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Jan 27, 2015
Karen Senki (Anime) add
This anime is both under-rated, and ove-rated. Under-rated for the story and characters, and over-rated for the superficial things, like being all 3-D CG.

My take on it, after watching all 11 episodes and waiting more than a month to let my emotions settle down, is that the characters and story are strong. Each episode reveals more and more about the story, and since they are only 11 minutes or so long, you can watch all of them "marathon style", but I would advise you not to do so.

Even though they are only 11 minutes long, each episode changes our assumptions and fills in more of ...
Sep 28, 2014
Well, now that we are at the end, I have to say that I loved the previous season of this franchise, but I hate this season of it.

This season was a lot more flash than substance, and had really odd pacing. Even after they explained some things at the end, I still do not accept it. My disbelief was not suspended, it was, rather, enhanced, with each segment of the story.

On the other hand, perhaps it sort of reflects the times. Perhaps attention is drained by flashy graphics and incoherent garbage is dumped into our psyche, where it coheres into a wellspring of instability, ...
Dec 22, 2013
ChäoS;HEAd (Anime) add
"One cult shy of being a masterpiece"

Some shows are missed out by the mainstream, due to timing, or some marketing factor. Such shows usually get a "cult following" which bring them into the limelight, albeit a very specific limelight which is still somewhat obscure. In fact, as we learn more about the world, the smallness of our own attention field becomes more apparent: we may think that we know bout the mainstream and the obscure, but we really know only a very little of the vastness of everything.

When it comes to anime, though, Chaos Head (who has time for all those exotic spelling alterations) is ...
Jan 20, 2013
Best viewed as "Episode 11.5", this episode does a lot to flesh out the series, and should not be look at as a standalone, even though that is sort of how it was marketed.

It lets us finally see the mysterious traveling big sister who introduced out protagonist to the classics clubs with her wish that he carry on her tradition. Then it shows some character development as he overcomes his melancholy disposition and comes to a higher social energy level through interaction with the Classics club and reflection.

Also, it stays away from the cliche of excessive fan-service. For better or for worse, it is ...
Mar 13, 2012
Fault!! (Anime) add
Fault!! is an enjoyable 3-episode Hentai story which, while it won't win any awards for originality, still delivers and enjoyable experience which should satisfy those who want some Hentai to watch ... and enjoy ;).

The characters are good, but also a bit average. The story is a pure straight-forward Harem type, with a few twists and kinks due to the characters (quasi-incest, student-teacher, threesomes, cos-play, and other kinks all feature).

They aren't any really extreme hardcore or fetish scenes, and the characters remain consistently portrayed... as all having an inner core which is "activated" by the protagonist to lead them into erotic acts. In ...
Mar 12, 2012
Ane☆Haramix (Anime) add
This anime is a good, easy introduction to the Hentai genre of anime. It may not have the best artwork (esp. when compared to classics such as Bible Black), but it is above-average and, I would expect, more accessible to a wider audience.

The focus is on the story and their particular dilemmas, which are made a bit worse by the quirks of the characters involved (I don't want to get into details, as it would spoil the plot).

At only four episodes, there isn't much time to develop the plot or characters, but nonetheless, they all do change somewhat over the course of the series.

Overall, ...
Mar 7, 2012
Bloody Mary (Manga) add
Preliminary (4/16 chp)
Although I only read Volume 1 (the rest were not available to me yet), the story seems good, but not outstanding... what is outstanding: this is a full-color manga! Every single page is rendered in bright colors, really helps to show off the blood, amongst other things.

I like this so far because the artwork is a real pleasure to look at, and the story is interesting enough to keep me going. There was not much time to develop depth but there was time to have action (fighting) and some nice H-scenes (which seamlessly fit in, this is not a hentai work or something done just ...
Oct 11, 2011
Dead Leaves (Anime) add
I just finished watching this movie, and I have to say that I don't how to rate it. Something between 7 (good) and 3 (bad).

It is entertaining, but it is also so far out that even the characters don't believe what they experience. Moreover, it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, and features lots of random violent weirdness for no apparent reason.

Look, if you have nothing else to do, watch it and enjoy... you don't need to be on drugs to watch this, because it makes you think that it was made on drugs.

...but if you got something else going on, then skip this, ...
Dec 3, 2009
Basically, I enjoyed this anime because it fleshed out the background of the megaten series a bit. It is more directly based on the DDM book than the Famicom game that followed it, leading eventually to the "two men in black" splitting off from NAMCO to form Atlus.

However, in general, it is fairly pathetic, even by old-fashioned standards.

Taken as a compliment to the light novel, though, it works fairly well, so overall, I rated it as "good", or 7/10... however, for most people, I would recommend watching something else... leave this for diehard megatenist, or fans of the DDM light novel (which is still ...
Dec 1, 2009
Mixed Feelings
This was a rather mediocre-feeling entry into the Karo no Kyoukai series. And, I don't mean mediocre by the standards of the series (which is generally amazing), but rather, mediocre in general.

It is set in an all-girls' boarding school and starts promisingly with a speech about blatant incest, but quickly degenerates into a medium-paced murder mystery with no sort of zest, tension, or real zing, at all.

Shiki is almost pedestrian.

Okay, so, this is not really a bad episode, even standing on its own. It is a good drama with a murder mystery and minimal slice-of-life / school drama overtones.

However, it doesn't seem ...

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