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Darwin's Game
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PraiseTheSun123 Aug 4, 3:29 AM
How about no? First of all, you're so butthurt just because I gave my opinion, and that just show how incapable you're of accepting other's opinions. There's no need to go crazy about it, I just simply said your review was terrible because that's what I think, but I don't need you (or anyone else) to agree with me to feel better about my life. And the same goes to SnK, I don't care if you dislike it or not, you're entitled to your own opinion and that's fine, never said I wanted you to agree with me.

Which leads us to the second point, and is that I don't need to justify my opinion. If I think that SnK is the best manga ever (which I do), then that's my opinion, one may differ but not change my mind. In other words, I'm not in the mood of debate, and not because I can't, but simply because I don't want.

It's actually even worse, considering you even throw me some insults there, discouraging me even more of having an actual discussion (and that's if I ever wanted to have one, to begin with)

@keragamming actually maked some good points but it seems you didn't care about it. Either way, I wrote a review, but I'm not even going to link it as it just briefly mentions what the appeal of the story of SnK is (without any in-depth analysis as it's a spoiler-less review).

So, with all that said, have a good day.
PraiseTheSun123 Aug 2, 6:52 AM
lmao that SnK review is outright terrible. Maybe you could enjoy it more if you paid attention to all the details instead of just reading a summary and then deciding to write a review.
HugeTTGLFan04 Jul 5, 8:19 AM
HugeTTGLFan04 Jul 2, 8:28 AM
What I said was uncalled for. My apologies.
HugeTTGLFan04 Jul 1, 5:23 PM
KonoSuba - 3
Oreimo - 7

The fuck are you smoking?
LordDEBUNKED Mar 7, 6:32 AM
i will take ur advice for sure , i mean no harm...I just believe it’s common curtesy to at least put some effort into responding as quickly as possible and not leaving ur opponent hanging ,but ur points have merit and i definitely need to realize people aren’t on my pace.
LordDEBUNKED Mar 6, 5:18 AM
like i said u were messing up the rhythm of the debate so i have no obligation to keep continuing.

I debate plenty of people everyday who respond within seconds to minutes ,rarely a hour or two and but never days.So therefore i’m not missing anything special from exiting a debate with u because it’s gonna take a century to complete ,sorry but that’s not my style.

also i gave a response to youre last message ,you took hours and hours to respond to i decided i’m done with this debate and deleted ALL my messages because i don’t keep unfinished debates on my profile.

so take it any way u want to but i’m sure as hell not scared of debating anyone and that impression u have is wrong.

but yea nice meeting you :)
LordDEBUNKED Mar 4, 9:53 AM
i just don’t have time for this ,your barely on here and this debate is going to take a century to complete.I understand that you are most likely busy and i can respect that but i can’t keep giving a response and waiting merely an entire day for a response ,it’s a total mess up of rhythm for me and it’s giving me anxiety.So i’m respectfully uninterested in continuing this.

BTW-i gave my entire response to your argument u sent this morning when i woke up ,it’s been 4 hours since and i’m not expecting u to send a response until a day from now (just like yesterday when i sent my response at 5:00 pm and didn’t get a response until this morning)so i did make a effort to keep this going ur just not on this website consistently.Thats what lead to me becoming uninterested.Im not a fan of leaving unfinished disputes on my profile so i erased my messages.
keragamming Sep 13, 2019 2:01 PM
- Going one direction and then in a completely different direction is not evolving at all. Imagine this: you're making a comedy live show, but later you decide to make it a thriller series, and again later you change it into a live concert show. It just doesn't make sense, and sadly, it's exactly what SnK does.
"Evolving" is changing while still building on top of what it was already. Going from a survival story to a western cow-boy show, it's not evolving, it's going in random directions.

This is why I said, you should reread the series to better see how seamless the transition actually is from season 2 to season 3 part 1, let's start from season 1, we get the introduction of our main cast and secondary cast, the settings and who the enemies are aka pure titans/titan shifters also about the walls and the persons Worshiping the walls aka Paster nick, which we then found out knew the secrets of what is inside the walls, we also realise in the first season how corrupt the government is, the 2nd season transition to giving the secondary characters more screen time and that is when we found out about Ymir and especially Histotria, where we found out she is actually the queen of the walls and that her father is Rod Reiss, this is how her story connects with Eren story and the overall story, it would actually be bad writing to have such a world and not touch on the political side of it, because the first season barely touch on it and it was seamless because of the connection with one of the secondary characters to the main character and so their story intertwine.

