anime wanted to finish off Hiro with some redemption. It was as predictable as an ending can get. And well, I mean, I would have kept the 8/10 on the show if that happened. But nope, apparently the "power to destroy a planet" can't even MOVE a stone that's 1000 times smaller. Oh! But two of them surely can blow it into pieces!


That's not how you physics. It felt cheap, rushed, and forced. It was an ending that was not thought through properly, and it just kinda ruins the whole ride.

So 8/10 for the whole show, 5/10 for that ending. There you go.