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Sword Art Online: Progressive Movie - Hoshi Naki Yoru no Aria
Sword Art Online: Progressive Movie - Hoshi Naki Yoru no Aria
Jul 25, 9:44 AM
Completed 1/1 · Scored 4
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic
Jul 8, 9:55 AM
Watching -/13 · Scored 8
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Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen
Oct 30, 10:48 AM
Completed 2/281 · Scored 3
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Fairy Tail: 100 Years Quest
Sep 15, 7:50 AM
On-Hold - · Scored -
Apr 20, 2021 3:36 AM
Completed -/84 · Scored 6

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Dante012 Aug 18, 2:35 AM
Oh, and on top of that, that guy put MY profile picture on his new account and added a clown head on top of it. But it's not a personal attack, right? It's not a toxic behavior, right?
Dante012 Aug 18, 2:16 AM
@FakeWhyYes : You're a FUCKING HYPOCRITE! I can't reply to you directly on your new account, YOU blocked my ability to reply WHILE calling ME out for blocking you before?!

I never said I'd base my rating of an anime on its manga, I already explained it to you, but no one can see it now because YOU erased our whole conversation.
I'm misrepresenting what you're saying? The example right above proves that's the contrary : you're the one who misinterprete everything you see and read just so you can pretend you're never wrong.

You didn't insult me? You kept telling me MY RIGHTS. As if I was in some inferior position compared to you. That's called condescendance, and yes, THAT'S a form of insult.
And there again, you're showing your hypocrisy. Somehow I'm the one thinking I'm superior to others? I don't recall telling them what they're allowed to do or not. I don't recall telling them their reasoning is wrong.

Worst of all, you created a new account just so you can talk to me, even AFTER I had blocked you (and informed you that I'd do so). That's called harrassment, and you can be damn sure I'm reporting you. Both of your accounts. I blocked you to put an end to this joke, but you keep going anyway.
Yet somehow I'm the one being toxic here. Thanks for proving my point, once again.
IllluSions Jul 25, 6:03 PM
Sao progressive wasn't a disappointment it was more like fulfillment rather because the movie is only there to expound on floor 1 and nothing else and it wasn't sol, season 1 of Sao was things from kirito's pov and this is from Asuna's pov and it shows u how she was and how she got into playing sao its basically plot at its best we got a bathing scene so what? We had a scene where Asuna almost died a scene where her friend dipped, we had scenes of her training also were any of these not of note? But instead, u decided to take the scene where she was bathing to say there is no plot whatsoever, and it's just pure sol because clearly, that bath scene stood out to u.

I don't know what u expected of the movie tbh cs its basically just giving you more information of what happened on floor 1, which s1 didnt show idk if u expected a new boss scene because i know for sure u would still have something to say if they changed it because u would say that it wasnt like s1 which anybody would say.

I wonder why u arent disappointed about s1 tho which basically was filled with sol with asuna and kirito living together and such ur confusing bro i mean if just like 2 minutes of asuna bathing or her talking to friends make u call it sol well idk but sum must be wrong with u
Lelorop Jul 12, 1:49 PM
Saw your review for Kaguya and noticed that you recommend stopping at 130. Here I totally agree, serious sans comedy screws up Kaguya's whole gimmick. It's brilliant at blending touching moments with comic situations, so I have no idea why Aka scrapped the winning formula. Shame, the melodrama really bogged down Kaguya for me and I've not kept up to date for that reason. It's still a 9 (or even 10) for me pretending it ended at the Dual Confessions arc.
hamza_s28 Jul 10, 1:09 PM
Defo in ur description but also in ur reviews as well a little
Strafeyyy_ Jun 27, 6:49 AM
How could you even say you have good taste if you haven't even watched a lot of anime.
Mysteryman- Jun 27, 6:49 AM
If being pretentious was a disease then you're done for.
hamza_s28 Jun 27, 3:01 AM
You try to sound logical and devoid of any fun, Jesus, i think you need to lighten up a little, though I dont know if I am directing this at you or myself.
Vhisp Jun 24, 9:58 PM
Very good review for Kaguya sama Manga!
p0eticsu1cide Jun 13, 4:01 PM
Hey, thank you for your Kaguya-sama review. I was considering reading it and the other, much older top reviews from early on in the manga's run made it out to be really good, so it was nice to see a review years down the line. I might read it at some point but standard school romances bore me so much
DivinesPlayhouse May 8, 1:06 AM
read your boruto review and honestly yeah, Why did they give us that scene just to feed the watchers rubbish for over a 100 episodes
NotTaiga7 Apr 15, 3:51 PM
Jesus Christ, this profile is a target for the kaguya stans

I'm not even pissed just confused.

how did you read 220 chapters of a manga just to give it a 3 (that's a lot of reading for a book you hate apparently)

but then give the anime an 8
MadVillainy Apr 12, 3:06 AM
Love is mid review was spot on!
cosmicoisreal Jan 29, 8:35 PM
great love is war review
SgtBateMan Jan 20, 3:15 AM
Imagine someone said Love is War has become uninspired, but on the other hand praised Kamisama ni Natta Hi... Yes sir, Kaguya-sama is indeed boring, since they have got to clean up their own asses for falling into a relationship. The author should have left it at the kissing scene and dropped the entire series... Yes, f*** yes...