Not because titans are attacking the walls doesn't mean normal every day crimes are not happening inside the walls, we were just simple focusing on the titans perspective, I think this more have to do with the general opinion that persons would rather a story stick to what it started as and don't change, humans in general don't like change and that is the truth.

Besides, SnK is not only vague, it's also completely one-way in its theme. The fact that Titans are humans, the fact the even the heroes can torture their enemies and kill them mercilessly, the overall violent mood, it all gets in the same direction that cruelty is part of mankind.
Now that still makes it deeper than, say, DBZ or many others ^^. But there's a definite lack of detail into the subject, which ultimately, makes it not that deep.

Yes the main theme is that cruelty is part of mankind and that a person will sacrifice their morality for the ends mean and that anyone can become bad and what is wrong with that? I don't know what more details you want, because if you think of it, snk is basically a reflection of our real world with supernatural added to it, so if you could give me a example of these details its lacking that would be good, because I think Isayama did a perfect job of making the snk world very similar to the real one. I'm just really curious in what it lacks, also don't want to add any strawman argument in this, but your favorites are pretty straight forward in their theme, so again, I don't understand the criticism.

- Kenny. His entire story, and the cow-boy mood of his arc, comes out of the blue. Ironically, it's one of my favourite arcs xD.

Well you are right about Kenny, Isayama created him from Trevor in gta 5, he created Kenny for giving Levi more characterization.

- The fact that Titans can erase memory. When they revealed it, there was nothing that hinted to the Titan power being able to do that. Then again, this is brought by the fact that the magic in this story has no rules, so the author does whatever he wants with that power... (again, I know I mentionned it in my review).

It was pretty much indirectly hinted that there was some supernatural reason for it, it is impossible for everyone to forget about the history of the walls, because the king 100 years ago erase it and you could argue that it is just another plot device, but in theory it should make sense since Eren was able to control the titans minds to attack Reiner and Bertholdt, if the coordinate allows one to control the titans mind who are actually Eldians, remember these power can only work with the eldian race, the memory erase cannot erase persons other than Eldians, hence why it wasn't affected by the ackerman and Asians for example, so that is pretty much the rules it only works with the eldian race, because they are all connected with Ymir, the eldians are not normal people like the outside world that is one thing you need to keep in mind.

- Reiner and Bertholdt's revelation. Now, I'm really talking about the WAY they revealed it, not the revelation itself ^^. You don't throw important revelations in such a random way, that's a basic storytelling mistake.

Prior to the reveal base on what you read of the story, did you get any impression that he would make a amature mistake like that, like come on, has their ever been any other series that has made a big reveal like that? I can't think of any, the fact that you guys think the author was noob enough to make a mistake like that is confusing without him having a valid reason for it. Yes, this reveal is one that you don't even need a book to know that its not the ideal reveal to make, since we have been consuming entertainment for years the reveal should be like something similar to the Annie reveal for example, but there is exception to every rule, and it depend on how you execute it, this reveal is great in the sense that this is how it probably would have played out in real life, with no scripts or dramatic effect in it, the reason why this reveal was so good because it made sense, again, if you reread the series and pay attention to Reiner, you will he is the flawed character, he is the reason why this reveal happen, Bertholdt wasn't in on it, Reiner has been mentally unstable for a long time and it has been foreshadowed since season 1, the warrior vs soldier personality, he did things prior to the reveal in the series that is contradicting base off who he is and this consistency is what made this reveal so good, for example back in castle utguard he risk his life to save Connie and he legitly thought he was going to die, when I was reading this chapter, I already got spoiled that he was the armored titan, but when he did stuff like this I was really confuse, I was thinking maybe he is just a really good actor, why would a traitor that can transform into a titan that has a machine would risk getting eaten to save Connie? And that brings us to the reveal, he was unstable and he wasn't thinking right and thus he made one of the stupidest decision by revealing his identity, even Eren himself said, "do you expect me to just agree and come with you to your village" which means the author is well aware that this reveal is crazy, but the thing you guys seem to not realise that Reiner is the crazy one here, not Bertholdt not Eren and not Isayama.

I understand the reaction before, you never seen a reveal like this before, it subvert your expectation on what the generic traditional evil villain reveal should be and you couldn't process a reveal like that and so you saw it as bad, this is why some author stick to cliche, even though persons complain about it, because when they do something new and executed it well, persons may still criticize it, just for not being familiar with it, in retrospect its a great reveal and thankfully most persons agree with it, because this reveal is one of the best scenes in attack on titan for alot of persons the youtube video has currently 13 million views, so I guess you can't please everyone but base off the majority thought of it, I said the risk he took paid off.

- Many flashbacks are out of place. For example, Marco got a flashback long after his case was resolved.

This was to show us the viewers on just how long Reiner was mentally unstable for, its basically for persons that don't reread the series and didn't pick up on the clues, which also showed you he didn't make Reiner become like this just for the sake of that reveal, even to this latest chapter he is stable unstable and wanted to do suicide back in the Marley arc.

- Many elements from the latest arcs. So now, Mikasa's family was actually very important in the outside world, and the Titans are used for regular wars, and literally NOTHING in the entire manga actually LEAD to this point.

Isayama never leaves a plot line unresolved, even if it takes 90 chapters now its going to happen eventually sooner or later, why do you think this series has gotten so much praise for its foreshadowing and how it connects the plotline so nicely together? even with the latest chapter 121, it gives us answer or a hint to why the very first chapter title is to you 2000 years from now Or chapter 89, when Kruger mention Mikasa and Armin before they were even born, the answer has just been reveal in chapter 121, that is like 2 years ago since that chapter was reveal, so don't you worry her plot line will be touch on and I remember one of those members from Mikasa clan visisted her and she showed her bandage to the lady, somewhere in the chapter 100s I believe, so Isayama definitely haven't forgotten about her or Annie as well. Give it time it will happen, I would even bet a million dollar on that.

On a final note, it's not about being spoon fed (that part I actually found insulting, thank you for that...), it's about telling your story properly. Imagine you're telling a joke, but the public doesn't laugh, and then you realize you forgot to say important things and you say "oh right, it's funny because that dude is a dwarf!", something like that. Do you know what I mean?

I apologize for saying that, it was rude of me, I disagree, since a joke is not even a good comparison in the first place, I believe snk is a series that you wont fully understand or appreciate it if you read it or watch it once, its a type of story telling where when you re read it, you see things that you didn't take notice of before and you start to realise that the series knew where it was going to from the very beginning and how it subtle planned it all out with neatly wrapped foreshadowing in it as well. I repeat, you will appreciate the series once you re read the series from the beginning the flaw with these type of complex story telling is that, not everyone is willing to re read the series and this is why the author uses flashbacks to early chapter to show you that, this is where the foreshadowing or hint came from, remember flashback doesn't show all but just a little piece of the big picture, but this is the best the author can do so fans that are confuse can atleast can have a chance of understanding it or go back to where that flashback happen at to better understanding the situation. Chapter 121 is a good example of that. Isayama uses flashback like a index to point to you where the hints were at.

keragamming Sep 13, 2019 7:35 AM
Tell me what came out of nowhere and carefully explain to where it was foreshadowed, I'm speaking of your snk review.

On the contrary, other things come out of nowhere, then there's a flashback or a dialogue explaining what the reader should already know

Because there are people like you who either weren't paying attention to the subtle foreshadowing or simple forgot minor details, which is not a criticism to you guys, because its natural to forget minor details especially follow a monthly manga, but if the author doesn't spoon feed people like you, how will you understand what is going on in the plot? And look and behold you are still criticizing him for it, I don't think I could ever be a story writer, because it would be frustrating to put all the effort in carefully planning the plot and putting in the hints and then the readers simple miss all of them and instead critcize the author for their own mistake. smh that would frustrate me.

Basically if you reread the series you will see masterfully planned it is.

But the biggest problem, as I wanted to put in evidence above, is the LACK OF PROPER DIRECTION. First it's a survival story, then it wants to be an investigation series, then it's western, then it's an all-out war, and so on. It just keeps changing its course!

The series is evolving, just like how the characters that were kids at the beginning now are adults.

btw the titan power can only affect the people of Ymir, aka all Eldians, because they are all connected to her aka the coordinate.

("bruh, look how bad humans can be, booooooh!"), it can't even be called philosophy, that's just insulting. Something is deep then it dives in the subject, but SnK stays vague about its theme

Its vague because the author isn't choosing any side, he wants you the audience to make your own decision on what you think is right or wrong, just like how there isn't really a good or bad side.

The main theme is the never ending cycle of revenge basically. As I have said before maybe if you reread or rewatch the series, you will realise how carefully planned it is and you will see things that you didn't see when you first watch it.

Snk is a series that a person would appreciate it when they reread the series. I've seen some persons write reviews saying snk is a like a fast food that you quickly eat to get quick satisfaction, but this is wrong, if you read or watch the series that way you will never appreciate it.

But I guess this is another proof to me that you really can't judge a series objectively, its all depends on the perspective and how you view it. You see it as a series that lacks depth and direction, while I am the complete opposite on that view point.
JiangHaoyi1979 Feb 20, 2019 12:04 PM
Not a bad "Koe no Katachi " review.